How To Set A Sliding Screen Door Back On Its Track

Screen doors are a very popular home installment that allows you to open your doors without the inconvenience of bugs entering or your home or pets escaping. They're commonly seen added to a hinged storm door, but more so, installed alongside sliding glass doors. Not only do they help air to circulate around your home, but they can also help seamlessly merge your patio or deck with the interior. Plus, as Glass Doctor notes, sliding screen doors save a lot more space than hinged alternatives.

One of the common issues associated with sliding screen doors, though, is that they can be a little flimsy. They bear the brunt of all weather conditions, including wind, rain, and snow. They're also not as durably installed as your regular doors. These two factors can cause your sliding screen door to pop off its track from time to time. If this happens, don't panic — this is usually very easy to fix on your own.

Getting it back into place

There are a few reasons your sliding screen door may pop off its track, but the most likely cause is that the actual wheels have slipped off the track, which will then pop the door off when you try to move it, per Storm Solutions. While this may seem like a big issue, it's quite simple to fix. All you'll really need is a screwdriver, but a brush, broom, or handheld vacuum attachment will be useful, too.

To begin, Home Repair Tutor says to look for the two exterior screws at the top of your sliding door — this is what holds the sliding mechanism in place, and loosening these screws will allow you to move the door up and down. From there, you can maneuver the sliding screen door back onto the tracks, and tighten the screws again so it's firmly in place. However, while you have the door off track, it may be a good idea to do some maintenance, so it won't come off again in the future.

Preventative measures

Since the wheels are the biggest issue in terms of popping your screen door off its track, it's a good idea to address them while you have the door off. Two things Home Repair Tutor recommends doing are cleaning and greasing the wheels, which will ensure they roll as smoothly as possible. Do this by dusting them with a wire brush, and then using a lubricant like WD-40 to make sure the wheels roll smoothly.

The actual track could be one of the reasons the wheels got stuck or dirty in the first place, too. This is where the brush, broom, or vacuum comes into place. Sweep up all the dirt and gunk that accumulates over time in the track, even adding some of the same lubricant you used for your wheels. To reinstall the door, simply slide it back in from the bottom to the top and re-tighten the screws.