10 Easy And Renter-Friendly Ways To Add Lighting To Your Dark Closet

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Having a dark closet is inconvenient because it makes it difficult to find matching clothes, shoes from the back row, and our favorite sweater wherever we buried it. However, there are a few ways you can improve this design flaw. One way is to paint the interior a bright color, such as white. According to Shoreline Painting & Drywall, this is the simplest and most efficient way to brighten up any dark area. They also recommend other light shades such as yellows or blues.

Another useful way is to declutter your closet. Not only will this allow for more room, but it will make the space feel larger. If painting or reorganizing are not on your agenda and space allows, consider hanging a mirror to reflect external light. However, if you don't have enough lighting, that might signal the problem as well as the solution. Here are 10 easy-to-install and renter-friendly lights you can add that will instantly light up your dark closet.

1. 2-pack LED motion sensor lights

These LED lights are available on Amazon for around $40 and come in a pack of two. They are wireless and contain a USB port for recharging, which is said to take around three hours. There are three modes available including on, off, and motion sensor so you can have light whenever needed. 

2. 3-piece LED lights with remote

Similarly, this pack of three LED lights is available on Amazon for around $33. Equipped with a magnetic strip, these lights can be charged by a USB port and come with a remote. You can choose to have these lights set on a timer for 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes and change the brightness. 

3. LED light strip

For a more modern option, Amazon sells this LED light strip for $16. At 2 meters long, the string contains 150 lights and can be charged via USB port. Three different dimmable features allow you to turn the brightness to either 30, 50, or 100%. In addition, there are three modes including on, off, and motion sensor. 

4. LED tap lights

If you want more of a circular design, consider this 5-pack of LED tap lights on Amazon for $12. These lights turn on at the push of a button and are powered by three AAA batteries. They each provide 50 lumens of light and contain an anti-glare panel for a warm glow that protects your eyes. 

5. 3-pack motion sensor lights

Another 3-pack option, these rectangular LED motion sensor lights sell for $25 on Amazon. Each of these gadgets is equipped with double-sided tape and contain two separate lights that are powered by three AA batteries. The motion sensor detects movement within 6 to 9 feet and turns off after 30 seconds of no activity.  

6. 6-piece dimmable LED light strip

For those that enjoy LED strips, here is another option that contains six pieces for $26 on Amazon. These lights, unlike many others, are dimmable. Stretching almost 10 feet long, the strip is cut into six different pieces and comes with a remote.

7. Portable motion sensor light

If you're looking for a model that'll sit on your closet shelf or a table, Amazon sells this portable motion sensor light for $26. This helpful gadget is rechargeable by a standard USB port and can be set to on, off, or auto. It can last up to eight hours and houses 12 LED lights.

8. Ceiling light

If you'd like a model that attaches directly to the ceiling, here's one for $26 on Amazon. This LED light contains two motion detection modes: one for during the day and one at night. During the day, it can detect motion at any time while at night it will detect motion but turn off after 20 seconds.

9. Rotating light bar

This light bar sells on Amazon for only $20. Offering three color and brightness settings and built with a rechargeable battery, this light can last up to 24 hours on its lowest setting and nine hours on its highest setting. The adjustable sensor can be rotated up to 270 degrees.

10. Clipped wireless light

Amazon also sells a wireless light for $26 that contains a mounting clip. This gadget can be recharged by a USB-C cable and emits 100 lumens of light. It contains three different color settings as well as three different brightness settings, and can last anywhere from three hours up to 24 hours depending on the setting.