You Can Stay In A Texas Airbnb That's An Adobe Dome

The night sky has inspired poets, musicians, scientists, and artists. "For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream," said Vincent van Gogh, who painted his famous work, "Starry Night," in 1889 (per International Dark-Sky Association). Yet a clear view of the night sky has become out of reach for so many of us, as artificial light fills the atmosphere. A generation of youth is growing up without experiencing a dark sky and its feeling of connection, which communicates a sense of place in the universe, according to Texas Night Sky Festival. For some who never truly experience the beauty of the stars at night, there may be a sense of longing for something they can't explain. Ronald Drimmel, a research astronomer, makes this observation in Scientific American, "The transcendent beauty of a star-filled sky reminds us... that we and our problems are small, and that our meaningfulness may finally lie just in our ability to recognize and admire the wonder and beauty of a universe larger than us, yet of which we are a part."

There is a home in Texas where visitors can come and admire the night sky in all its splendor. The home's primary amenities are the quiet beauty and peacefulness of its surroundings. Available through Airbnb, it's a rare opportunity to connect with the outdoors and spend a moment of reflection. Take a look at all that this off-grid adobe dome has to offer.

Secluded getaway

Located near Big Bend National Park in Terlingua, Texas, per Airbnb, the dome is an adobe structure situated in a remote area of the desert that is under a dark sky ordinance. This means it's one of the few areas of the country where the night sky is protected from artificial light, notes the International Dark-Sky Association. The tableau of stars at night is breathtaking, and the clear view of the horizon provides the perfect backdrop for a spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Visitors who stay at the dome appreciate the experience that comes with residing in a structure that is off-grid and solar-powered. The thick adobe walls offer protection from the elements, with a small fan and heater provided for extra comfort. Opening the windows allows a cross breeze of fresh air to cool the home, and the bed will fit two people comfortably. The solar power is limited but it can charge phones and laptops, as well as power the lights and the refrigerator. The kitchen contains a propane stove and oven, and water is drawn from a rain collection cistern that connects to the sink. A private outhouse with a composting toilet is nearby, and any visitors who wish to take a shower are welcome to visit the $2.00 coin shower in town.

Starry nights

There are over 800 glowing reviews of the dome, according to the Airbnb listing, with comments like this one from a reviewer named Shannon that says, "My partner and I had the most magical experience in the dome. This property is a work of art down to every detail. A place to just exist and be secluded. We can't wait to return!" Another visitor, Joyce, wrote, "This was an amazing place to stay to enjoy the beauty of the Texas desert and mountains...The [d]ome is extremely cozy, clean, and comfortable, with remoteness that offers serenity with incredible night sky views for stargazing, Texas sunsets, and moonrises." They also noted it's a great place to unwind after a hiking trek through Big Bend.

Just as the song says, the stars really are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas, and there may be no better place to enjoy them than from the comfort of this remote adobe dome. Who knows what new song or work of art will be created as a result of an individual's time of reflection under such a dark sky? Let the wonder of the stars and the beauty of the outdoors encourage you with new inspiration for your own life.