The 15 Best Ways To Clean Carpets If You're A Pet Owner

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Adopting a pet is an exciting new journey until potty training them. They'll become a person's best friend, but it'll feel like having another child in the house when you're raising it from the day it's born. You prepare your home for them, train them to do a few tricks, show them where to eat their food, and, most importantly, where to go to the bathroom. While potty training can take some time, accidents can still happen even after training. When pets are left alone inside for too long, they can only hold in going to the bathroom as much as they can, so when they go past their timeframe, the flooring might get a surprise or two. On the other hand, if your pet isn't usually left alone for an extended period, they can get separation anxiety causing them to go to the bathroom inside, claims My Vet Animal Hospital. 

In addition, some dogs can get excited when they see new people in their house, causing them to urinate. Your pet might have urinary issues if they consistently go on the carpet, and if it isn't a behavioral problem, they should be seen by a vet. However, if your furry friend rarely goes to the bathroom inside but sheds a lot, the carpet or flooring will still need some deep cleaning so that there aren't any stains, hair, or odors left behind. We've combined a few ways for you to clean your carpet if you're a pet owner.

1. Act fast

It's best to clean up the mess as fast as possible so the liquid doesn't seep into the fibers down to the hard floor of the carpet. You want to keep the area from drying to make it easier to clean up, so you can blot the area with a damp towel. Make sure you clean twice the size of the stain since it'll be a larger puddle underneath.

2. Carpet stain remover

When it comes to urine, avoid using paper towels to clean up the mess because they can penetrate deeper into the fibers, leaving a foul odor. Instead, use a carpet extractor and a stain remover infused with enzymes. Bissell's Pet Stain Remover is most pet owners' favorite portable and cordless carpet cleaner, and it's perfect for more minor stains that eliminate smells and remove hair.

3. Use a putty knife

If your furry friend poops on your carpet, it should be cleaned immediately to prevent huge stains. The best way to clean up poop is with a putty knife instead of a vacuum or paper towel. Use a putty knife that scrapes the bottom surface of the poop. Simply dig the putty knife into the carpet by the edge of the droppings and move it onto the dustpan.

4. Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming the carpet will get rid of hair shed throughout the day and prevent big piles from forming. On the other hand, vacuum a couple of times a week, so the vacuum doesn't get clogged with pet hair. The Uproot Cleaner Pro is easy to use anywhere. Drag the scraper along the carpet to pick up the hair smoothly.

5. Place rugs in high-traffic places

If your pet is going to the bathroom in the same areas, then placing a couple of rugs in those places will limit the number of stains on the actual carpet if your pet is still potty training. It'll give the room personality and charm while keeping your carpet safe. Match them to the interior, the couch, or the color scheme to stand out but complement the room.

6. Find products with enzymes

Sometimes a simple pet stain remover isn't enough if they don't have the right ingredients. Instead, use a product with enzymes to target stains; however, cleaners with enzymes will only work on minor ones. Enzyme cleaners help remove odor and mold, per The Hate Stains Co. They're also safe for pets and kids since they are biodegradable cleaners. Amazon recommends Bubba's Rowdy Friends as their top choice for pet stain remover.

7. Use an oxygenated stain cleaner

While enzyme cleaners clean minor messes, oxygenated stain cleaners are best for larger carpet stains. They can be used directly on the solid before picking it up altogether. An option is an OUT! Oxygen Activated Pet Stain and Odor Remover on Amazon. Spray the area, leave it for up to five minutes, and clean it up. Once it has airdried, vacuum the spot to fluff the fibers. 

8. Use a bio-Enzymatic cleaner

Enzyme-fused and oxygenated cleaners are excellent sources for getting rid of stains, but so is a bio-enzymatic cleaner, such as Skout's Honor professional strength. It's meant to remove wine stains, so if it can get out a deep red splash of wine, it can eliminate a strong scented yellow stain. Bio-enzymatic cleaners are also great for large stains.

9. Paw wipes

A great way to prevent your pets from staining the carpet is to clean their paws with wipes or a damp towel to remove any dirt from their fur. If you take them on walks or let them use the bathroom outdoors, clean their paws before they go back inside. Keep a pack of wipes by the entrance or in your bag to always have them on hand.

10. Keep pets away from the carpet

Placing rugs around the area might not keep your loveable pet from ultimately having an accident on other parts of the carpet. Suppose they're still having trouble; set up a small pen to stay away from the rugs when they're alone for a long time. Also, place a couple of pee pads around them so they won't go to the bathroom on your hard floors.

11. Stick with pet cleaning solution

When you don't have pet cleaning solutions at home, you might think to Google an at-home remedy, but most options require using vinegar and baking soda. While baking soda and vinegar make an excellent job cleaning messes and brightening up materials, they don't work hard enough to remove stains. Instead, they mask the odor, so always stick to pet-cleaning solutions for accidents.

12. Use baking soda to mask the odor

If your pet unexpectedly urinates or poops on the carpet and you don't have any stain cleaning products, pick up the solid or a carpet extractor, then sprinkle some baking soda over the stain to mask the odor. It will give you enough time to run to the store to buy a pet stain cleaner to deep clean the carpet.

13. Use hot water instead of steaming

Steaming your carpet after slightly cleaning any urine or poop can worsen the situation by pushing the stain further into the fibers. In addition, the heat from the steamer will bond the odor and stains to the carpet. On the other hand, hot water extraction is better than steaming since it binds with the molecules making it easier for a paper towel to absorb.

14. Watch what your pets eat

Pet food is either dry or wet, but some can have artificial coloring. So, artificial coloring can create a terrible stain if your pet has an accident after eating. Instead, buy pet food that doesn't have artificial coloring, so you don't have trouble removing extra stains from the carpet or furniture.

15. Call a professional cleaner

Stain-cleaning products can only do their job so often before they stop working in the same areas. So if the stains aren't disappearing like they used to, call a professional carpet cleaner to deep clean your carpet and make it look brand new. They'll be able to get out every stain, even those that dried quickly and were difficult to remove.