Design Star Judge Vern Yip's Tip On Scale Will Make You Think Twice

When designing an interior space, there are plenty of things to consider such as the color of the walls or how well the rug works with the window coverings. It's essential to bring the space together in a cohesive, meaningful way. As noted by Mash Gallery, the room needs to have balance and each item needs to contribute to the overall harmony of the space. One component of that process is ensuring items are to scale, which refers to how the size and style of the furnishings work with the space.

Scale isn't just about ensuring everything is the same size, though. Rather, it's about making sure there's enough balance in the space to bring all items together in a cohesive way — however, this can be harder to do than many realize. Vern Yip, a judge on HGTV's Urban Oasis offers some tips on how to incorporate scale appropriately into your interior design. Yip recommends not to overcomplicate the process of designing your space and offers this one simple tip.

Pick the right items

Have you ever walked into a living room that has so much stuff that it feels overwhelming and cluttered? You may find yourself distracted by all of the colors and individual objects nestled together. It's easy for this to happen — people find things they love and bring them home. Yet, when it comes to interior design, try to focus on the right pieces.

Yip offers a simple for this, noting in a recent HGTV article that it's better to have just a single or a couple of unique items located in the right spots to draw in the eye. He recommends choosing just items that add to the style rather than having a larger collection of numerous pieces grouped together. Yip says, "I love bigger-scale pieces that have strength." In other words, having one or two pieces in a room that are beautiful, stunning even, can help to set the tone for the room. You don't have to have numerous smaller items on every surface that end up overwhelming the eye and brain. You can still decorate with a mixture of styles and make the space your own, but the right scale helps to create a space that is visually interesting and welcoming.