Castles You Can Rent On Airbnb To Live Your Royal Fantasy

From romantic to gothic, the castle has existed in fiction in so many different forms. We've come to associate them with monarchs — kings, queens, and their family trees. In an effort to mimic the aristocracy, some of us may have even tried to figure out how to decorate our homes like a castle, but that might not scratch the itch entirely.

Luckily, the opportunities to experience life on palatial grounds have become more accessible. According to Conde Nast Traveler, one town in Turkey attempted to create a village in which every resident had a castle, and while that didn't quite work out, there are so many stunning castles around the world for you to fawn over and even more for you to stay in. That's right! There are a plethora of magnificent places for you to experience, and we've pulled together some of our favorites. Here are all the castles you can rent for a week.

Sèvremont, Pays De La Loire, France

This historic French castle, known as the Chateau Des Poetes (or Castle of the Poets), has been a prominent piece of architecture in the Pays de La Loire region of Western France since the 13th century. With a whopping 15 hectares of ample vegetation surrounding this magnificent building, the castle can host up to 10 guests in five bedrooms. And beyond the regally-decorated walls of the bedrooms are numerous time-kept spaces, including an entertainment room with a grand piano, a library, a gothic fireplace, and a billiards table. Outside on the sprawling grounds, guests have access to a pond, a shared pool, a French garden, and even original castle ruins from centuries past. 

The castle functions as a bed and breakfast with different suites for guests to choose from — from medieval suites with ornate domed ceilings to more modern takes on the grand interiors of the High Middle Ages. 

Starting at $527 per night on Airbnb

Ovens, County Cork, Ireland

Farran House is nestled in the South of Ireland. This 18th-century castle boasts nine bedrooms, 13 beds, and seven bathrooms. The Italian-style chateau is known as a listed building — a building of historical significance protected by laws in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. 

In the case of the Farran House, what makes it unique, beyond its breathtaking structure, is its artistic prowess. With a collection that spans 30 years, this castle is home to some unique artworks from around the world. In addition, the court can host up to 16 people in a self-catered or catered capacity. The exterior boasts 12 acres of beech woodlands and meticulously cared-for gardens, which the guests can access. 

Farran House may be centuries old, but its amenities are as modern as they come. It includes Wi-Fi, an HD TV, a washer/dryer, dishwater, and much more. It also has the advantage of being close to the city center, where guests can explore what County Cork offers. 

Starting at $1,128 per night on Airbnb

Poggibonsi, Toscana, Italy

Nestled in the center of Tuscany, sandwiched between Siena and Florence, this magnificent structure was built in 998. With five bedrooms and seven baths, this is an excellent getaway for a group of friends. On the grounds of this historic chateau are a massive swimming pool, vineyards, and olive gardens, which litter the exterior spaces. Moreover, the castle features several terraces, one leading to its private church. This Poggibonsi castle offers so much for its guests to explore and discover.

Sitting atop a small hill, this 9th-century wonder offers panoramic views of the beloved city just below, where guests can venture for groceries, transport to neighboring towns, and mouth-watering restaurants featuring the best locally-sourced produce. There is a living room for larger parties that can accommodate up to 70 guests for cocktail receptions, multi-course dinners, and more. Divvied into four sections, this Toscana chateau features a tower with a bedroom that offers direct access to a large pool, the private church, the host's living quarters, and a ground floor where guests can host.

Starting at $1,108 per night on Airbnb

Kilcolgan, Galway, Ireland

A historic 11th-century castle surrounded by water, the Kilcolgan Castle is the pride and joy of Galway. Guests of the court enjoy full access to almost all the rooms on the grounds (except the hosts', of course). Sitting on nine acres of land, guests can enjoy a morning of fishing on the grounds, courtesy of the nearby pond. Birdwatching enthusiasts and newbies experience the magnificence of various species of wild birds native to the area without having to leave the property.

Also included in your stay is a historical tour of the castle, where you learn some amazing facts about your luxury home-away-from-home. Guests can use the kitchen and enjoy some literature in the library, home to several books from years passed that were lovingly preserved and restored (much like the castle, which was restored in the 18th century).

