The Best Products At Lowe's To Help You Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the liveliest areas in every home, full of smiling faces, delicious aromas, and spoon-licking memories. Unfortunately, it can also be a drop zone for countertop clutter, dirty dishes, and half-eaten chip bags. Keeping it clean and organized can feel like a never-ending task. However, a chaotic kitchen is much more than an inconvenience and an eyesore. In fact, research indicates disorganization can even lead to poor dietary choices and overeating (via Scientific American).

If you find yourself frequently reaching for snacks instead of washing the dishes, grab your keys and head to Lowe's. While hardware and garden products may immediately come to mind, Lowe's also has a wide variety of home organization items, too. From pantry storage to drawer organizers and beyond, Lowe's makes it easy to find everything you need for a comfortable, spacious, and well-planned kitchen. These are our picks for the best kitchen organization products to simplify your life.

No-fuss cabinet racks

Is there anything more frustrating than wrestling with pots, pans, and lids under the kitchen cabinet? All that clanging, banging, and crashing can really put a damper on your creative cooking vibes. Plus, stacking non-stick pans can scuff and damage their lining, especially if they're mixed with other metal kitchen goods (via Eat This, Not That). One way to circumvent this is to suspend your cookware from the ceiling or a wall. Then again, it can be an inconvenience to rinse out dust and pet hair every time you want to cook.

Instead, skip the tricky hanging equipment and make it easy to grab what you need with the Rev-A-Shelf pull-out baskets from Lowe's. Slide-out trays are perfect for separating pots and lids, making them easy to pick up and use without causing any damage. Plus, sliding racks can save valuable cabinet space by allowing you to store items vertically. See? No stacking, no dust, and no fuss!

A nifty spice organizer

Nowhere is the demand for spices more evident than in the U.S. As of 2015, the average person consumes about 3.7 pounds of herbs and seasoning every year, which is more than three times the amount most individuals ate in 1966 (via NPR). While your household may use more or fewer flavoring products depending on the meals you cook, it's clear we need an efficient way to organize and display our spice jars. These little canisters may be cute, but they can quickly accumulate and create clutter within cabinets or on countertops.

Enter this handy freestanding wood spice rack by Style Selections. Each ledge gives your spice jars a little height, so you can see what you need even when it's on the top shelf. Plus, the durable wood material adds a natural and luxurious element that looks great in cabinets or displayed on countertops. Every time you reach for some spices, you'll feel like you're living in an apothecary. Who knows? This spice rack may even inspire you to invent new flavor combinations!

Sweet coffee storage

Imagine being in your favorite coffee shop waiting for a creamy latte. As you watch the baristas at work, do they shove all their coffee tools into a dingy kitchen drawer? Or fumble around with K-cup boxes in the pantry? Of course not! Quality coffee bar organization is key to crafting an excellent first sip of java and starting your day with a cozy sigh of relief. 

Save precious counter space and shave time off your morning routine with the triple coffee pod drawer from Mind Reader. This neat little storage drawer pops right underneath your Keurig, coffee pot, or electric kettle. Although designed for storing coffee pods, it can hold so much more. Use it to organize tea bags, sugar packets, stir sticks, creamer pods, espresso cups, and more. This product doesn't just make your countertop more organized; it also adds an elegant, professional touch to your coffee bar area.

Simple pantry containers

A big pantry is a godsend, but it seems like no matter how many shelves or storage nooks you have, they all become cluttered quite easily. One of the easiest ways to transform your disheveled pantry into a well-stocked haven is by adding storage bins. Indeed, they're perfect for stowing loose items, like chip bags, cracker packs, baking supplies, jars, and snacks. Home blogger Christina Maria loves clear bins in particular because they allow you to see what you have in stock. This way, less food is wasted and it's easier to make grocery lists based on what you already know you have.

Ready to take your pantry shelving to the next level? Then pick up a few iDesign + The Spruce reusable food containers from Lowe's. These bins offer convenient removable dividers to help your packaged items stay neatly stacked — no more slipping to the bottom of the bin. With so many shapes and sizes, these containers can also fit flawlessly in your cabinets and refrigerator shelves.

Practical bamboo silverware compartments

One area of the kitchen you probably use every day is your silverware drawer, but a compartment that's messy and disorganized can cause frustration if neglected. Don't settle for a cheap plastic organizer, though. In fact, bamboo is a great material to use in kitchens because it has natural antibacterial properties, so it will keep your silverware squeaky clean (via Sustainable Baby Steps). Bamboo also grows at an extremely fast rate, up to five feet every year. This makes bamboo a much more environmentally friendly material to keep in your drawers than plastic or traditional wood.

This Brown Bamboo Silverware Insert by Style Selections features seven large compartments and expands to perfectly fit your drawer. Made of great material and quality, this drawer organizer is also surprisingly affordable at around $30. Use it to organize silverware, cooking utensils, measuring spoons, tea bags, or whatever else you'd like. You'll feel like a serious gourmet chef every time you open your kitchen drawers!