3 Unexpected Colors To Use In Your Christmas Decor

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If you asked someone what the two main colors of Christmas are, they'd most likely reply without hesitation, red and green. There are mixed opinions about how these two colors came to represent the season, but most of the answers center around holly, Santa Claus, and religious connotations, per Reader's Digest.

However, while everyone associates Christmas with red and green, that doesn't mean you have to use these colors in your decor. You could incorporate some of your other favorite hues as well, or you could get rid of red and green altogether. According to Curbly, some might want to ditch these traditional colors because they don't match the rest of their home's decor. Additionally, unexpected colors could give your home a unique appearance that wows guests and makes the design more appealing to you. 

If you're feeling daring this year, below are three nontraditional colors you could incorporate into your decor this Christmas.

1. Delicate pink

To add a warm atmosphere to your home this holiday season, you could decorate with pink. Per Hello Lovely, the color pink brings to mind confections and the innocence of childhood. If this is the case for you, using pink in your Christmas decor could bring back some of the excitement you felt as a child during the season. 

While RB Italia favors a white Christmas tree decorated with pink ornaments, you could also opt for a pink artificial tree, if desired. To create a living room design that feels complete, you could pair pink ornaments with cozy stockings, white blankets, and gray accents. Or, you could mix pink with gold and silver, which would provide your space with a more regal and elegant feel, per Darling Darleen. To add texture to your tree, you could include pampas grass dyed a light pink shade or strands of ribbon. If you're looking for some pink decorations to add to your Christmas setup, Amazon and Target have lots of pieces to choose from.

2. Shades of blue

To create an icier and more sophisticated atmosphere, you could use blue in your Christmas decor. According to Living Letter Home, blue is an elegant color some believe represents generosity, making it perfect for the holiday season.

Navy paired with white and silver would provide a chic appearance, while light blue would bring a beachy feel, especially if mixed with coastal elements like jute and shells. To make your space feel cozier, you could mix blue with gray, per Kelly Page.

Or, as suggested by Jolly Festive, gold with navy would provide a striking and glamorous look. Additionally, this color combination could last longer than the Christmas season, as it provides more of a wintery feel. In fact, it could even double as New Year's decor. A large selection of blue tree ornaments can be found at Home Depot.

3. Pretty purple

Finally, you could incorporate purple into your Christmas decorations. According to Purpleologist, purple is a bold and elegant color that pairs well with gold and silver. Because it's known for being the color of royalty, it would give your design an expensive feel.

Like From House To Home, you could decorate your tree with purple and gold ornaments and then find other ways to weave in the color (and complementary colors) throughout the room to create a cohesive Christmas color theme. The DIY blog, for example, mixes in blue-gray ornaments and elegant golden ribbon, both of which also help to create dimension.

Interior Design Info recommends using two sizes of ribbon to adorn your tree, one that's thinner and one that's thicker, and creating a topper out of ribbon as well. Further, if you wrap your presents in purple paper and gold ribbon, it'll bring the whole look together. If you're looking for purple holiday decor, Lowe's has some unique ornament designs.