25 Bath Trays That Will Make Your Space Feel Like A Spa

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While a relaxing bath may seem like a well-deserved indulgence, science shows that a warm bath is also good for your health. Harvard Medical School has determined that balneotherapy (bath therapy) is helpful in reducing pain and keeping your heart healthy, via Harvard Health Publishing. A warm bath will also promote better circulation and soothe your nervous system, which can reduce stress, explains USA Today. It's good to know that what people have believed all along — that there's nothing better than a warm bath before bed — is now recommended by the medical community as a key to better health.

Australian singer-songwriter Kylie Minogue appreciates the benefit of relaxing in a warm bath, as she says, "I love to have a bath with beautiful, relaxing music on and have no rush to do anything. It's a wonderful indulgence, and it helps me to calm down and stop my mind running over time," per International Business Times. Designer Vera Wang makes it part of her daily routine. "My evening really begins when I take a long, hot bath...It's when I can breathe from the day to the night, and that means a lot to me." In order to receive all the benefits that a warm bath can provide, it's important to make this time as relaxing as possible. Consider adding one of these bath trays to your tub to make your bath time feel like you're relaxing in a spa.

Luxury bathtub caddy

This Luxury Bathtub Tray Caddy from Royal Craft Wood is made of bamboo and is available in three colors, natural, black, and white. The natural-colored tray is priced at $30. It is a simple and elegant tray, expandable, and fitted with a stand for a book or small tablet.

Chrome bathtub tray

The HOMEE Bathtub Tray is made of stainless steel with a gleaming chrome finish that will not rust. Available at $28.55, it has three compartments for bath supplies and a removable book stand. This tray is a nice alternative if you're not looking for a wood tray.

Corner bath caddy

The Olivia & Aiden Luxury Bathtub Caddy is made of bamboo with extendable steel arms. Available for $19.95, this caddy has an ergonomically-shaped tray that fits well across the corner of the tub. It has a spot for reading material, a candle, a glass of wine, a soap dish that drains, and even a detachable washcloth rack.

Luxury on a pedestal

This iPEGTOP Bathtub Caddy for $41.99 has a fun design that elevates the bath experience, literally. Two pedestals, located on either end of the tray, hold a candle and a glass of wine. The tray is made of stainless steel and has just the right space for reading material and essential bath products.

Black marble bath tray

This beautiful Nexus Black Marble Bath Caddy by CB2 is handmade in India of Marquina marble and is priced at $183.20. The white veining and tone of the marble are different for every piece, so each bath caddy is special. The mango wood on the back can be adjusted for a tight fit on the tub.

Organized bath caddy

Royal Craft Wood also makes this bamboo Luxury Bathtub Table Caddy for $37.72, with a variety of creative ways to organize the tray. There's a place for a phone, tablet, candle, wine glass, and even a small vase of flowers. It's available in a variety of colors to coordinate with your bathroom.

Clear and simple bath tray

The MUYEDRAIN Bathtub Tray is available in this transparent blue for $32.99. It's made of acrylic, which has the advantage of being water-resistant and easy to clean. Its transparency allows you to enjoy a view of the bubbles from every angle. 

Handcarved bath caddy

The exquisite Handcarved Lombok Bath Caddy from Anthropologie will add a touch of class to the bathtub. It is made of Acacia wood and is hand-stained in either white or navy. It is available for $109.95.

Charred teak bath tray

The Live Edge Charred Teak Bath Caddy from CB2 adds a beautiful and natural element to the bath experience. The black matte finish results from burning the wood, and the live edge and grain of the teak make each bath caddy unique. With adjustable tracking on the bottom, this piece is priced at $63.96.

Bamboo bath caddy

The Mind Reader Bamboo Bathtub Caddy is simple yet elegant and practical. Priced at a reasonable $19.95, it is smaller than other caddies and does not expand, but it could be a perfect way to organize shampoo, soap, a loofah, and other supplies to make a bath luxurious.

Lightweight elegance

Available for $109.99, this Bathtub Caddy with Handles by Zinging Life is a classic flat tray made of acrylic, with ornamental handles that are featured in gold or silver. Lightweight and easy to clean, it offers a wide surface that might appeal to individuals who prefer a tray without special compartments for all their bath accouterments.

