Why Magnets May Be The Answer To Your Bathroom Storage Woes

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Maybe you've experienced this before: you're trying to get ready in the bathroom but you can't seem to find anything you need. Your hair clips are hidden underneath piles of skincare products, and your tweezers are suddenly missing from their designated drawer corner.

If so, you may want to consider using magnets to organize your teeny tiny bathroom products. According to Curbly, magnets could be used to tidy up any area of the home. In the kitchen, they're typically used to store knives on the wall, while in the garage, tools or paint brushes could be hung. And placing a magnetic strip near the front door could help you never lose your keys again.

Magnetic strips or sheets can also be used in the bathroom, to help you organize lots of small items. Below, you'll discover the many different toiletries you could organize with magnets, as well as additional tips on using magnets to your advantage in the bathroom.

From tweezers to toothpaste to makeup

According to Apex Magnets, the most common thing to organize with a magnetic strip is tiny items like bobby pins, scissors, tweezers, and eyelash curlers, but there are also a number of other things you could organize. For instance, to keep all of your medicine bottles in order, you could attach a magnet to each lid and hang them from the bottom of a shelf. This would also provide you with more shelf space to store other items. To organize your makeup collection, you could attach a magnet to each item and hang it on a magnetic sheet. If you keep things like cotton balls and q-tips in jars, you could hang the jars on the wall with magnets as well.

Supermagnete also recommends organizing your toothpaste and other products that come in a tube. To do this, place a binder clip on the end of each product and hang them upside down underneath a shelf. This could also help you get every last drop of product out of the tubes.

Where to purchase and hang a magnetic strip

Magnetic strips or sheets can be purchased from just about anywhere, including Amazon.

These could be hung in a number of places in the bathroom. The Storage Space recommends placing a magnetic strip on the inside of a drawer to corral smaller items, but make sure that nothing obstructs the drawer from closing. For easy access to your items, you could place a strip right next to the sink, per Curbly. When doing this, you may want to choose one that matches the rest of your space, such as one that looks like wood. If you're hanging things upside down like toothpaste containers, you should attach the strip or individual magnets to the bottom of a shelf inside a cabinet. And, if you're using a magnetic sheet for larger items like makeup products, this could be installed to the inside of a cabinet door.

When attaching magnets to a surface, Supermagnete says to first, clean the area to remove any dust or dirt. Then, you can attach the magnet, and let it set for a few days before hanging any products.