How To Decorate Your Home Like The House From Full House

If ABC's TGIF lineup was always on in your home on Friday nights, then chances are you feel like you were a member of the Tanner family growing up. According to People, "Full House," along with "Family Matters," "Step by Step," "Dinosaurs," and several other fan favorites, were the epitome of '90s T.V.

"Full House" ran from 1987 to 1995 and was a featured part of the TGIF lineup from 1989 to 1991. As IMDb explains, the sitcom followed widower Danny Tanner as he worked to raise his three girls: Donna Jo (D.J.), Stephanie, and Michelle. Fortunately, he wasn't alone in this daunting task; Danny could always count on help from his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis and best friend Joey Gladstone, who moved in with the family following the tragic death of Danny's wife. Later in the series, Jesse goes on to marry Rebecca Donaldson, the co-host of "Wake Up San Francisco," Danny's morning talk show. If you want to bring a dose of nostalgia into your home, here is how to decorate your rooms like "Full House."

Get a blue and white plaid couch

The Tanner family living room featured a blue and white plaid couch. Recreate this look in your own home with a similar-looking plaid couch. This one — available at Wayfair — is 86 inches long and has four toss pillows. It can even convert to a sofa bed when you want to invite friends or family over to show off your newly decorated home.

If you like the idea of adding more plaid to your house, Birch Lane shares some ideas to help get you started. Use plaid throw blankets or throw pillows on a neutral sofa as accent pieces. Also, laying down a plaid rug can be a wonderful way to work plaid into a room. Selecting a rug with an oversized plaid pattern can give the illusion of a bigger space because the print pulls an individual's eyes out toward the sides of the room. Birch Lane suggests choosing more neutral colors for this job because they won't overpower the other design elements in the space.

If you want to incorporate plaid into a bedroom, consider placing a plaid bedroom bench at the foot of your bed. You could also layer plaid sheets or duvet covers on your bed. For this approach, choose two plaid patterns in different scales (meaning different sizes) to ensure the space doesn't look too busy. 

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Display San Francisco Painted Ladies artwork

"Full House" was set in San Francisco, California. The Painted Ladies are an important cultural landmark in the city and were made even more famous by their placement in the opening credits of "Full House." As San Francisco Travel Association explains, the houses, which are on Steiner Street in Alamo Square Park, are often referred to as "postcard row." This is because of the beautiful mix of pastel colors on the Victorian-style homes. In fact, due to their elegance and rich history, the Painted Ladies are among the most photographed parts of the city.

If you also love the look of these homes and their significance in "Full House," display some Painted Lady artwork in your home to help you pay tribute to this important aspect of the series. From original Painted Lady oil paintings to more budget-friendly Painted Lady prints and canvases, everyone is sure to find something to add the perfect touch to their "Full House" decor.

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Get a large kitchen table for gathering

Many important scenes in "Full House" took place in the kitchen, specifically around the kitchen table. With at least six people living in the home (and more at later points in the series), the Tanner family needed a large table to ensure everyone could enjoy a meal together. This gorgeous solid oak table on Wayfair seats four. If you use the included leaf, the table extends to accommodate up to six people. Pair the table with a few sets of these solid wood Windsor backside chairs available on Wayfair. The chairs share a similar style to those in the Tanner family kitchen.

With all of their family dinners, the Tanners were indeed onto something. Stanford Medicine Children's Health highlights several benefits of eating meals together as a family. Gathering around the table and eating together gives families a chance to communicate and share important highlights (or stressors) from their day. Parents can also foster their children's self-esteem during family meals. Taking the time to really listen to what their children are sharing and giving them attention sends the message that they are valued and respected family members.

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Place Elvis decor items around the house

If you remember one thing about Uncle Jesse from the series, it probably has something to do with Elvis. After all, he was a huge fan of the King of Rock and Roll. SCMP shares that even though Elvis was found dead in 1977 at the young age of 42, he continues to be an icon to many. This is undoubtedly true of Uncle Jesse, even though at the start of "Full House," the King had been dead for 10 years.

According to SCMP, several parts of Elvis' legacy are still relevant today. For example, many other performers have copied the Elvis "look" of greased black hair and flashy outfits. Incorporating some Elvis-inspired decor into your home can help you capture Jesse's admiration for Presley. Some ideas include art prints, posters, street signs, or coasters. If you would rather be a little less "on the nose" with your memorabilia, Karla Dreyer Design recommends using a simple but large black-and-white photo of Elvis as your centerpiece. Then style the room around it, adding mid-century modern furniture in honor of the '50s and a blue suede ottoman in honor of "Blue Suede Shoes."

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Make hand-lettered artwork with famous catchphrases

The different characters on "Full House" each had their own catchphrases, as Comic Book Resources shares. From Michelle's "you got it, dude" and "you're in big trouble, mister," to Stephanie's "how rude," or D.J.'s "oh, Mylanta," the three girls were all very good at sharing how they felt about different situations. We also can't forget about Uncle Jesse's "have mercy" or Joey's "cut it out!"

You can incorporate some of these phrases into your home decor by making DIY hand-lettered signs. Artists Network explains how anyone, including those with no prior experience, can create their own gorgeous, hand-lettered masterpieces. Some tips include practicing with a medium-sized calligraphy pen on 1-inch ruled paper. Hold the pen at a 45-degree angle and use an example alphabet as a guide. The first time you practice, write the alphabet as is. Then, try putting a spin on your letters with more stylized features, such as swirls and curls.

Another suggestion is to imitate the colors and styles of famous artists that you admire. Take note of the different shapes and lines used in their paintings, and try to replicate those in your brush strokes as you form each letter. After you've completed your practice sessions, you can frame your finished products and proudly display them in your living space.