30 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Plants

Green plants have found a place in modern-day interior design. While this style has become popular on different social media sites, it is safe to say that it is more than a trend and is actually becoming a lifestyle. However, incorporating greenery into your home décor is more than for simple aesthetics; indoor plants are associated with plenty of health benefits as well. A 2015 study from the Journal of Physiological Anthropology revealed that having houseplants can help reduce both physiological and psychological stress. Other than that, these lively florae are known to improve indoor air quality.

Since you probably spend most of your time indoors, having a plant is a good way of enjoying nature's goodness right at home. There are plenty of options you can go for regardless of your experience with greenery. While that is true, it is also important to mention that you will learn a great deal from simple trial and error along the way. So whether you are a seasoned plant parent or just starting out, here are some of the ways you can decorate your home with various cultivars.

1. Deck up an idle furniture

What better way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home than to incorporate a few plants on a piece of furniture? However, the trick of successfully pulling this off is to find the right size of greenery, depending on the dimensions of the furniture. Also, get creative with the vases for added visual interest.

2. Dedicate a wall to your plants

Showcase your green thumb by using a single wall in your living room to accommodate all your favorite plants. Make the space more organized by installing shelves to accommodate all the small potted treasures, as shown in the image above.

3. Bring in a tropical vibe

Let's face it; you spend too much time in your living room already. Whenever you feel like a change, a large tropical plant will bring in the much-needed difference. Large greenery has a way of drawing attention, so be sure to place your tropical verdure where you want to bring focus to.

4. How about a live accent wall?

Bring out your creative side by having a vertical garden concept that also serves as an accent wall in your living room. This view is quite brilliant, especially if you go for the silk plant types for added texture. Also, green varieties against a white wall will introduce a beautiful contrast to your space.

5. Take advantage of the window sill

Your idle window sill presents the perfect display stage for your favorite plants. This is particularly helpful if you have indoor cultivars that also require plenty of sunlight, like the snake plants in the example above. Introduce greenery of different heights for added visual interest.

6. Hanging basket haven

No matter the location, having a few hanging baskets with drooping plants introduces some serenity to the space. So if you don't have enough room to place pots on the ground, hanging them up in the air not only allows you to save space but also makes them visible.

7. Plants up the steps

Creativity doesn't get better than this! Did you know that the steps up your stairs can be a good display for your favorite indoor plants? Well, take inspiration from the example above and recreate this setup right in your home.

8. Deck up your washroom

Greenery is not just exclusive to your living or bedroom spaces. Introduce a few of your favorite plants right into the loo for much-needed tranquility when you are enjoying your bubble bath. Who doesn't love a tropical spa anyway?

9. Traditional bouquet on the dining table

Having a few cut flowers on the dining table or the kitchen island never gets old. It brings a feeling of home and evokes the desire to share a hearty meal with friends and family. Pick fresh flowers and provide them with enough water to remain lively and beautiful for as long as possible.

10. How about a tall tree?

Tall trees are not all meant for the outside; a huge plant in your living room will bring the necessary attention and drama to your interior. This money tree is not only tall enough to turn heads but also features a rather unique braided design detail that adds extra visual interest to the couch.

11. Interior jungle

Surrounding yourself with all your favorite indoor plants has a way of uplifting your spirits and also giving the illusion of existing within a jungle. In the example above, the taller varieties are strategically placed right behind the couch to avoid getting in the way of living room activities.

12. Brighten up your home office

Introduce some plants to your home office to make the long hours in front of your computer more bearable. However, it is essential to keep your desk clutter-free, so be sure to place the pots on the side and only one or two smaller ones on the desk, as demonstrated in this image.

13. Ditch the headboard

Who needs a headboard when you can have green leafy replacements? You'll make your nights special with dreams of the outdoors with such a setup for your bedroom.

14. Pretty up your balcony

Give your balcony the necessary facelift with several flowering plants that will add pomp and color to your outdoor space. The benefit of having flowering plants on the balcony is eliminating the need for more decoration. Be sure to pick the right cultivars depending on the amount of sun exposure on your balcony.

15. Floating illusion

Give your guests something to look at by installing a floating shelf that is completely camouflaged by plant foliage. A horizontal plantar gives you the opportunity to display your favorite greenery and also brings much-needed attention to an otherwise blank and boring wall.

16. Fill in the empty spaces

Wondering what to do with the empty spaces on your bookshelf? Try placing a small potted plant right into the blank space, as shown in this image. Be sure to rotate the pot regularly to allow every side to receive enough exposure to the sun.

17. Repurpose old furniture

Instead of relegating your old furniture to a dark corner in the garage, use it as a display for your potted plants in any room you like. However, you will first need to give it a fresh coat of paint before using it for this specific purpose.

18. Get creative with vines

The beauty of vines is that they are easily manipulated to take whatever shape you have in mind. For instance, you can shape the vines around the mirror in your living room, as shown above. This will keep the long stems off your floor and also bring some visual interest to the space.

19. Different plants for visual interest

In order to have a more captivating appearance in your living space, consider consolidating plants of different heights and vases. While a single pot might do it for some places, having more than one flora is a great way of taking the appeal a notch higher.

20. Smaller plants for a minimalist design

You can always find a plant to fit your interior design décor, including a minimalist one. To avoid overwhelming your space with too much greenery, be sure to incorporate small pot plants with less conspicuous vases, as demonstrated in the image above.

21. Succulents for décor

Other than beauty, succulents are also known to be easy maintenance. They make good indoor decorative details for anyone looking for plants that thrive on neglect. Take inspiration from the example shown above.

22. Decorate your reading nook

Take the appeal of your reading nook to the next level by incorporating an assortment of different plants right in that corner. To keep things neat and organized, consider DIYing a bespoke shelf for all your potted greenery. The wooden crates in this example add some warmth and plenty of character to this particular space.

23. Pampas grass and pot plant combo

The combination of pampas grass and traditional green potted plants makes a good addition to office spaces, as demonstrated above. In an effort to keep the desk organized and clutter-free, very few pampas grass stems are positioned on it while the potted plant sits on the peg board on the wall.

24. Get creative with the positioning

Decorating your home's interior doesn't stop at buying your favorite plant; you also need to be mindful about where you position it. Take inspiration from this creative DIY swinging that floats right above the dining table.

25. Succulents in glass cases

Some indoor varieties, like the air plant, don't need soil to grow; therefore, it is common for homeowners to use glass cases for aesthetic display. The design concept demonstrated in the example above is ideal for your home office or a reading nook coffee table.

26. Trailing plant décor

Using trailing plants on wooden furniture, particularly those with straight lines, is a good way to introduce a rather lazy yet cozy vibe to any space. The trailing cultivars in this example also break the monotonous woody tone that is dominant in this room.

27. Mini floating shelves

If you don't fancy a lot of design details on your walls, consider having a few floating shelves where you can put a few potted plants on display. The beauty of such a display is that you can shift around your wall décor and pots whenever you want a change in appearance.

28. Hanging plants for room separation

What better way of separating different sections in one room other than using plants hanging from the ceiling? In the example above, the hanging greenery not only serves as interior decoration but also double down as a separation between the living and dining area.

29. Over-the-sink plant décor

When it comes to decorating indoor spaces with plants, the kitchen is always far down the priority list. Incorporating a few pots on the shelves right above the sink is a nice way to breathe life into a rather boring kitchen aesthetic, as shown in the rustic space above.

30. Breathe life into your laundry room

The laundry room is one of the most used places in the house. This is particularly true if it also doubles up as a mudroom, so why not make it homier and more accommodating by introducing a few plants that you love?