White marble bath caddy

This pure slab of white marble is simple yet sophisticated. The White Marble Bath Caddy from CB2 is handmade in India with a unique tone and activity on each piece. It has mango wood backing that will create a custom fit for your tub. It's available for $199.00.

Bath caddy basket

The iDesign Bath Caddy Basket is made of steel and comes in a variety of finishes, including this Matte Black choice that sells for $19.34. This basket is perfect to hang on either the inside or outside of the tub, to keep items such as soap, bath salts, bubble bath, or even reading materials within easy reach.

Everlee bath caddy

The Everlee Bath Caddy from Anthropologie is a lovely bath tray made of wood with brass accents, such as the detailed leaf on the tray and the inquisitive bird on one of the brass handles. Available for $168.00, this tray is an exquisite addition to any bathroom.

Blackened oak bath tray

The Peg and Awl Tub Caddy is a generously-sized piece of rustic blackened oak that has been sourced responsibly from FSC-certified wood. It's large enough to hold a book and bath necessities, or it could be used as an attractive spot to store towels. It's available for $220.00.

Acacia wood tub tray

Reasonably priced at $32.00, this Haven Acacia Wood Tub Tray is a classic and stylish accompaniment to a bubble bath. With rounded edges and a spot for a book and a drink, this tray might be all you need to turn your bath into your own personal spa retreat.

Relaxing bath tray

This Relax Wood Bath Caddy from Hobby Lobby has relax written all over it, quite literally. The word is engraved in cursive onto the water-resistant dark brown wood, and its adjustable pegs help secure it to the tub. With its rounded edges and slot for a book, this caddy really does feel relaxing. It's available for $29.99.

Rustic teak tub caddy

The Luna Rustic Teak Tub Caddy from Magnus Home Products is a luxurious handmade tray that will add a touch of class to your tub. Available for $130.00, this teak caddy features two metal handles on the sides and adjustable stoppers beneath the tray to provide stability.

Maple wood tub tray

The Orsen Maple Wood Tub Caddy by Signature Hardware has a unique and elegant shape that is designed to drape over most freestanding tubs. The natural grain of the maple is highlighted by the dark stain, and the tray features two slots where a pair of wine glasses will fit perfectly. It is available for $224.10.

Bamboo and metal bath tray

Available for $60.00, the Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy from Umbra is made of water-resistant bamboo with adjustable metal arms. It has compartments for all the essentials for a relaxing bath: a soap dish, support for reading material, and a slot for a wine glass. It can be folded for storage.

Swiveling bath tray

Offering a different approach for your bath time presentation, the Swiveling Bath Tray from Acorn attaches to the outside of the tub with suction cups. It can rotate to a point within reach or be turned aside and out of the way. Available for $29.97, it's made of handsome bamboo and can hold up to five pounds.

French cane bath rack

The Dunelm French Cane Black Bath Rack brings a unique and stylish look to your bath. Made of Rattan and Paulownia wood, its compact size, and chic design will provide a handsome setting for all your bathing essentials. It's available for £16.

Cherry wood bath plank

This lovely Cherry Wood Bath Caddy from Simons is designed by Artisan Martine Lehoux and handcrafted in Austin, Texas. Each piece is unique and made with locally-sourced wood. It's fashioned with wood studs that can be attached underneath the caddy for a customized fit to your tub. It's available for $89.00.

Hinoki wood bath tray

This exquisite Hinoki Wood Bath Caddy from The Citizenry for $175.00 brings a new element of luxury to your bath. Made of hinoki cypress from central Japan, the wood releases a beautiful aroma when it becomes damp. Soft to the touch with rounded corners, it's produced in a fair trade working environment in Okawa, Japan.

Sage green bamboo bath rack

This lovely Sage Green Bamboo Bath Rack from Dunelm, made of water-resistant bamboo, will turn your bath into a soothing and relaxing experience. It's featured in a beautiful shade of green that reflects the sustainable method used to produce it. It's available for £10.