30 Stunning Treehouses You Can Rent On Airbnb

Listing your home on Airbnb can be a great side gig, but it can also be a handy way to find places to enjoy your own special getaway. You could rent a chic city apartment or stay in a gorgeous beach house. You can also opt for stunning houseboats that let you spend time on the water or unique rentals that offer you a one-of-a-kind vacation. Or you could climb up and hunker down in a treehouse.

Why do people — even adults — love treehouses so much? Sally Augustin Ph.D., explained in Psychology Today that they "give the people in them a protected view out over their world," which is why they feel like "cozy retreats." Of course, on top of being cozy, the treehouses found on Airbnb offer a wide range of details, amenities, and even luxuries. Frankly, there are so many dreamy treehouses on Airbnb that you may have to book more than one!

1. A-frame treehouse in Index, Washington

A-frames are something that you're likely used to seeing as a cozy cabin. However, this one-bedroom A-frame treehouse in Index, Washington — that's 13 feet high and nestled between evergreen trees — nails the unique design with plenty of windows, chic interior design, a loft sleeping space, and lighting that makes it glow.

2. Tall blue treehouse in Fredericksburg, Texas

Deemed the "Acorn," this approximately 300-square-foot, one-bedroom blue treehouse in Fredericksburg, Texas boasts a vaulted ceiling, king-sized bed, and glass rain shower inside. Outside, you'll find a patio, a daybed, a clay fire pit, a macrame swing, a bathtub (yes, a bathtub), and an incredible twisty, branch-adorned staircase.

3. Treehouse with art, terraces, and a view in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Along with the blue exterior and seemingly endless artistic details in this treehouse in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, there are also multiple terraces with views of the lake and mountains. On top of that, there's a mediation room and veggie garden with this one-bedroom rental.

4. Treehouse resort (aka Treesort) in China Grove, North Carolina

There are treehouses and then there are tree-resorts, like this "treesort" in China Grove, North Carolina. With two separate sleeping areas that are 25 feet high, you'll surely appreciate that the main house is heated and has air conditioning so that you'll always be comfortable. Although, FYI, there's no WiFi.

5. Treehouse above a fairytale creek in Peshastin, Washington

This adorable one-bedroom treehouse in Peshastin, Washington has all of the amenities and charm that you want and was actually made with salvaged timber found on the 150-acre property. While that's awesome enough, it's the fact that it's perched above a fairytale-like stream named Hansel Creek that might win you over.

6. Treehouse pods in Uvita, Costa Rica

These pods in Uvita, Costa Rica might not be what you imagine when you think of treehouses. However, with a bedroom and ensuite bathroom as well as kitchen, terrace, water slide, and small pool all situated in the tropical forest, they certainly will be where you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

7. Farm treehouse in Miami, Florida

Built around a pithocilobium tree, this treehouse in Miami, Florida boasts a canopy room on the third level. That's where you can rest when not enjoying the other aspects of the "lush urban oasis" and permaculture farm where it's found. That means you'll be temporarily living alongside goats, pigs, tortoises, emus, parrots, roosters, and cats.

8. Chic treehouse in Baird, Texas

Found on an 800-acre property that's an active ranch, this chic treehouse in Baird, Texas has its own fenced-in plot. Along with a picturesque patio and yard that includes a sweet swing for two, inside guests will find a comfortably modern design as well as plenty of convenient amenities — not to mention champagne and firewood!

9. Gorgeous green treehouse in Olympia, Washington

This green treehouse in Olympia, Washington fits right into its surroundings of Douglas firs, cedars, and hemlocks. It also offers a mix of roughing it and modern conveniences. However, it's key to note that the ladder can only hold up to 220 lbs. and the loft only accommodates a height of five-foot-nine or less.

10. Luxury forest treehouse in Tola, Nicaragua

Head to Tola, Nicaragua to find this luxury treehouse that offers guests 850-square-feet as well as a king-sized bed, teak rainfall shower, and full kitchen. Outside, there are rocking chairs where you can sit and enjoy the view as well as your very own plunge pool to help keep you cool.

11. Jungle treehouse in Isla Colon, Panama

This two-bedroom treehouse in Isla Colon, Panama offers you everything you could want from a jungle getaway. Tucked high up in the trees, made of bamboo, and totally off-grid, you'll adore every detail from the palm leaf roof and tree shower to lantern lights on the bridge and stunning beach that's a stroll away.

12. Too-cute-for-words treehouse in Rhinebeck, New York

This treehouse in Rhinebeck, New York is almost too cute to be real, which is why you might have spotted it on "Treehouse Masters." Built in a cedar tree, this tiny getaway has a sleeping loft with a double-size futon and a Juliette balcony, but doesn't have electricity, heat, or air conditioning.

13. Unique treehouse in Panama

There's nothing ordinary about this unique treehouse in Panama. Located at the Rio Encantado resort, the private residence is located next to a river that you can light up at night with a simple switch and features a double bed, kitchen, wet bar, and plenty of other delightful details.

