The Best Christmas Ornaments At Target In 2022

Throughout the past few years, Target has become a veritable expert on all things seasonal. From their constantly-evolving Dollar Spot to their seemingly endless selection of holiday items both in-store and online, they have stepped up their game and secured their place as one of the top stores for Christmas décor. According to a survey by Rocket Homes, Americans spent an average of $269 on Christmas decorations each year, and with the temptation of picking up a few knickknacks with your weekly grocery store haul, it's no surprise why.

Narrowing down the Christmas décor at a store with such a massive selection can be difficult, so we stepped in to find the best Christmas tree ornaments that Target has to offer based on value, reviews, and popularity. Keep reading to see which picks we think are worth it and which are just impulse purchases caused by the store's clever layout — your wallet will thank you.

Tinsel Ball Ornament Champagne

Metallics are one of the mainstays of the holiday season and for good reason. Their shimmery finish and luxurious feel bring a bit of glitz and glamor to Christmas décor, but many see mixing metals as a fashion faux pas. Luckily, there's a solution that can help you incorporate both seamlessly — champagne. The unique color is a mix of both silver and gold that can bridge the gap between the two metals, and this tinsel ball ornament is the perfect representation of this color's power.

Reviewers have given this glitzy ornament a glowing 4.8 out of 5 stars across 185 reviews and say its large size and luxury feel are a great value at only $3. This is one of the store's most popular ornament selections because of its impact, versatility, and classic tinsel finish, so be sure to grab a couple before they inevitably sell out at your hometown Target location.

T-rex Christmas Tree Ornament Gold Foil

Who says dinosaurs aren't festive? If you have kids going through their amateur paleontologist phase, or you're just looking for a break from the classic reindeer and snowmen, this T-rex Christmas tree ornament from Target is for you. Its fun shape brings a bit of quirkiness to the typical Christmas tree setup, but the gold foil finish makes sure it still blends in seamlessly with your other ornaments and shines beautifully under the lights of your tree.

This T-rex is the most popular of the dinosaur ornament selections, but Target also carries three other gilded options: a triceratops, brontosaurus, and stegosaurus. Each is only $3 and made of durable plastic, so if your kids can't resist the temptation to play with a shiny dino, there are no worries of shattering. Online reviewers gave the ornament 4.1 stars across 64 reviews, but a few agree it could be better quality. If you're looking for something fun, shiny, and shatterproof, however, it's still a good option.

Metal Glitter Crown Christmas Tree Ornament

Need a break from traditional round Christmas ornaments? Look no further than Target's metal glitter crown ornament. It's perfect for all Disney lovers, young and old, and can bring a fresh new shape to your tree's decoration. This ornament comes in white, silver, gold, and rose gold finishes, so whatever your color preference, you'll be sure to find an option that fits your theme. Hang it from the included loop chain, or use it like a topper on a small tree to add a royal touch to your family's Christmas.

This ornament has earned 4.7 out of 5 stars across 20 reviews, and 100% of buyers recommend the purchase. They say that the decoration is larger than expected, making for great impact, and it doesn't annoyingly shed glitter everywhere like many other shimmery ornaments. One reviewer even said that her granddaughter loved the ornament so much she brought it into her room as year-round, royal décor.

25ct Round Mini Christmas Tree Ornament Set

If you've lived in a dorm or small apartment, you know that space is precious. A lot of the time, a full-sized Christmas tree isn't in the cards, but a mini tree can still provide some holiday cheer in cramped living quarters. This 25ct round mini Christmas tree ornament set makes decorating your tiny tree a breeze, and at only $5 for 25 ornaments, it's a pretty good deal, too.

This set comes in an array of different color options, from traditional red and green to cheery pink and white. They're also shatterproof, an important consideration when you're dealing with a tiny tree that can easily topple. They've gained 4 stars out of 5 across 54 reviews, but much of the negative feedback is from customers who didn't expect their teeny size. Most purchasers were happy with their fit on their small trees, as garland fillers, or as festive accents throughout their homes.

Acrylic Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornament

If you've been dreaming of a white Christmas, consider Target's acrylic snowflake Christmas tree ornament. It's a tad bit larger than the real thing — 5 by 6 inches — but it can make some major frosty impact on your tree. It's made of textured acrylic to give off a realistic frozen look without the shatter risk of real glass, and customers say that the clear finish adds a bit of shine without the annoyance of flaky glitter falling everywhere. Reviewers are big fans of this product, giving it 4.7 out of 5 stars across 54 reviews, and say that it's a great value for the money at only $3.

The holiday season is a time of magic and wonder, but it's also rife with companies selling low-quality products for unreasonably high prices. Luckily, these selections from Target's collection of Christmas ornaments will typically only cost you about $3 each and are perfect to bring some holiday glitz and glam to your tree.