The Best Products At Walmart To Help You Organize Your Laundry Room

A functional and organized laundry room should be right up there with the kitchen regarding keeping daily life and chores under control. If there isn't a streamlined process and a certain level of orderliness, you'll find yourself buried under mounds of laundry in no time, with everyone complaining they have nothing to wear. According to Good Housekeeping, a smartly-designed laundry space with plenty of storage is the best place to start. And don't be discouraged if your laundry spot is in a basement or garage corner or if it's tinier than ideal. Some of the most helpful storage solutions were made for people like you.

Walmart is one retailer that offers practical and stylish items for everyday tasks and the home in general, all under one roof. Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch said in Kiplinger, "Walmart sells just about everything you could ever need so planning a trip to this big box retailer could make your life easier and reduce the need to go into multiple stores." Additionally, there are many options within the categories, so whether you're looking for something inexpensive and strictly utilitarian or a trendier, decorative version, you're likely to find it. This is also true for their laundry products. 

We scoured Walmart's site to find some things that could make laundry a little more enjoyable. They might not knock your socks off, but a few will help keep them together in the wash (check out this sock holder set). Here are five Walmart products recommended for an organized laundry room. 

Ollieroo Rolling Laundry Hamper

Separating garments is essential to keeping fabrics true to their original colors, according to Automatic Laundry. Otherwise, whites and light tones can pick up dyes released by darker clothing, becoming dingy. Additionally, you'll be able to use laundry additives specifically formulated with particular colors, such as bleach and white vinegar. Plus, different clothing requires washing at various temperatures. And, for the win, tossing clothes into their proper hampers after wear reduces the time spent gathering like loads together later per Woman's Day

The Ollieroo Rolling Laundry Hamper is a four-part sorter with removable bags and casters for easy mobility. It's available in two neutral shades — gray or black — and is sold for $49.99 and $45.00, respectively. Out of five stars, the sorting hamper garnered 4.4 stars from 88 reviews. Some commenters said, "Great utility item," "Strong enough to hold up many loads," and "Glad I got it." Those are ringing endorsements for this functional object.

Aedilys Laundry Drying Rack

Cleancult explains there are many good reasons to air dry your laundry. It uses less energy and may save you a total amount on the utility bill, but there are additional lesser-known benefits. Among them, it's gentler on clothing, minimizes shrinking, and the weight of the wet clothing item naturally helps reduce wrinkles. 

The Aedilys Laundry Drying Rack is large at 79 x 59 inches, accommodating more oversized items like blankets and winter coats and jackets. Yet, it's collapsible, so it can be stored away when not in use. During warmer months, you may opt to hang the laundry outside instead, where, per Cleancult, sunlight sanitizes and whitens. According to Walmart's description, the folding rack is sturdy and rust-resistant stainless steel. The silver finish and simple styling give it a modern, minimal look. It sells for $49.99 and currently receives 4.6 out of 5 stars among reviewers.

SixDove Woven Laundry Basket

Pretty baskets make everything appear neater. They're the ultimate organizers, and Walmart has a wide variety to choose from. We've selected the SixDove Woven Laundry Basket for its look, softness, and lighter weight. In a woven rope design and neutral color palette, it's a super trendy option for the laundry room, bathroom, and adult and children's bedrooms. The style is versatile and fitting for farmhouse, bohemian, modern, rustic, and especially, nautical décor. The crushable material makes it simple to stow away when it's not being used. 

Additionally, we like that a hamper is sold in the same collection to match; sticking to a group throughout the home can create a tidy and cohesive look. Sapulpa Laundry says to give each kid their basket so they can start learning good laundry habits, such as folding and putting away their clothes — if all the baskets and hampers coordinate, it won't matter whose room each one lands in. According to the Walmart site, the pieces are handmade of 100% cotton. They recommend the spacious container for toy and throw blanket storage, too. The basket and hamper are listed singly online for $29.99. 

Singes 3-Tier Basket Cart

The Singes 3-Tier Basket Cart offers a variety of practical uses. Store laundry solutions, hangers, clean rags, and even dirty clothing. In addition, with its ventilated construction, it's the perfect place to collect wet towels or cleaning cloths until there are enough to throw together into the wash. Grounded Grub explains that shifting from disposable paper towels to reusable materials is both environmentally- and budget-friendly. They contend that a separate hamper keeps them away from more valuable garments.   

The whole system is on casters, while each handled basket can be removed from the stand and carried by small or big folks to wherever it's needed. Additionally, Walmart says removing the baskets makes cleaning them a breeze. Made of black iron, the complete unit sells for $75.99. While a bit pricier than the other items we've highlighted, it offers good value because of its multiple applications in the laundry room and throughout the house.

mDesign Wall-Mount Ironing Board Organizer

Every little space counts, especially if your laundry area is smaller than you'd like. Wall and door storage use generally empty surfaces, adding functionality where none existed. Plus, getting items off the floor helps the space feel larger and reduces trip hazards. The mDesign Wall Mount Ironing Board Organizer provides secure hanging for the ironing board and a basket for additional items, such as the iron, starch, and wrinkle release spray. Over-the-door models are available at Walmart, too, and you can purchase one that matches your laundry room aesthetic.

However, we chose this one for its simple, matte black design and ample storage basket. According to YouGovAmerica, laundry is in a tie for America's least favorite chore; scrubbing the bathroom and doing the dishes, and ironing is the laundry task we least prefer. This handy organizer certainly can't hurt. It's made of steel and sells online with included mounting hardware for $23.49.