This Eye-Catching Headboard Trend You Need To Try

A bedroom should be relaxing, a place where you can unwind and recharge for the next day. And at the center of your bedroom design is the bed. It's not only the sheets and pillow that matter; the bed itself contributes a lot to the design. And with plenty of styles to choose from, it can often feel a bit overwhelming.

And as people opt for more DIY projects in their homes, they've naturally come to building new headboards to give their bedrooms some style and personality. Headboards are both functional and aesthetic, according to Frances Hunt Furniture. They can create a focal point in the room that makes a bed look finished. But they can also prevent the wall behind your bed from becoming scuffed or stained.

The headboard trend that's taking the design world by storm does all that while creating a sleek detail reminiscent of upscale hotels. And what's better is that anyone takes on this design with tools and supplies bought at a hardware store.

Wall-to-wall headboard

A wall-to-wall headboard is exactly what it sounds like. It's a headboard that not only sits behind the bed but also stretches until it touches the two walls perpendicular to the wall on which the headboard is installed. These headboards are also mounted onto the wall, which means they're not connected to the bed, but rather are a type of permanent fixture to the room. People love wall-mounted headboards because they provide support, says Magna Beds, which can be especially useful if you like to sit in bed. They also add a huge statement to the room's designs.

Since wall-to-wall headboards have to be custom-made for the room, you can create them yourself and choose the finish and colors to fit your individual style. You can upholster your headboard or build a wood finish. They can include features like shelving or built-in nightstands for you to show off décor or has a functional place to set down your phone or a glass of water. Fun and funky, this is a must-try trend for anyone trying to make their bedroom stand out.