Starting at $536 per night on Airbnb.

Bad Hönningen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

The Arenfels Castle came to be some 800 years ago and has held its place as the beacon of Bad Hönningen in Germany. This location and the historic chateau are the stuff of dreams for guests of all kinds, with a particular attraction for nature lovers and hikers alike. They are flanked by acres of forests and vineyards, and near one of Europe's great rivers.

The available rooms are in the East Wing of the chateau and can sleep two. However, guests also have access to the living room, in which more beds can be placed to accommodate up to four extra guests. For nature lovers, Bad Hönningen is home to the beloved 320-kilometer-long Rheinsteig hiking trail. Navigating narrow paths and steep climbs, hikers are rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views that make this trail one of the most popular hikes in the area (per Rheinsteig).

Starting at $174 per night on Airbnb

Irasburg, Vermont, United States

When we think of castles, we often look to Europe (and fictional worlds based on European empires) for our dose of royal architecture. But there are some exciting and breathtaking structures in the United States. Perhaps one of the most modern castles on this list by a few centuries, this Bavarian-style castle built in 1996 sits on 20 acres of land in Irasburg, Vermont. It has six bedrooms and can accommodate up to six guests.

This property boasts a dizzying amount of amenities for guests to enjoy. From a spa whirlpool on the property to short walks to some of Vermont's most gorgeous lakes, such as Lake Willoughby and Crystal Lake, guests enjoy the serenity, majestic views, and even kayaking and canoeing, should they wish to.

Outside is a firepit where guests can relax and enjoy the fresh air and warmth, while inside features a games room where children and adults can enjoy various activities.

Starting at $734 per night on Airbnb

Portpatrick, Scotland, United Kingdom

With a whopping 25 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms, this decadent castle is the stuff of your Palace Party dreams! The Edwardian castle sits on 2,000 acres of land, which will be all yours for your stay. Live out your "Bridgerton" fantasies as you maneuver either the two mazes on the property or frolic along one of the three beaches to which guests will have direct access. Alternatively, we dare you not to chase one of the two waterfalls accessible on the property.

This castle is the perfect option for larger groups. The hosts offer an award-winning culinary experience for groups of up to 90 guests. Honoring past lodgers of the property, this Dunskey Castle features countless influences from its original inhabitant, Member of Parliament Charles Lindsay Orr Ewing, who was known to travel the world and bring back knick-knacks from each place he visited.

Starting at $1212 per night on Airbnb

Smirra, Marche, Italy

For those looking for a more modest experience, this 19th-century castle houses multiple apartments within the quaint town of Smirra — a population of approximately 298. Small as it may seem, Smirra is a great little town with access to several top sights, including the amusement park Parco Avventura del Furlo.

Inside this modest-sized chateau, guests have a choice between two apartments — the Green and Blue Suites. Both apartments are decorated to reflect the classic Italian style of decor. Guests have access to the darling garden with stone furniture, from which they can enjoy the tranquility only small towns can offer.

But wait, there's more! This property offers free parking for all guests and access to the swimming pool, which also provides gorgeous views of the town above and below. This is an excellent option for a couples' vacation. And pets are allowed!

Starting at $154 per night on Airbnb

Montreux, Vaud, Switzerland

Here is another cluster of apartments within a centuries-old castle in the gorgeous resort town of Montreux, flanked by the legendary Lake Geneva.  Guests at Chateau du Chatelard get to live their best medieval lives in one of the properties available to rent for long and short-term stays. With such proximity to the lake, sailing is a great activity for guests to take part in. Montreux is known as a place where you take your time, as per Chateau Chatelard.

In keeping with the leisurely breezy pace of the town, Montreux is also home to the much-talked-about Jazz Festival, which brings jazz lovers and artists to the small town every summer.  Guests get to kick their feet up and enjoy a relaxing stay within the stone walls of this 15th-century castle. Inside, the apartments are more significant than expected, with a tasteful intertwining of furnishings and decor inspired by the Middle Ages and more modern times. 

Starting at $183 per night on Airbnb.