14. Treehouse with a turret in Argyle, New York

Found on 10-acres in Argyle, New York, this one-bedroom treehouse is suitable for all seasons. Indeed, you can enjoy the hot tub, fire pit, and surroundings whether it's summer, winter, fall, or spring. And while it might be small, it's big on charm thanks to the log wall, branch railings, and turret.

15. Balinese-inspired treehouse in Jacó, Costa Rica

Offering one bedroom but big enough for five guests, this treehouse may be in Jacó, Costa Rica — however, it was inspired by Balinese homes. Constructed with wood from the area, the interior is a design delight while the balcony outside offers a view of a butterfly garden, orchard, and river that runs seasonally.

16. Treehouse palace in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

If you're bringing a lot of guests on holiday with you, then this three-bedroom treehouse palace in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica, that can accommodate up to 16 people, will give you all room to enjoy your getaway. A towering teak wood structure, the stunning interior almost manages to rival the gorgeous setting.

17. Treehouse perched over a waterfall in Quebec, Canada

Featuring three bedrooms as well as three bathrooms, there are actually two buildings on this beautiful property in Quebec, Canada. One treehouse is perched above a stunning waterfall that's on the Maskinongé River.

18. Contemporary treehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina

Leave behind busy modern life but not chic contemporary style with this one-bedroom treehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina. Significantly taller on one side, you'll also notice the partially cedar paneled exterior and slanted roof. Beyond that, you'll love the swing bed and private pond.

19. Two-story treehouse in Columbia Falls, Montana

This spacious treehouse in Columbia Falls, Montana, spans an impressive 500-square feet and two separate floors. It also might be out in nature, but the treehouse has a full kitchen and a full bathroom as well as a common room and two decks outside.

20. Window-filled treehouse in Huasca de Ocampo, Mexico

Travel to Huasca de Ocampo in Hidalgo, Mexico, to find this treehouse that has two bedrooms and space enough for four guests. With a sizable balcony outside to give you a view of the trees, you'll be able to enjoy the same sight from inside thanks to the tall wall of windows.

21. Treehouse with a slide in Stanton, Kentucky

Treehouses are simply a fun place to enjoy a getaway. However, this three-bedroom treehouse in Stanton, Kentucky that is actually two twin structures takes the playfulness up a notch with a slide that will take you from the platform above to the ground below.

22. Glamping treehouse in Greentown, Pennsylvania

This sleek, one-bedroom treehouse in Greentown, Pennsylvania, gives you everything you need for a true "glamping" experience. Covering multiple floors, you'll appreciate the air-conditioned sleeping areas, the kitchen that overlooks the rushing creek below, and the private outdoor shower.

23. Shipping container treehouse in Dundee, Ohio

With imagination and hard work, shipping containers can be turned into stunning homes. Just take a look at this shipping container treehouse in Dundee, Ohio, that offers guests one bedroom, a full bath, kitchenette, and living space with a large window so that you can relax while taking in the view of the woods.

24. Observatory treehouse in Stanton, Kentucky

Boasting a view of the Red River Gorge in Stanton, Kentucky, this two-bedroom treehouse offers plenty of spaces to take in the sights. Appreciate the view around you from the wrap-around porch along the kitchen, the lounge that's screened-in and where you'll find a hammock, or the bedroom with skylights.

25. Mirror treehouse in Campton, Kentucky

This one-bedroom treehouse in Campton, Kentucky makes the most of its surroundings by reflecting them in mirrors on the exterior of two structures that are connected by bridge. Although the Tulip Poplar and Pignut Hickory trees would be beautiful in the summertime, this treehouse is also set up to keep you comfortable during the winter.

26. Colorful treehouse in Ithaca, New York

Many treehouses stick with natural wood, but this four-bedroom treehouse in Ithaca, New York does the opposite. Decorated in bright blue, deep burgundy, and white details, the treehouse is nestled behind a 300-year old oak tree that stretches up through the wrap-around porch. There is also a tea house, dock, firepit, and more.

27. Massive modern treehouse in Port Angeles, Washington

Sitting beside the water yet 20 feet high, this two-bedroom treehouse in Port Angeles, Washington gives you a view of both boats and animals while you sit on the balcony or watch through the large windows. The modern design also makes the most of woodsy touches to capture a natural style.

28. Contemporary cedar-paneled treehouse in British Columbia, Canada

A one-bedroom treehouse in British Columbia, Canada, this cedar-paneled abode has a stylish contemporary look. Offering you a sleeping loft, kitchenette, dining area, and bathroom inside, you'll also enjoy the forest outside with the ocean nearby.

29. Barn-like treehouse in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania

It may have the charm of a barn thanks to its red exterior, but this is a one-bedroom treehouse in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. Although the treehouse is off-grid, a generator provides enough power to charge your devices and heat up the water for the shower. You'll also be kept warm and cozy by the wood-burning stove.

30. Bamboo treehouse in Juluchuca, Mexico

Another incredibly unique abode, this one-bedroom treehouse in Juluchuca, Mexico, is a stunning circular design that's made of bamboo. Found on a 200-acre property, the treehouse is situated on the beach with a view of the water from both inside and out.