20 Of The Most Stunning Pieces Of Wall Art At Pottery Barn

If you enjoy shopping at Pottery Barn, then you're definitely not alone. It's even a popular choice among some interior designers, even though they may not always want to admit that they appreciate the mass-produced décor, according to Design Matters. Frankly, Pottery Barn enthusiasts will be well aware of the fact that there are various reasons why it's a store that has so many fans. For instance, they now collaborate on pieces with artists and artisans. Even PureWow pointed out how on-point Pottery Barn's home interior collections have been thanks to their timeless take on trendy modern designs that range from rustic to refined. PureWow also asserts that there are stylish options when it comes to everything from furniture to bedding to art.

Working with various artists that specialize in a range of mediums, Pottery Barn's art selection includes prints of paintings, drawings, photographs, and text art. You can also find woven wall art, pieces made of materials that might surprise you, and sets that can help you fill an entire space in your home. The brand also offers shoppers art with a rustic vibe and abstract arrangements, not to mention landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and images of both plant and animal life. If that piques your interest, then be sure to take a peek at these stunning pieces of wall art that you can find at Pottery Barn.

1. Color Theory by Tracey Capone

Color Theory is a glimpse at Burano, which is an island in Italy. The work of Tracey Capone, she's both a photographer and illustrator who is based in Chicago. Her travel pics have a whimsical look thanks to the foggy effect that can be present and would look fabulous in pretty much any living space.

2. Morning Bird by Lannie Hall

Lannie Hall is the artist behind Morning Bird. A black and white photo that comes in a frame that's either a natural oak, walnut, or slate black shade, you can opt for whatever suits your space. You might also appreciate that a tree will be planted if you buy this image of a beach-loving bird.

3. Aerial Beach by Michael Schauer

Capture the sun-filled and fun-filled atmosphere of a trip to the waterside by putting Aerial Beach up in your home. A piece by Michael Schauer who is a photographer from Munich, Germany, the image is clearly taken from above and boasts colorful touches thanks to the glistening water and bright beach umbrellas.

4. Coral by the Artists Studio

Coral by the Artists Studio is not just one piece of art, but also includes a collection of ocean-inspired images. You can either go for just one of the pieces or pick up a full set of all eight that can be arranged together horizontally and vertically — or each on their own.

5. Handcrafted wooden block wall art

If you're looking for artwork that will suit the style of your home while also standing out — literally, in this case, since it's 3D — then you might want to check out this handcrafted wooden block wall art. The chamcha wood piece would work with anything from a natural aesthetic to an industrial space.

6. Wells and Arcs by Alyson Khan

Depending on the rest of the décor in the room where you might place this Wells and Arcs framed wood print by Alyson Khan, it could either look like a retro piece or a contemporary work of abstract art. It would also look fabulous above your sofa, bed, desk, or dining table.

7. Evergreen by Patricia Vargas

Evergreen by Patricia Vargas is just one of the pieces from the California-based artist available at Pottery Barn. If you appreciate the abstract image that includes dashes of subtle shades, then you might also like Vargas' Sur and Over and Under. Use each in a different room to create a cohesive look throughout your home.

8. And All The Stars

You can thank Gold Rush Art Co., an artist collective found in Los Angeles, California, for this piece called And All The Stars In The Sky. Crafted by hand in Austin, Texas, the black and white piece on matte canvas might be the perfect touch of cosmic dream-like décor for your bedroom.

9. Colorado by Dan Hobday

Dan Hobday's piece deemed Colorado might seem simple at first. However, it will continue to draw you in the longer and more often you look at it. Although Hobday works out Devon, England, he has offered art lovers a captivating yet calming glimpse at the state which boasts canyon, mountain, and desert landscapes.

10. Live edge teak wall art

Nature provides us with plenty of materials that are wonderfully unique and undeniably beautiful. For instance, just take a look at this live edge teak framed wall art. The shapely wood pieces are framed with black metal and can be installed on a wall alone or with multiple pieces and as squares or diamonds.

11. Carved wood octopus

Whether you're decorating a home by the sea or simply love items that have an aged look, you might want to hang up this octopus art. While the creature has been carved into the wood, the surface also features a fitting navy blue shade that mimics water. Give this critter a friend by adding the sea turtle.

12. New York City framed print

Pottery Barn's in-house artist created this framed print of New York City that has a style that was inspired by retro images. If wanted, you can pair it with prints of other locations like San Francisco, London, and Paris. Each perfectly captures the individual and specific charm of each cityscape.

13. Sunset on St. Germain

Thanks to the rosy sky and elevated angle, Sunset on St. Germain turns this rooftop photo into a romantic scene which would make it ideal for your bedroom, living room, or dining room. A piece by Rebecca Plotnick, she is a photographer who's based in Chicago; however, she's obviously inspired by the beauty of Paris.

14. Porcelain Blue framed paper prints

If you're looking for art that will work with a country vibe or elegant style, then you surely can't go wrong with the porcelain blue framed prints. Although they're made to look like the designs that you might find on a porcelain plate, these have instead been created with watercolor paint on paper.

15. Recycled deer head wall art

This deer head wall art is not only made of wood, but it's actually made of birch that was once shipping pallets. Along with being a great use of recycled material, it's also a unique piece that will add a hint of creativity to your home, whether it's a condo or a cabin.

16. Le Vie Ballet paper print

Available as individual pieces or as a set of three, Le Vie Ballet prints are reproductions of charcoal sketches that are brought to life with subtle pink shading and brightening white highlights. Beyond that, the dainty vintage-like images come in jelutong wood frames that feature a gold-leaf finish.

17. Meda seagrass wall art

You might not be able to resist these Meda seagrass pieces if your home is filled with Southwestern, organic, or boho-chic décor. Sold as a set of five, the items that range in sizes also have their own designs woven with three shades of seagrass to create art that is both modern and timeless.

18. Peace by Walker Noble

There's a chance that you've come across Walker Noble's work in the past thanks to the fact that he's worked with major brands like West Elm, Madewell, Patagonia, Yeti, and yes, Pottery Barn. The latter is where you can find Peace, which they note might remind you of something by Warhol or Matisse.

19. Peace & Tranquility

You might recognize Melissa Koby from HGTV Magazine which did a feature on her home. You can also enjoy the artist's creative talents by putting up Peace & Tranquility in your home. Depicting a soothing scene that suits its name, you can opt for other pieces with a variety of moods, such as Unity and Hope Rising.

20. Puppy Blanket framed print

Quite possibly one of the cutest pieces of art ever created, Puppy Blanket delivers what the name promises. While you can't see the entire pup who is the star of the black and white photograph, you still may find yourself wanting to give the sweet sniffer popping out from the knitted blanket a quick boop.