The Container Store's Most Useful Items To Buy

The Container Store has many valuable products to help make your home more organized. Their central purpose, according to Top Work Places, is to offer creative storage solutions that help you save space. What better way to do that than through aesthetically pleasing organization? Their pieces are innovative, built to last, and customizable to suit your specific needs.

As the leading retailer of organizing and storage products, The Container Store is sure to have what you're looking for. But there are a few products that stand out from the rest. These 14 items are some of the best they have to offer. They're durable, flexible, can work in multiple rooms, and can cater to whatever your needs are. Whether you're on the hunt for something to get your junk drawer in order or finally have a home for all of your purses, these items are a must for any home.

Mix and matchable drawer organizers

Drawer organizers are an excellent way to elevate organization in your home. They pack a powerful punch for something small and often out of sight. But using them means having peace of mind since you know that any drawer you open will be organized. Plus, you can use them in any drawer. With the right blend of containers, you can finally stop rummaging through your junk drawer and instead find what you need within seconds.

Using drawer organizers does more than get things in order. As Edgewood Cabinetry writes, you also gain a ton of benefits from having organized drawers. It doesn't matter if it's your utensils, makeup, junk drawer, or office supplies — if you have organized drawers, you get more space to work with. You also save time from having to look for something, and keep counters and tables less cluttered. And since drawer organizers come in various shapes and sizes — like this set from The Container Store – you'll be able to form the ideal setup for whatever drawer you want to get in order.

Clear acrylic storage kit

Acrylic is quickly becoming one of the most popular materials to use in the organizing space. Because it's clear, it lets you see the contents inside, which helps you determine what you're running low on. They're durable and stackable, making them perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, pantries, and more. If you study any professional organizer's social media profile, you're bound to see a ton of acrylic storage containers.

The options for using acrylic organizing solutions are pretty much endless, as reported by Lady Decluttered. You can use them in drawers, the pantry, your closet, or in the bathroom. For example, this tiered storage kit from The Container Store is perfect for finally getting your makeup in order. If you don't have that much makeup, get creative and store other beauty products like nail polish, hair products, skincare, and more. Keep all your daily essentials within easy reach on your bathroom counter or the vanity in your bedroom. Whatever you store inside, you'll find things faster and keep things in order better.

Drying rack for clothes

The lifespan of your clothes greatly depends on the way you treat them. And hanging them to dry instead of putting them through a cycle in the dryer will definitely help. In fact, Rinse reports that hanging clothes dry protects delicate fabrics from heat damage and makes your clothes look newer for longer.

But not everyone has a yard or space to hang a clothesline. That's where a foldable drying rack comes into play. This drying rack can be easily transported, so if you have a yard, you can bring your clothes outside. During the colder months, you can leave your clothes inside and fold the rack when it's not in use. This specific one from The Container Store is vertically tall, allowing you to hang more clothes without occupying too much space in your living or laundry room. While hang drying your clothes does take a little longer, you'll notice your clothes staying in better shape, which means you'll get to keep your favorite pieces for longer.

Hanging purse organizer

Closets are by far one of the most challenging areas to organize. They're also one of the hardest spaces to keep tidy. This is because you use your closet every day. While it's hard enough to get your clothes in order, you might also have bags and purses that you don't know what to do with. And if you're low on wardrobe space, it becomes even more difficult to figure out.

That's where a purse organizer can come in handy. This one from The Container Store hangs right in your closet and holds up to eight bags. It's a great addition to any closet and is as aesthetically pleasing as it is neat. However, since this storage device is an open container, Apartment Therapy reminds us that purses left out all year round should be dusted every few weeks. Like clothes, you want to elongate the lifespan of your bags by making sure they're stored properly and cleaned every so often.

Reusable storage bags

The Container Store has branched out to offer more than just organizing products and solutions. You can now buy reusable silicone bags from them for your kitchen. A more sustainable option than single-use plastic food bags, reusable bags are useful for various reasons. You can use them for snacks on the go or for toiletries while traveling. They're durable, come in multiple sizes and colors, and are easy to clean. Silicone can withstand hot temperatures, which is why these bags are dishwasher safe and perfect to tote around during the summer months.

More and more people are making the change to reusable storage bags as they're better for the planet. According to Consumer Reports, these bags are nontoxic and an ideal swap for people looking to ditch plastic, which has become a major environmental problem. In fact, Environmental Protection Agency reported that in 2018 alone, Americans tossed 4.2 million tons of plastic into landfills, creating a massive amount of waste. What's particularly useful about these bags is their versatility. You don't only have to use them for food. How you use them is entirely in your hands, but be experimental. 

Three-tier rolling cart

One of the most useful and versatile products on the market today is a rolling cart. They became increasingly popular during the height of the pandemic as they were perfect for creating an on-the-go school or workstation. HGTV reports that a rolling cart is one of the best space savers for small homes and is super convenient for anyone.

The Container Store's three-tier rolling cart can easily be transformed into whatever you need it to be. Do you have a side hustle selling crafts on Etsy? Turn the cart into a portable craft station. This way, you can work wherever and have all your supplies within reach. Book lovers use the cart to hold their "to be read" titles, and skincare aficionados can stash their product overflow in these towers in the bathroom. The possibilities for this product are truly endless. The material makes it easy to clean, and its design means you can store it inside a closet or tucked in a corner when not needed.

Laundry travel bag

With vacation season on the horizon, it's time to rethink how you pack your laundry while on the go. If you hate mixing your clean clothes with your dirty clothes, you'll want to add this laundry travel bag to your luggage. It's light, durable, and can be quickly packed away in your suitcase. Because of its size, it's especially ideal for a family traveling together since you'll tend to have a lot more laundry. It also has a handy drawstring closure, which allows you to securely cinch it closed when it's time to pack it back into your carry-on and fly back home.

