The Best Products At Walmart To Help You Organize Your Bathroom

The average person will spend 416 days of their life in the bathroom, according to a survey by Study Finds. Of course, these days aren't consecutive, but every minute counts, whether you're brushing your teeth in the morning or relaxing with a long shower at night. One way to reclaim precious time is by keeping an organized bathroom, and staying organized is also a good way to start your day off on the right foot. Organized spaces make us feel more confident, productive, and in control, notes Real Simple

If your bathroom routine is starting to feel a little chaotic, head over to Walmart for some simple storage solutions. Walmart sells a wide range of home décor, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, and more, but if you haven't shopped their storage aisle, you're truly missing out. Everything from boxes and bins to cabinets and hampers can be found in a quick trip to Walmart, but which bathroom organization items offer the best bang for your buck? If you've moved into a new home or you're just ready to refresh your bathroom, check out our picks for Walmart's most handy bathroom organization products.

Sturdy bronze shower caddy

Do you often knock over your shampoo bottles or accidentally grab your partner's products while trying to wash your hair in the morning? The sides and corners of the tub hardly ever offer enough storage space, and it's easy to accidentally send items crashing to the shower floor. Clutter in showers can be one of the most annoying things to deal with, but Walmart offers a great organizational solution. This Bronze Over-the-Shower Caddy by Mainstays features two spacious shelves and a soap tray perfect for separating everyone's bath products. The metal design keeps water from pooling under bottles, and the color adds a luxurious, spa-like vibe to your space. 

Retailer Gillette cautions against storing your razors face-down or in soapy pools of water. Improperly storing your razors can shorten their lifespan and lead to rust, a serious health concern. Luckily, this shower caddy from Walmart also has hooks on the bottom, perfect for hanging razors upright to dry or storing loofahs and hair tools. 

Helpful hamper with shelves

To help your kids keep their bathroom clean, Modern Bathroom recommends adding more hooks, shelves, or hampers, and giving kids a say in their bathroom design and storage. This Hamper with Two Steel Bath Shelves by Mainstays is ideal for kids' bathrooms, where clothes and towels seem to multiply and crowd around the floors. Of course, nobody's perfect, and adults will also love the ease of simply tossing laundry into the bathroom hamper. When wash day comes around, the hamper hinges outward to make it easy to collect dirty items. 

Lots of people are hesitant about adding a hamper to their small bathroom, but this hamper doesn't waste any space. The classy satin nickel shelves are great for storing clean towels, toilet paper, bath products, or even decorations and potted plants. For the modest price of about $30.00, this storage hamper actually offers a lot of function and style. 

Classy over-the-toilet cabinet

It's not a very pleasant topic of conversation, but the bathroom air is not clean, especially near your toilet. The "toilet plume" is a cloud of nasty microscopic particles that spray into the air every time you flush, warns SELF. Closing the toilet lid limits some of this spray, but the best way to protect your toothbrushes and clean towels is by storing them in cabinets instead of out in the open. 

Unless you have built-in cabinets, the wall space over the toilet often goes wasted, so why not give yourself more storage with a handy Over-the-Toilet Cabinet by Costway? Over-the-toilet storage doesn't always look classy, usually just consisting of a few wire shelves, but this cabinet keeps your items sanitary while looking anything but cheap. The beveled edges and stainless steel handles offer the next best thing to cabinets attached to the wall. Its construction is a lot sturdier than wire shelving, but customers love that this furniture piece also comes with wall brackets for extra stability. 

Useful under-sink storage

Your countertops and shower space might look tidy, but how's your under-sink storage looking? Messy, most likely, but it's not your fault. Spare bottles of shampoo, toothpaste, hair dye, lotions, styling tools, and more quickly accumulate under the bathroom sinks. It's much easier to shut the door and forget it than it is to organize all those clunky, seldom-used items. That's where the Two-Tier Under-Sink Sliding Organizer by AnTom comes in. 

This smart storage solution features one upper shelf and a lower drawer that slides out, making it easy to find exactly what you need. By taking advantage of vertical space with two tiers, you'll be able to fit more under your cabinets without giving yourself a clutter headache later. Consumer Reports advises that because you'll be competing for space in a warm, damp environment, it's important to use suitable water-safe storage. This organizer is a lifesaver if you happen to experience a leak, keeping your products off of the floor and making it easy to remove everything and fix the problem. 

Simple drawer compartments

Drawers are another major culprit for bathroom clutter. The average woman owns about 40 cosmetic products, notes  Brit + Co! Men aren't left out of the equation either; the men's skincare and cosmetics market is ever-growing and is worth around $166 (via CNBC). With so many lotions, potions, lip balms, and eyeshadows, good drawer organization is a bathroom essential. Walmart makes it easy to simplify your morning routine with this 27-Piece Tray Organizer Set by LeaderPro.

These cubes are made of a sturdy, sleek plastic that holds up to repeated use and blends into any bathroom color scheme. Customers love that the cubes are large enough to fit multiple items and large items like hairbrushes, but they still slide perfectly into bathroom drawers. Each cube fits nicely side-by-side, so it's easy to arrange your drawer storage in a way that works best for you. Plus, you can use any leftover trays to organize your kitchen, refrigerator, desk drawers, garage tools, and more.