5 Must-Haves To Update Your Back Deck

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Creating a beautiful outdoor living area has become an aspiration for many people during the last few years. Spending time at home doesn't have to mean spending time indoors. Many homeowners have taken the opportunity to add a deck to their backyard or enhance the one they have. Sprucing up an outside deck will enlarge a home's living space and provide more room to relax and enjoy the company of others. The area can be shared as an entertainment spot for friends and family or as a relaxing retreat any day of the week.

"We are seeing more deck remodeling than ever before," observes Steve Woods, sales manager at Haywood Builders Supply in North Carolina, per The Mountaineer. What began as a trend several years ago has become almost a necessity for living a balanced and comfortable life. As homeowners focus more on their outdoor living areas, they're discovering simple ways to enhance these spaces to give the site more ambiance. It can be easy to make enhancements to your deck that won't require expensive renovations, and the results can be rewarding. Here are clever ideas that should be considered when you're ready to update your back deck.

Outdoor rug

Choosing a rug with an appealing style and colorful design will set the tone for your patio. This Medallion Oriental Outdoor Rug by Beverly Rug is a wonderful choice because it is fade-resistant and weatherproof. Made of recycled polypropylene straws, the beautiful colors will never diminish in the bright sun, even if it's left outside all year. Stains can easily be wiped away or washed down with a hose. It will not scratch the deck, and it is always comfortable to walk on, even on a hot day. This rug comes in various colors and sizes, so it's easy to change the look of your patio simply by switching to a new design.

The rug has received over 1,700 very positive reviews, as consumers emphasize how much they appreciate how durable and easy to clean it is. Many reviewers admire how the rug's colors stay vibrant over time and don't fade in the sun. They are glad to discover that it doesn't become hot on a warm day but is comfortable when walking or sitting on it. Because it's made of weatherproof material, it's important to note that this rug is not a thick, plush option. It's also constructed with a seam down the middle and creases that take some time to flatten, which made some reviewers unhappy. However, other reviews mentioned that the creases flatten over time when deck furniture is arranged on top of the rug.

Backyard swing

There's nothing better than relaxing on a swing on the back deck. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night, and spend a few minutes with a loved one or a moment of reflection alone. The Backyard Discovery Cedar Farmhouse Porch Swing could add a beautiful rustic charm to your back deck with its criss-cross slats and comfortable rolled seating area. It has room for two people and can hold up to 600 pounds. This swing is available in either Indonesian Acacia or Chinese Cedar, types of wood that are bug- and decay-resistant.

Installing the swing can be surprisingly easy, especially when following the step-by-step instructions provided by the BILT app. It's important to note that the chain is included with the swing, but several reviewers were surprised to discover that the hanging kit needed to be purchased separately. They suggested ordering this kit at the same time as the swing so they would arrive together. The swing is stained with linseed oil, but several reviewers recommend adding a layer of waterproof sealant. There are multiple comments from reviewers who say how much they enjoy the cedar scent.

Beverage station

Adding a beverage station to your back deck is a great way to make your outdoor living area more festive while providing some convenience at the same time. The Outdoor Wicker Bar Counter by VALITA will store everything you need to serve refreshments on your deck instead of making multiple trips back into the kitchen. This station has several features that many similar stations don't have. It's constructed with a steel frame, making it more sturdy than other products. It has a glass tabletop, which is a level surface that is easy to clean and protects the cart from the elements. It also has two large storage shelves beneath that include three suspension racks designed to store a generous collection of wine glasses.

The reviews for this beverage station are very positive. They include many compliments on the unit's sturdiness, the easy cleanup of the glass tabletop, the straightforward assembly, and even the company's helpful customer service department. This beverage station works very well as a stand-alone unit; however, it does not include a set of bar stools. If this type of seating is on your radar, it would be necessary to purchase the stools separately.

Step lights

These Solar Outdoor Deck Lights by SEABLE are a simple way to add ambiance to your deck while providing a functional benefit. Easy to install with either the included hardware or the double-sided tape, these lights will enhance any area where they are placed. Position them under the deck steps to illuminate the walkway, or space them along the fence or railing to brighten the yard's corners. These LED lights are available in either a warm or cool color, and being solar-powered makes them easy to maintain. They are waterproof and framed in stainless steel, so they are suitable for very hot climates or cold temperatures.

The manufacturer recommends placing the lights in full sunlight for several days so that they are fully charged before installing them. One reviewer emphasized that they must be positioned to receive enough light during the day to work effectively at night. Several reviewers mentioned their lights did not stay on as long as they'd hoped. However, more than one review stated that they contacted the company when that happened, and they were very responsive and replaced the malfunctioning lights.

Outdoor fire pit

The Multifunctional Fire Pit Table by Yaheetech will become the center of attraction on a chilly evening. It has a square frame made of alloy steel, and it comes with a mesh lid and a fire-resistant plate beneath to protect the deck from ash and embers. It also features a log grate, a poker, and a waterproof cover to shelter the fire pit from the elements when it's not in use.

With over 7,000 mostly positive reviews, this fire pit is a big hit. Reviewers love that assembling and transforming their back patio is pretty straightforward. They also love that it's priced very reasonably. It seems fairly sturdy, although many reviewers mention that it feels lightweight. It can be easy to move to a different location on the deck, but people caution that it should be protected with the cover when not in use because the paint would wear off in the rain. One reviewer stated, "I was looking for an affordable fire pit to use this summer...I'm extremely happy with this purchase!...This creates a beautiful fire and a nice hot flame. Look forward to many cozy summer nights by this fire pit!"