The Best Products At The Container Store To Help You Organize Your Bathroom

If you love organizing, you probably consider The Container Store to be heaven on earth. Perusing aisles filled with stunning organizational products that are also functional? Yes, please! One area of your home that may need to be tidied up with organizational products is your bathroom. Because we typically store many small items in this room, it's important to get the proper tools that will make your space less chaotic. 

According to HealthScope, an orderly bathroom could diminish feelings of stress and reduce the amount of time it takes to get ready in the morning. Further, it could also make it easier to clean, as many of your toiletries will be neatly tucked away. Their top two tips for choosing the right containers? First, pick clear ones, so you can see what's inside, and second, make sure they're of appropriate size. Below, we've found five of the best bathroom organization products from The Container Store.

Drawer organizers

Life With Less Mess points out that it's important to make sure your drawers are neatly organized. This is especially true in the bathroom, since these drawers usually hold small items like tweezers, hair clips, makeup, and skincare products. To find the right bins, you'll need to measure your available space, think about what you want to store, and fit each item into the right bin.

The Container Store sells a 4-Piece Adjustable Drawer Set by OXO, which retails for $37.99. Out of 42 reviews, this product received 4.9 stars, and 97% would recommend it to a friend. One reviewer said, "They're very sturdy and not flimsy at all. Even the dividers are secure and snap well in and out of the notches." Additionally, others praised this product because it was easy to clean and use. However, some wish it was a different color, as the off white tone could appear dirty.

Stackable baskets

The best way to organize inside a closet or underneath the sink is with stackable bins, as this will allow you to use the most vertical space. Organized-ish has some advice when it comes to choosing the right baskets. First, they say to consider what will be stored inside them and how large the items are. Next, make sure to measure your available space. You'll then need to choose the right baskets, and make sure they are made out of a material that's easy to clean, in case of spills. Finally, labels will create a customized look.

If you're looking for storage bins at The Container Store, check out SmartStore's Nordic Baskets, which come in five different colors and three sizes: the small bin is $9.99, medium is $10.99, and large is $11.99. There are also lids available for $4.99 and a set of two labels for $4.49. Out of 43 reviews, this product got 4.9 stars and 95% of people would recommend them. One admirer said, "It is well with my soul that the appearance is uniform and they fit together so beautifully," as the different sizes can be stacked on top of one another. Furthermore, they are sturdy and made from recycled materials. However, some complained about the lids, as they can slide off easily, and the bins could be smaller than expected.

Storage kit with drawers

Storage kits can be used to corral small skincare or makeup items and could either be placed on the counter, under the sink, or in a closet. Makeup Drawers says that these are extra useful because they are compact,  decorative, and will help you keep all your tiny items in order so that they don't get lost.

The Container Store sells the Clarity Makeup & Skincare Storage Kit by IDesign for $68.97; it's translucent and has six drawers with handles. With 24 reviews, this container has 4.9 stars and 96% of people would recommend it. One person said, "I used to have issues with not being able to find my makeup until I bought these. Now it is much easier to see what is in my drawers." Others said that it has a sophisticated appearance and fits most items. Complaints surround the material, which is pretty thin and difficult to clean, and may look dirty with time.

Tension pole shower caddy

There are a number of ways to add storage to your shower or bathtub, but most people use either a shelving unit or a caddy. If you have an empty corner and want to add lots of shelves, you could use a tension pole caddy. The Home Guidance says that these products are great because they're easy to install and clean, as they're usually made out of stainless steel. Further, they're great for compact showers that lack built-in storage.

The Simplehuman Stainless Steel Tension Pole Shower Caddy, sold at The Container Store for $149.99, is a great option, according to reviews. Out of 51 reviews, this caddy gained 4.6 stars, and 92% of consumers said that they would recommend it to someone else. One review said that it "seems to be rock solid and has never slipped or moved once." Additionally, those who loved it said it was easy to assemble. However, others had complaints about it falling off the wall or not being able to hold skinny items, as the space between the bars on the shelves is quite large. 

Apothecary jar

Typically used to store items like cotton balls and q-tips, apothecary jars are a staple in most bathrooms. My 100 Year Old Home recommends using these all around the home for all types of items. They say that the best ones are made out of glass and appear elegant, meaning they can be used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. In the bathroom, they could be placed on a shelf, on the vanity, or near the tub, to hold things like bath salts.

The Container Store's Apothecary Jars are made out of glass and come in three sizes: the small is $9.99, the medium is $11.99, and the large is $13.99. Out of 48 reviews, they received 4.8 stars and 98% of people would recommend them. Some said that they were just as described, looked great, and appeared minimalistic in design. However, others complained about the sizes, as they are smaller than they imagined, and that the lids can rattle when moved because they don't contain a rubber lining.

Medicine cabinet organizer

The Container Store says that organizing your medicine cabinet is important because it will keep you from having to rummage through piles of tiny items. Additionally, organizers will help you see all the items easily and could allow you to fit more inside your cabinet. You also won't lose any items if they're organized in a systematic way.

To keep your medicine cabinet orderly, The Container Store sells the Linus Medicine Cabinet Organizer for $9.99. While made specifically for the medicine cabinet, this small, clear organizer could be used just about anywhere, even right on the counter. With 41 reviews, this product got 4.9 stars, and 98% would recommend it to someone else. One customer said that "they greatly enhance the capacity of the bathroom cabinet and help to organize things as well." The only complaint was that the compartments are quite small, so they can only hold things like tweezers or hair clips. However, some did say that, even though the spaces are tiny, they still hold more than expected.