You Can Stay In A California Airbnb That's A Treehouse Shaped Like A Pinecone

This floating treehouse was originally commissioned by the scent-sational company Glade for an ad campaign, according to O2 Treehouse. Now it's available for anyone to stay in. Crafted with wood, steel, and plexiglass, Airbnb totes that you and a friend can rent this massive nature-inspired pine cone capsule if you're in, around, or driving through the redwood forests of Santa Cruz, California. The heavy-duty five-and-a-half-ton cabin is quite sizable, at 22 feet tall and 14 feet wide. It's probably the biggest seed pod you'll ever see.

Fifty-six individual welded diamond shapes form its distinct pinecone structure, and hinged windows are strategically placed throughout the room so that you can open them up for a literal breath of fresh redwood-infused air. The Pinecone Treehouse offers 360-degree bird's eye views of the natural world and will also gently lull you into a sense of calm when the five trees it's anchored to gently sway in the wind. This is the perfect place to learn how to quiet your mind and take in nature. On top of that, Sempervirens Fund says that inhaling that crisp, fresh forest air is not only good for your mental health, but it can also make you feel more connected to the world around you. Because when you're sleeping in a giant pinecone in the middle of some of the tallest and oldest trees on the planet, how could you not?

You'll be able to nature watch

If you have a fear of heights, then the Pinecone Treehouse may not be the ideal location for you. Airbnb states that the structure hangs partially over a hill — and it's 60 feet off the ground on the downhill-facing side. The uphill-facing side hangs only a mere 35 feet. (Only.) You'll also need to do a bit of climbing to get into this geodesic pinecone. The ladder stretches the entire 35 feet upwards up, and while there are built-in guard rails and ergonomically placed steps, the ladder is pretty darn steep.

There's a small opening that the ladder attaches to, and that is both your entrance and exit. While it does have a hatch you can close to prevent any late-night accidents, it's also important to note that the floor in this woodsy home is partially covered in plexiglass. That's right. You can see straight down. This is perfect for watching nature or, you know, spying on Sasquatch. After all, the redwoods are Bigfoot territory.

So, staying in the Pinecone Treehouse isn't for those individuals who would prefer to stay on terra firma. Though there is the possibility that you could set up a tent since there's a picnic area with a decent amount of flat space below the actual hanging lodge. Another plus is that you'll be closer to the toilet and shower.

You'll have a great view from the loo

If you were wondering if the Pinecone Treehouse had any bathroom access, the answer is yes. It does. But not in the actual structure. Your magical lavatory is located down the ladder and is probably the most scenic showering experience you'll ever have. The structure that houses the toilet, sink, and shower is accessed by a bridge overlooking a hill with beautiful tree views, per Airbnb. The shelter itself has a plexiglass roof that's strategically placed so that anyone upstairs in the 'cone cabin won't be able to watch you doing your thing.

While there is plumbing and hot water for the sink and shower, you will have to get acquainted with using a compost toilet. (Don't worry. There are instructions on how to use it posted near the throne.) Nothing like being one with nature. It's a loo with a view. If you're a late-night bathroom break person, you might want to reconsider staying at the Pinecone Treehouse because using a steep ladder late at night could be a bit of a dubious task to accomplish. But if you can hold it until sunrise, then it's worth giving it a go.