15 Creative Ideas For Chalkboard Wall Art

Adding touches to your home that will give you the opportunity to be creative — like a chalkboard paint wall — can be ideal for anyone, whether you're a professional artist, are pursuing imaginative endeavors as a hobby, or even feel like you're not terribly crafty at all. In fact, it can be a fabulous idea for plenty of reasons, including the fact that finding ways to be creative can be beneficial for your mental health. Along with potentially opening up your mind to new ideas, it can give your brain a boost when it comes to both efficiency and productivity. That's not to mention the fact that you may simply enjoy yourself when indulging in creative aspirations.

"Increased connectivity, especially in the left prefrontal cortex of the brain, makes us more emotionally resilient in a way that is similar to what occurs when we meditate," Laurel Healy, LCSW, explained to Verywell Mind. "The release of dopamine brings an enhanced sense of well-being as well as improved motivation."

But now that you've gone ahead and added a chalkboard wall to your home, you might need some inspiration when it comes to what kind of drawings, doodles, and ever-changing pieces of art you can add to the blank space. That's why you should definitely check out the following ideas for creative chalkboard wall art that you can try out for yourself.

1. Unique frames and mirrors

Create a gallery-like space in your home filled with (faux) mirrors in unique frames without having to put any holes in your walls. Simply draw a range of different kinds of frames and add a few lines on one side of the interior of each to make it seem like there's reflective glass inside.

2. An image of Earth

Whether you love to take time to explore nature or prefer to spend your days wandering through bustling city streets, our planet offers plenty of inspiration for art. That includes chalk wall drawings of Earth which can be an accurate map of various countries or a more imaginative piece with silhouettes of trees and skyscrapers.

3. Scene of outer space

Earth may be beautiful, but so is outer space which is why it's the ideal inspiration for chalkboard wall art. If you're drawing the scene for yourself, then it can be something realistic. On the other hand, if you create this in a child's room, then you might want to opt for something more cartoonish.

4. Wild animal art

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Images of animals are always a fabulous idea when it comes to art and that certainly applies to what you create on your chalkboard wall. Perfect for a little one's room if you opt for playful critters, you could also add intriguing images of creatures to any adult space.

5. Multicolored shapes and patterns

Fill your chalkboard wall with a stylish and engaging design by creating a pattern that's filled with shapes in a range of colors. If done well, it can act like wallpaper which you can change at any time. In this room, diamonds have been used but cubes, crescents, and spirals would be just as eye-catching.

6. Puzzle pieces

There's no doubt that putting puzzles together is a popular pastime. However, you don't have to be an avid game player in order to appreciate puzzle-like art on your chalkboard walk. A fun and quirky design, the puzzle art in this contemporary home also features letters in each piece that make up a motivational message.

7. Everyday object art

Find artistic inspiration in everyday objects and turn them into décor with your chalkboard wall. Think along the lines of books and an umbrella. Simply take a look around your home for other ideas and you might end up drawing anything from a television to a fish tank not to mention candles, chairs, or a clock.

8. Charming characters

Pop a couple of eyes, a nose, and a friendly smile onto pretty much anything and you can turn it into a charming character. Try taking a hint from whatever room your chalkboard wall is in, which might mean that you end up with toothbrush-shaped characters in the family bathroom or pencil-like people in a child's playroom.

9. Flying butterflies

Add a pretty piece of art to any space with the help of a drawing that depicts beautiful butterflies in flight. This can be a piece that's completed all at once or done over time. For the latter, simply start with a single butterfly and add one or two more each day until the entire wall is covered.

10. Retro and vintage images

Retro and vintage images may offer a nod to older items, but these days they're also a trendy option for home décor. When it comes to your chalkboard wall, you could choose to doodle antique-like glasses and Tiffany-inspired lamps or bowties and a big-wheeled bicycle, a.k.a. a penny-farthing.

11. Decorative drawings of herbs

While herbs can make your meals even tastier and sometimes offer benefits that will give your body a healthy boost, they can also look incredibly lovely. Fill the chalkboard wall in your kitchen or dining room with drawings of beautiful basil, flowery chamomile, and pretty parsley just to name a few options.

12. Nods to nature

Bring a bit of the outside world into your home by creating chalkboard wall art that is a nod to nature. A sweet touch to a wide range of rooms, you could draw sun or clouds in your bedroom, trees in your dining room, and an acorn attached to an oak leaf in your home office.

13. Images inspired by travel

Tap into your love of dashing away to far-off places and finding your favorite new locations around the world by adding images to your chalkboard wall that are inspired by travel. Even when you aren't able to leave home, you can be reminded of your past memorable vacations and future international explorations.

14. Kitchen and culinary items

Do you love to whip up meals for yourself that are worthy of a five-star restaurant, want to feel like you're competing on a culinary-based reality TV show, or simply feel like your kitchen could use an artistic touch? Then you may want to opt for chalk drawings of things a chef might use.

15. Flower arrangements

It's hard to imagine any room in your home not benefiting from a piece of chalkboard wall art like this image of flowers and gorgeous accompanying greenery. Thanks to the fact that the artistic arrangement is rather oversized, it's able to offer fabulous details and stunning shading that's been created by using soft colors.