Why You Should Start Keeping This Bathroom Staple In Your Laundry Room

Your laundry room might be chalked full of useful tools to keep your clothes looking whiter, brighter, or as dark as the day you bought them. Stain removers, fabric softeners, mixed detergents, and dryer sheets are usually at the ready in most homes, allowing for an easy and efficient washing cycle (or multiple cycles if you have a set laundry day). While these are all ideal for keeping at hand, there is one useful tool you might be overlooking — and you probably already have it in a different room.

As platforms like TikTok become a staple of everyday hacks, you can easily accumulate new tricks and tips to apply to daily chores and tasks. For example, tennis balls have replaced standard dryer sheets, keeping clothes separated in the machine while also helping contain static. Baking soda and vinegar can help with tough stains, rather than just relying on store-bought options. Using a standard toothbrush on stains is one little hack that might seem obvious but can work wonders. That's right — these daily tools aren't just for teeth. According to Stain Removal 101, this tactic can loosen dirt or other residues from fibers. Here's more about how it works so you can try it out yourself.

Toothbrushes to the (stain) rescue

Whenever your toothbrush "kicks the bucket," for lack of a better term, your instinct may be to throw it away and move on to the next. But before you reach for that trashcan, why not use your old one as a laundry tool instead? According to One Good Thing, the bristles can act as a pre-made scrubber that works away at stains that have seeped into the clothing's fibers. You can apply a liquid remover to the intended spot, then scrub it with the toothbrush to amp up the cleaning process.

The best method to get rid of a hard-to-beat stain is to add a strong substance to a clothing article, then work away at it with an older toothbrush. After giving the spot some attention, make sure to rinse off the stain remover before adding the item to the wash cycle. The extra friction created by the bristles is more powerful than just applying a cleaning chemical and letting it stay stagnant afterward. Fibers can hide detritus, but this method will bring it out of hard-to-reach places to ensure a better result.

Combine your old toothbrush with stain remover

While there are actual laundry brushes on the market, some homeowners have found that a toothbrush can get a more precise, deep clean on stains, especially smaller ones. Having a tool that lets you access awkward areas or smaller garments is invaluable, so hold on to those old brushes and keep them in your laundry room near the other supplies. You can easily store them in an old jar, cup, or basket, so they are there whenever you need them.

Once you've finished with a stain, give the toothbrush a rinse to avoid build-up that will render the bristles useless or too caked with detergent. Warm water will help remove excess, then let the brush dry in a dry space to avoid mold or other bacteria. Once the bristles become too soft or bent, you can throw it away and replace it with a newer toothbrush, as one that is flattened with wear might not get at stains as well as a firmer option. According to Healthline, people should swap out their toothbrushes every three or four months, which gives you a good idea of how often you'll be ready for a new laundry scrubber, too!