HGTV Star Leanne Ford's Creative Holiday Decor Ideas You'll Love

Decorating for the holidays is the best way to bring some festive cheer to your home. Everyone has their own style when it comes to decorating during the holiday season. Many people are inspired by their childhood homes and how parents and grandparents decorated them. Others find inspiration in more modern and recent trends. There is no one right way to decorate for the holidays, and experts like Mark Eliason say that homes should feel unique to the homeowner, especially when decorating for the holidays (via USA Today). Lots of lights on the tree and rich colors are a guaranteed way to create a picture-perfect design.

Leanne Ford from HGTV's "Restored by the Fords" has a signature style that combines natural elements with unique pieces filled with character. The designer would certainly agree about infusing your style into seasonal decorating. Many pieces in her Pennsylvania home are décor items she repurposed for the holiday season, per Country Living. Here are some of the ways Ford transforms her home for the holidays.

Get creative with greenery

Garlands and wreaths are a traditional option for holiday décor. The greenery adds a pop of color, especially in neutral interiors like Leanne Ford is known for. The leafy décor also offers plenty of texture and a touch of nature to your home. Though there are plenty in stores available to purchase, Ford likes to create her own wreaths or garlands for customized holiday pieces, as seen in her home tour with Goop.

Using items found at a craft store, you can create wreaths and garlands. Use a wireframe to build the foliage around for a wreath. They can be used from year to year, according to Gathered, so you'll be able to create a new design every holiday season. Similarly, you can use durable floral wire to create garlands. Pine cones, various leaves, and seed heads are some materials that add lots of texture. You can use live leaves or plastic ones to create your wreaths and garland. Add finishes like ribbon or ornaments for a festive touch.

Add lots of texture -- especially on the tree stand

The holiday season is all about getting cozy and comfortable. Add a cozy touch to your home by using plenty of texture. Chunky knits and wool are two of the most popular choices. Find these textiles in rugs or blankets to display around your home. But this is also a great opportunity to get creative with these decorative accents you probably already have.

Consider using an old knit blanket as your tree skirt, as Leanne Ford does in her home (via Country Living). This brings in plenty of coziness and can hide the boring Christmas tree stand. You may also consider using baskets, wooden boxes, or metal buckets to hide your tree stand, suggests Digs Digs. These also bring in a unique textural element and a bespoke design. Faux fur and snow are another way to celebrate the season. Burlap can be an option for a rustic interior, and you can never go wrong with a traditional tree skirt.

Cohesive color palette

Leanne Ford is known for her neutral palette of warm tans, browns, and creams. And there is a reason that many people opt for neutral interiors: the color palette is timeless. Even as trends change by season, neutrals will stand the test of time. And you'll be able to use the décor items from year to year and after the holiday season has ended. That's why Ford tells Country Living that she likes the maintain her color palette even during the holidays.

Of course, all-neutrals aren't for everyone, especially not during the holiday season. But you also have more options to choose from than the traditional green and red. In fact, you can make just about any color into a holiday color with the right décor. Adding earthy blues can bring a cool, relaxed feeling into your home interior, says Colors Explained. Soft pinks also pair well with warm neutrals and shades of green. Bring in neutrals like gold and silver to accent non-traditional colors.