You Can Stay In A New York Airbnb That's A Yacht

This classic yacht available through Airbnb is truly a unique experience. Named the Crown Goose, it may be one of the best Airbnb rentals in New York. You and five other guests can enjoy a stay on the wooden yacht, which has four bedrooms and five beds. For $311 a night, you'll enjoy fantastic views of New York Harbor. The boat has one and a half bathrooms, plus a wash basin in the bunk room. You won't even have to leave behind your fur babies because this host allows pets to join you during your stay!

There are books and other reading materials to enjoy in case you forget to bring your beach read. Additionally, you can use the sound system to listen to music while relaxing on deck or down below. There's no washer or hair dryer included, and there's no Wi-Fi or TV either. However, with all the nearby attractions surrounding the yacht, you're unlikely to miss them. If you're someone who is a bit taller, you should be prepared to watch your head, though. The boat has a height maximum of just over 6 feet at its peak and goes down a little lower towards the back.

What you can expect when staying on this boat

As you walk up to the boat, you'll be struck by how stunning this classic wooden yacht is. Per the Airbnb listing, the exterior and interior of the ship glow with its rich wooden construction. It's furnished with gorgeous rugs and chairs that bring a sense of elegance and vintage vibes. Visitors will enjoy the adorable nautical décor and bedding in each room. The bedrooms are cozy and could be a tight fit for those who are taller, but you'll get an authentic experience without a doubt! The bunk beds are perfect for kids and teens; they'll love the privacy the bunk room provides.

You can cook all of your meals in the galley kitchen equipped with essential cooking utensils, a fridge, microwave, electric stove, oven, and toaster. When you start your day, you can use the drip coffee maker or steep some tea in the kettle. The kitchen is surprisingly large for the small boat, but you might not want to use it considering how close you'll be to some extraordinary bistros, cafés, and restaurants. You can even enjoy a lovely sunbathing moment on the deck in a lounge chair. Keep an eye out for Lady Liberty because there's a view of her from the yacht.

Exciting amenities and surrounding attractions

During your stay on the Crown Goose, you will not be able to operate the yacht, nor will the boat leave the dock, per Airbnb. However, there are plenty of clear views of the infamous New York skyline, and the boat is docked near Brooklyn Bridge Park, so there's plenty to see and do from right there. Brooklyn Bridge Park says there are activities like fishing, pickle ball, birding, and roller skating within the park. There are places to rent bikes you can ride to some of New York City's most famous attractions.

The incredible views and the yacht's proximity to top of the line entertainment and eateries have set this Airbnb up for success, which is evident from its 4.9 stars and 40 reviews. A reviewer named Eric said, "I really loved staying in this yacht. Being on the water with the amazing views of Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty was very nice." And Chris raved, "Lived up to my expectations. This was such a unique way to stay, I was curious if it would live up to the photos and it absolutely did."