Fast & Furious Fans Will Love This Arkansas Home That Just Hit The Market

On a sprawling tract of land in the beautiful Ozark mountains is a gearhead's paradise. Located at 1691 S Dead Horse Mountain Road in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a one-of-a-kind home with its own racetrack. That's right. This home on almost 400 acres literally has a full racetrack on the property, and for a lean $6,700,000, it could be yours.

While the racetrack might be the most unusual feature of this home, it has many other appealing qualities. With five bedrooms and six and a half baths, the 7,764 square foot property could be used as a family home or a wedding venue, according to Zillow, making it a potential commercial investment. It also has the largest privately owned solar complex in the region. Nature lovers will enjoy 1.6 miles of White River Frontage and access to over 200 miles of bike and walking trails. The property even includes a small guest house for when your in-laws visit.

It's all about that racetrack

Without a doubt, the most unusual feature of this house on Dead Horse Mountain Road (besides the street name, perhaps) is the 1.2-mile-long asphalt racetrack. This is not even your average racetrack — there's no driving in boring Nascar Ovals on this track, as it boasts twists and turns appropriate for the most serious Fast & Furious fans.

A track of this magnitude would be incomplete without a comparable workshop, and this estate has any kind of motor enthusiast covered. Directly adjacent to the racetrack are two — yes, two! –  buildings for a total of 30,000 square feet. That means the shop space is almost four times the size of the impressive home. It's safe to say there is plenty of room to not only park every vehicle you can imagine but also keep all the equipment to keep them in tip-top shape. Whether you have a car collection, motorcycles, or possibly even a plane, there's space. So much space.

Zillow Gone Wild

Commenters on the Zillow Gone Wild Instagram post about this house have some strong opinions. Several people noted that Northwest Arkansas is home to Walmart's world headquarters, like this comment from @drmashlove, "All the most outrageous homes are in Arkansas. That Walmart executive money hit different!" And, @sweetiemctaffie posted the irony of having a "farmhouse kitchen when this is, in fact, a racehouse." Given the track and shop space, it's difficult to argue with that logic.

Although the Zillow Gone Wild Instagram feed is full of the expected jokes and snarky comments, there are plenty of folks ready to buy this house when they win the lottery, with several commenters tagging a friend and asking if they "want to go in for half." Since this post had almost 35,000 likes in less than 24 hours, it is clear that whether you love it or hate it, this house is creating a lot of attention.