According to Travel Fashion Girl, you want a laundry bag with compression. This way it doesn't take up so much room in your suitcase. If you think a laundry bag is too big for your luggage, try packing an extra packing cube or two. This way, you can separate your dirty laundry from your clean clothes.

Folding trunk organizer

If your car's trunk is used to store a ton of stuff, you might want to consider getting an organizer explicitly designed for it. If you're not careful, your trunk can become a black hole, causing things to disappear or finding it difficult to get what you need when the time comes. A trunk organizer is a great way to keep everything in order while still having extra space for groceries or other items.

Real Simple recommends keeping only the essentials in your trunk, which will prevent it from becoming too overstuffed. This is where a trunk organizer can come in handy. Use it to keep supplies organized but out of the way when you need the space for shopping trips. One of the best things about this specific product is its foldability. This way, you can easily store it to the side or in your house when you don't need it.

Three-step folding ladder

How often have you needed to reach something on a high shelf and just couldn't? It happens to everyone, and that's why having a folding step ladder is a super handy item to have in your home. Especially one that folds and is slim enough to fit into any closet. While there are a lot of great options for short-step stools, a three-step folding ladder from The Container Store is better for those harder-to-reach shelves. It has a slim and compact design, perfect for smaller apartments or houses without much closet space. Plus, it comes in three different colorways, letting you choose a design that best fits your aesthetic.

The benefits of having a step ladder are pretty vast. Besides using it to help you reach items on high shelves, you can use them to better hang artwork, change a lightbulb, or swap batteries in your smoke alarms. They're also great for dusting high ceilings. But as New Mexico State University reports, falls are still one of the leading causes of death and broken bones, so it's important to be safe when handling even a three-step ladder. Always ensure it's secure before using and ask for a spotter if you feel unsteady on it.

Weathertight container with optional wheels

Finding the right storage container can take time. There are so many options, and we're not just talking about size. When it comes to storing off-season items or protecting sentimental things from damage, you want to make sure the container you use is weathertight. These can withstand temperature changes and more, making them ideal for those living in areas that see all types of weather.

One of the best all-purpose storage containers is the weathertight tote with wheels from The Container Store. They report that this container is specifically designed for garages, basements, or storage facilities. The best part? They come with optional wheels, which makes transporting them even easier. Weathertight containers are best for elongated protection, and the addition of wheels means smoother maneuvering from space to space. If you plan on stacking them, you'll want to go without wheels. But if you don't have a lot to store and want something easy, then go for the wheeled option.

Steel drawer cabinet

Organizing your paperwork, whether at home or in the office, is a priority many people don't take the time to do. When you have all your papers in order, you'll feel an incredible sense of calm. That's why steel cabinets are a must. In terms of design, they're simple, built to last, and can withstand all types of weather, so they're fine to store in your garage. This particular one from The Container Store comes in numerous color options, and even has separately sold storage inserts if you want to store jewelry or office supplies in the drawers.

As stated on Storables, steel cabinets have lasted as long as they have because of their durability. You know that when you store items in a steel cabinet they're going to be safe. And since their simple and clean design can blend into any room, their usefulness almost outweighs their ability to keep your items organized and secure. Besides paperwork, you can use a steel cabinet for valuables, tools, kitchen supplies, and office supplies. Where you use and how you use it is up to you, which makes this a super versatile item to own.

Clear shoe boxes

Like clothes and purses, you want to store your shoes in a way that will elongate their lifespan. This means keeping them free of dust and not piling them on top of each other so they crush and ruin the overall shape of the shoe. If you haven't tried clear shoe boxes yet, you will after hearing about their amazing benefits. Even The Washington Post agrees: They can solve just about any organizing dilemma in your home.

Using clear boxes to store your shoes gives your closet a more uniform look. They're available in either acrylic or plastic, and do a great job of keeping dust and dirt from getting on your shoe collection. While you should give them a clean every once in a while, these containers will help maintain their pristine exterior. But you can use these clear and stackable boxes for more than just shoes. They're perfect for other areas of the home like inside pantries or for storing small toys like Legos and cars.

Adhesive cable organizers

There's nothing worse than having a ton of cables tangled together. In this day and age, we have a lot of electronic devices. Both your smartphone and tablets require chargers. But then you also have lamps, televisions, hairdryers, routers, appliances, and more. That means a lot of cords, and they can quickly become an eyesore if you don't organize them properly. According to The Spruce, cord management is often an afterthought for people. And that's mainly because they don't know how to get them organized.

One of the simplest and quickest solutions to cord management is adhesive cable organizers. They're perfect for keeping your cords in order and out of each other's way. They stick to just about any surface and are small enough to be hidden. For added organization, you can also buy labels for your cords so you know which one is for what device. Your goal with cord management is to get as many of them off the floor as possible. This will limit tripping hazards as well as keep your eyes from staring at a jumbled mess of cables.

Odor-free compost collector

If you've been meaning to limit your food waste, composting is your way to go. Luckily, it's becoming easier to compost, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. There's no need to use up valuable yard space! Instead, you can buy a compact composter that will blend into your kitchen. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that composting at home is easy as long as you have a particular bin.

This compost collector from The Container Store meets those requirements and can get you composting in no time. This product allows air to circulate, so it's odor-free as well as dishwasher safe. The popularity and benefits of composting are leading to a new wave of at-home solutions. The beauty of these products is their simplicity. When you can compost easily in your home without the fear of odor or messy cleanup, you will find yourself doing it more. And this compost collector can help you get started.