The Best Artificial Christmas Trees You Can Buy In 2022

Because of the wide selection of artificial Christmas trees on the market, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. To narrow down your search, Nearly Natural has a few tips on selecting the best faux tree.

If you're going for a pre-lit version, keep your eye out for LED lights, as these will last longer than incandescent options. If you want a unique look, you could choose one with flashing lights, faux snow, or another interesting feature. Further, artificial trees are typically made out of either the inexpensive and classic PVC, the more costly and realistic PE, or a mixture of both — so consider what is most important to you. Additionally, you'll need to think about where you're going to display the tree when selecting what size to buy. To do this, measure the height and width of the space, keeping in mind that your topper should be at least a foot below the roof of your ceiling.

With all this in mind, below are five of the best artificial Christmas trees on the market this year, all with over 4.5 star ratings. 

Unlit donner fir

The first option can be purchased at Walmart for $119 and is manufactured by Holiday Time. This unlit tree is 7.5 feet tall and looks like a donner fir. Out of over 330 reviews, this option received 4.6 stars; one person said, "this tree is an amazing deal! If you take the time to fluff it up properly it looks great and really full. Assembly was super easy. I am so pleased with this purchase!" Other reviewers praised that the branches could hold up heavy ornaments and that it's easy to store. However, some complained that it required a lot of fluffing, didn't look the most full, and was made out of PVC.

WhiteStores says that unlit trees are a great option for those who like to switch up their Christmas setups each year, as it will allow you to play with different-colored lights. Further, if the lights go out on a pre-lit tree, it would be more difficult to replace the bulbs; but if a string of lights stops working, you can easily replace just the one strand.

Classic blue spruce

The next option is a classic blue spruce from Balsam Hill. Lineage Tree Care says that blue spruces are known for the slight blue tone of their branches, and they usually appear very symmetrical. Additionally, while real ones sometimes have an unpleasant scent or poor needle retention, these negative side effects don't apply to faux versions.

Balsam Hill's artificial tree has PVC branches and comes in many different heights, from 4.5 feet to 7.5 feet. It has many different feature options including clear lights, candlelight LEDs, clear LEDs, twinkly multicolored lights, or unlit. Prices range from $179 to $999 when on sale and with over 4,000 reviews, it has 4.5 stars. This tree also comes with a limited three-year warranty. In positive reviews, many complimented this tree's price, fullness, and ease of assembly. However, others complained that there's no plug for a topper, that it doesn't look like the picture on the website, and that there's a large gap at the bottom of the tree.

Flocked Frisco pine

Walmart also sells a 6.5-foot pre-lit flocked Frisco pine tree by Holiday Time, which retails for $79. This option is a bestseller and with over 1,500 reviews, it has 4.6 stars. Further, you could purchase an up to three-year protection plan with Allstate for just $8, which would guarantee fast repairs and replacements as needed. In the reviews, one person said, "I promise you cannot go wrong with this beautiful Christmas tree ... You just have to take time to fluff. Once you have that done then light it up and just be amazed how real the tree really looks." However, some said that, since it's only made out of PVC, it was poor quality, didn't appear full, and that a lot of the faux snow fell off while assembling.

Happy Happy Nester recommends choosing a flocked tree because the appearance of the needles doesn't matter as much since they'll be hidden under powdery snow. WeBe Christmas adds that many choose flocked trees because they enjoy white over green or they love the look of a snowy tree. Further, if you really want your ornaments to pop, a tree with white branches may be the best choice.

Color-changing noble fir

Those that equally love white and colored lights may enjoy Home Depot's jackson noble fir from Home Accents Holiday, which has both PVC and PE branches. This tree is comes with color-changing LED lights, a remote control, and a three-year limited warranty. The full version has three different sizes, each with a different price: the 7-foot option is $299, the 9-foot is $449, and the 12-foot tree is $799. 

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, noble firs are known for being tall, symmetrical, and gorgeous, so opting for a faux version of this species is a great choice. Further, because this tree has lights with color-changing properties, it provides multiple looks. And, because the bulbs are LED, they will last longer than incandescent lights, per Christmas Lights Etc.

With over 730 reviews, this tree received 4.5 stars, and many said that it was realistic looking, full of lights, and very bright. However, some wished it looked a bit more expensive or full and complained about the interior PVC branches having no lights.

Slim Kingswood fir

Joss & Main sells a PVC slim Kingswood fir that would be great for small homes. As The Charlotte Observer points out, tall and skinny options may be great solutions for those that don't have much extra space for a tree. Further, they can also look great in tall areas such as entryways or next to staircases. This tree by Joss & Main comes in many different sizes, ranging from 4-feet to 16-feet in height, and the price varies from $44 to $680. Additionally, this tree has a limited warranty that lasts up to five years for different pieces.

The Joss & Main Kingswood received 4.5 stars out of almost 4,000 reviews and was overall well-liked. One reviewer said, "It's an incredible tree for our space! It feels as though it was made just for it. The quality and fullness of the branches were much greater than we expected." Others agreed, saying that it was well worth the price and easy to assemble. Those who didn't love it said that it could lean slightly, was difficult to fluff up, and didn't measure up to the images on the website. Further, one person complained that you can see the silver hardware through the branches.