The Best Products At Walmart To Help You Organize Your Closet

Having an organized closet is not a task that many efficiently achieve. With so many clothing items and pairs of shoes, it can be hard having a designated area for each item. However, organizing this space can provide a lot of benefits. According to Louisiana Custom Closets, in doing so, you'll save a lot of valuable time as you'll know exactly where everything is. This can also help you save money as you'll be able to see what is in your closet resulting in buying fewer clothes. If a closet is too small, you'll obviously need more space and take advantage of every crevice you have. Conversely, a large closet can house too many items allowing for even more clutter.

Fortunately, there are a quite few different ways to solve this issue. As Closet Factory points out, you can begin by tackling one thing at a time and seeing where you end up within a few minutes. Take inventory of all of your attire and donate items that you can no longer fit or wear. Usually, people only wear around 20% of their wardrobe, therefore these clothes tend to spend more time on hangers than actually being worn.

If cleaning out your closet still leaves you with a cluttered mess, you may need to purchase organization products to help you get this area back in shape. Whether your space is big or small, here are some of the best products available at Walmart to help you organize your closet.

Rubbermaid's wire shelf shoe rack

For those with plenty of shoes to sort out, you'll need a rack, such as Rubbermaid's 4-tier shelf available at Walmart. This organizer comes in a simple white shade for just over $27 — depending on location. According to New Dream, the average US Citizen owns around 20 pairs of shoes. This shoe rack, however, only houses 12. Therefore, you may need two shelves for all of your footwear. Each shelf is 25 inches wide and includes a back to prevent shoes from accidentally falling off. The four sturdy legs have rubber foot pads to prevent any scratching on hardwood surfaces.

Additionally, the shelves are made with vented slots to prevent odors and allow your shoes to have access to constant airflow. Two handles are located on each side of this organizer to help you move it around as needed for cleaning or reorganization. No additional tools are required as it is ready to assemble straight out of the box. A lifetime warranty is provided with the purchase that protects the shelf against defects and damages that excludes any problems caused by abuse and neglect.

Based on over 40 reviews, this organizer received a 4.6-star rating. Most of these reviews are on the positive side with one consumer stating that they love this shelf so much that they invested in more. They went on to add that it was easy to put together. 

Organize It All's adjustable closet rod

It goes without saying that the majority of our clothes get placed on hangers that reside on the rod within our closet. According to the Charlotte Observer, the average closet rod should be able to withstand 80 to 100 lbs of weight. However, if you place big bulky jackets or sweaters on these rods, you're not getting as much out of them. One way to change this is by installing Organize It All's 2-tier adjustable closet rod from Walmart. Available for under $13 (which can vary based on location), this rod hangs from your current rod giving you an extra layer of space. Designed with a chrome finish, you can place your clothing on this rod as well as keep the same amount of space on your standard closet rod.

Sitting 30 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 33.25 inches in height, this product weighs around 1.34 lbs. There are several slots scattered throughout this rod to help further separate and organize your attire. Included with the purchase is a 30-day limited warranty. Based on nearly 700 reviews, this closet rod has a 4.4-star rating. Most of these reviews are positive with many consumers stating that they love this rod as it helps maximize closet space and is perfect for smaller-sized closets. One consumer stated that it was the perfect height for them as their standard closet rod was too tall.

Lifewit's storage bags

While this can vary from person to person, some may opt to change out their wardrobe as the seasons pass. Who Wears Who also points out that in doing so, you get to refresh your style without having to splurge money on new attire. No matter your reasoning, you'll need somewhere to store these temporarily unused clothes. Fortunately, Lifewit made this 3-pack of storage bags available at Walmart. Typically, these cost around $20, however, when on sale, you can find them for under $16. Of course, these prices can change depending on the region. Each of these storage containers has a maximum capacity of 90 liters of storage and sits at 23.6 inches in length, 16.9 inches in width, and 13.7 inches in height.

Made from an odorless non-woven fabric, the three-ply material allows for ventilation to keep your clothes fresh and in the state they were originally stored in. Each side of the bag features a clear plastic design as well as a handle that was sewn with fabric into two layers with reinforced seams. Equipped with two-way, stainless steel zippers, the bags are durable and should last a long time. When purchasing, you can choose either a gray color or a blue shade to match your room's aesthetic. With a 4.8-star rating, these storage bags have been reviewed 13 times. Many of these reviews are positive with consumers stating how spacious they are while others complimented the quality of the material.

Juvale's fabric dresser

According to For the Love of Decorating, storing your dresser in your closet is one of the newer and modern trends happening right now. This is due to many reasons including convenience in finding clothes and saving space in your bedroom. If you're wanting to dive into this trend without moving your dresser, consider Juvale's 4-layered fabric dresser available for purchase at Walmart. Costing just less than $40, depending on region, this design sits at 16.5 inches in length, 13 feet inches in width, and 33 inches tall. It has four fabric drawers and the base is made from steel tubing. In addition, there is a fabric top that matches the drawers for extra storage. Included in the purchase is a 30-day limited warranty.

While there are only a few reviews, it currently has a 4.3-star rating. One consumer stated that they are happy with the product as it was easy to assemble and is just like the photos. However, they also warn that it should be used for lightweight purposes. Another consumer said that this is the perfect item to organize clothes within your room without taking up too much space. They also stated that it was very easy to assemble as long as you follow the instructions provided. The third consumer that reviewed this dresser said that they bought this dresser specifically to store inside their closet. They added that the drawers are strong enough to house lightweight items.

Ktaxon's shoe storage boxes

Oftentimes than not, our shoes end up in a pile at the bottoms of our closets or bedroom. However, to get the most out of your closet, these should be displayed in an organized manner. As LifeStorageBlog points out, while there are many ways to store these items, the best way to do so is to put them in a storage box. These gadgets are designed to keep out dust and other bacterias that can destroy our footwear. Walmart sells these 24-piece shoe storage boxes made by Ktaxon. When on sale, depending on location, you can purchase this product for under $20. However, these typically sell for around $55. Each of these boxes sits at 13.4 inches long, 9.1 inches wide, and 5.5 inches tall.

Made from soft plastic, these shoe boxes contain a transparent door so you don't have to go searching for your shoes. They can be organized to fit perfectly at the bottom of the closet or tall enough to sit off to the side. However, it is recommended that they aren't placed higher than three layers high. With over 30 reviews, these shoe boxes received a 4.3-star rating. Many consumers praise these boxes stating that they were easy to assemble. One consumer went so far as to say that they love these more than the ones you can purchase at The Container Store. Another chimed in and said they'll be buying more soon.