The Top 5 Neighborhoods For Singles In Philadelphia

Metropolitan areas are known for offering ample job opportunities in various markets and industries, making them the perfect places for singles and young professionals to inhabit. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Philadelphia is home to a booming manufacturing industry, as well as other sectors that recruit employees from all over the country. With such a diverse population, the city is a great place to meet new people, and many of Philadelphia's inner neighborhoods provide perfect opportunities to do just that.

A challenge when moving to any metropolitan area is finding the right place to live. Big cities offer a variety of neighborhoods and suburbs to explore but finding the most fitting place for you can become even more complicated if you're unfamiliar with the area. If you're a young professional preparing to move to the City of Brotherly Love, here are five eclectic neighborhoods perfect for singles to give you a starting place in your house-hunting journey.


Topping many ranked lists of Philadelphia hotspots for singles and young people is the neighborhood of Fishtown, which serves as a cultural hub for the area. Fishtown is situated in the city's northern section; its eastern edge is just blocks away from the Delaware River. According to Visit Philadelphia, the neighborhood initially housed the city's working class and received its name from its time as a center for commercial shad-fishing. Since then, Fishtown has transformed rapidly, becoming one of Philadelphia's most quickly evolving neighborhoods. The area comprises bars, restaurants, studios, art galleries, music venues, and other attractions that entertain the neighborhood's young residents.

Fishtown makes an excellent neighborhood for younger residents because it offers many opportunities to commute into Philadelphia's business sector and other parts of the city. Visit Philadelphia also states that one of the city's transit system lines stops in the middle of Fishtown on Girard Avenue. For those who want to avoid underground transportation, the neighborhood is accessible by bus, trolley, and car.

Washington Square West

Unlike Fishtown's eclectic vibe, according to Bungalow, Washington Square West embodies a more peaceful atmosphere, as it's situated farther away from the chaotic nature of the inner city. Washington Square West is located east of South Broad Street and in the heart of the middle of town, dubbed Center City. Washington Square West is named after Washington Square, one of Philadelphia's original five public squares, per Visit Philadelphia, which is located inside the enclave. Despite its safe and quiet reputation, Washington Square West offers many attractions for its residents. According to Bungalow, the neighborhood has its historic district, home to Portico Row, the Roberts-Quay House, and the Clinton Street Historic District.

There's also Jeweler's Row, says Bungalow, which houses a variety of boutiques and galleries for shopping lovers to peruse. Antique Row, another smaller section of the neighborhood, is lined with antique shops. The community also features the "Gayborhood," an area many of Philadelphia's LGBTQ+ residents call home due to the area's array of LGBTQ-friendly bars and restaurants. For those with refined interests, Washington Square West offers many opportunities for date nights or spending time with friends.

Point Breeze

Point Breeze, a neighborhood in South Philly, is known for its multicultural atmosphere. Like Fishtown, it draws many young professionals to the area, likely due to its spread of coffee shops and authentic Mexican and Vietnamese eateries. According to She Moves Philly, Keller Williams Realty's Philadelphia office, real estate, and design publication Curbed, named Point Breeze Philadelphia's hottest neighborhood in 2019. Point Breeze appeals to millennial singles and professionals, especially those looking to purchase a home instead of renting. Spacewise says the median price of a home reached $138,209 earlier this summer, making the neighborhood much more affordable compared to other more developed areas in Philadelphia. 

Point Breeze also offers efficient public transportation options for residents needing to travel to other parts of the city. Downtown Philly is easy to access using city transit, Spacewise states, and residents can take the bus or a trolley line to reach the city center. The area is also walkable, says She Moves Philly, with the Schuylkill River and other nearby neighborhoods like Rittenhouse Square and Passyunk Square. When residents want to avoid commuting, they can take advantage of the entertainment options within Point Breeze. According to Spacewise, jazz listeners can find concerts at the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz & Performing Arts. There's also a weekly farmer's market held at the intersection of 22nd and Tasker streets from June until October, states Eat Well Guide.

Old City

Old City is one of the more prominent areas of Philadelphia, as this neighborhood holds many of the historical landmarks that date back to the founding of the United States. According to Discover Philadelphia, Old City and its neighboring enclave, Society Hill, is home to more historic buildings from the early periods of American history than any other area in the country. The neighborhood sits east of Center City and borders the Delaware River to the west, giving visitors and residents ample opportunities to enjoy waterfront entertainment. In an area like Old City, the possibilities for dates are limitless. 

Bungalow states that Old City combines traditional and modern attractions to pique residents' interests. History enthusiasts can explore one of the many museums in the neighborhood, including the Museum of the American Revolution, Elfreth's Alley Museum, and the Benjamin Franklin Museum. Those with more varied interests could check out one of Old City's riverfront piers or visit the Museum of Illusions. Old City is also a prime location for shopping. The area is swarming with privately-owned boutiques and art galleries, says Discover Philadelphia. If looking for a bite to eat, Old City also delivers in that regard. The neighborhood is home to a treasure trove of eateries, from brunch spots to international joints. Old City also has several cafes and coffee shops that are perfect scenes for dates, relaxing alone, or catching up on work.


The neighborhood of Manayunk provides the charm of Old City, Philadelphia, at a lower price. The name derives from the Native American word for "where we go to drink," according to Visit Philadelphia. Manayunk was once a hotspot for Philly's textile industry but now serves as a community for the city's young and artsy. Manayunk sits upon the banks of the Schuylkill River, farther north than the previously mentioned neighborhoods. With Manayunk so far from the center of town, the district feels like a small town separate from the Greater Philadelphia region. However, Philly residents chasing that particular atmosphere, who are also comfortable with a longer commute into the city, could make Manayunk their home.

The neighborhood lives up to its name, as the residents of Manayunk have easy access to an array of bars and taverns. According to the company's website, the neighborhood also houses the Manayunk Brewing Company, a brewery, and restaurant that has operated inside an old cotton mill since 1996. Most of Manayunk's action occurs on Main Street, says VisitPhilly, where the brewing company and most of the neighborhood's other notable establishments are located. For those opposed to drinking, there's still much to do for fun around Manayunk. The area offers various cuisines and has its share of boutiques and galleries to browse. Residents can access the inner city using public transit, either by bus or by rail line.