You Can Stay In A Mexican Airbnb Shaped Like Seashells

The next time you want to take a unique vacation, you could always rent a stunning treehouse, a luxe abode, or even a creepy castle. You could also head to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to stay in a home that looks like it belongs on the bottom of the ocean. That's because it's shaped like seashells. That's right, this property is made up of faux shells that are big enough to house humans.

Aptly deemed The Seashell House, it was designed by Eduardo Ocampo. Something that he first thought up when he moved to Isla Mujeres in 1967, the undoubtedly ambitious idea started to become a reality when Eduardo's brother, Octavio Ocampo, made a request, according to Trey Speegle. Octavio, who is an artist, wanted his sibling to create a studio that could be used whenever he visited. Eduardo took advantage of the opportunity to create the shell-shaped building that ended up being much more than simply an artist's studio; he set to work bringing his vision to life which involved building the structure in 2001. The clearly creative force behind the project apparently explained, "Everything doesn't have to be square. I wanted to ... build something very unique."

Creating a home unlike any other was certainly something that Eduardo achieved. Fortunately, you can see the results for yourself by booking the shell house on Airbnb. If you do so, you'll surely be delighted by what you'll find both inside and out.

The property is a piece of paradise

First flying to the airport in Cancun, Mexico, you'll then find yourself taking a taxi and a ferry to get to Isla Mujeres where you'll find the Seashell House. Once you arrive, you'll discover a property that sits behind multiple stone walls and an artistic iron gate.

The dream home has a private pool, plenty of green space in the yard, and gorgeous palm trees that provide cool pockets of shade. Of course, most of the home's exterior space is bathed in radiant sunshine that makes the grass look even greener, the pool look even bluer, and the house look even whiter. Indeed, the outside of the home is a pristine shade of white that gleams against the gorgeous sky.

If you take time to wander around, then you'll find plenty of other tropical plants and pieces of apt artwork as well as countless stunning spots to kick back and relax. Keep strolling and you might end up leaving the property, but you won't be disappointed by what you might come across. Not too far from the home is the beach along with the Caribbean Sea. Anyone who isn't interested in making the walk can simply ask to have a golf cart ready and available. Granted, that's if guests want to leave the seashell house, which they may not want to do thanks to its extremely on-theme interior.

The seashell house interior stays true to the theme

When you've had enough of the sun and need some sleep or simply want to spend some time with your loved ones somewhere that gives you the chance to cool down, then you might want to head inside. When that happens, you'll discover that the interior of the Seashell House — which is actually made up of two connected shells — is just as memorable as the exterior.

Inside, the walls of the home are just as bright white as those you'll find outside. On top of that, there are seemingly endless touches that fit the theme. For instance, anyone who stays in the home may spot a painting of what appears to be a stone King Titan and other aquatic art that adds to the overall marine-like vibe. That's not to mention the bed headboards that are shaped like shells and blankets that are adorned with images of coral. There are also shell-shaped vases, shell-covered mirrors, and a sink that's made out of, you guessed it, shells.

When it comes to practical matters, there are two bedrooms that have king-sized beds as well as 2.5 bathrooms. And while there's only a kitchenette, there is both Wi-Fi and air conditioning which guests surely appreciate. With space for up to four people to stay together at one time, you could either bring your family, split the accommodations with a few friends, or plan a couples' getaway with another fun-loving duo.