The Best Airbnbs In Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy, has one of the most beautiful countryside in the entire world. According to Visit Tuscany, this idyllic Italian territory can be characterized by rolling green hills and vibrant vineyards. From the delectable and savory Italian cuisine to the local villages home to breathtaking stone villas, taking a trip to Tuscany should certainly be at the top of everyone's travel list.

While there are some amazing hotels and resorts throughout Tuscany, this vast territory is also scattered with some of the most special rentals. Renting an Airbnb allows you to have a true taste of the Tuscan lifestyle, providing you with an unforgettable experience worth more than even the most luxurious of hotel amenities. Whether you're looking for a lavish Italian villa complete with a garden and pool, or you prefer a more quaint and quiet cottage in the country, the possibilities are endless. That being said, we've rounded up some of the best Airbnbs in Tuscany so that you can start planning your dream vacation now!

Check out this stunning farmhouse in the hills of Tuscany

Take in stunning views of Florence from the Chianti Hills. According to Airbnb, this rental is located on the first floor of the main farmhouse on a massive property. This apartment has two bedrooms along with a living room and kitchen. Though you will be sharing the property with other renters and guests, this apartment has its own private entrance and garden. Take a dip in the pool that overlooks the valley, or enjoy a glass of wine at dinner under the classic gazebo.

There are several different seating areas outside, ensuring that you can spend as much time as possible taking in your stunning surroundings. Staying at this Airbnb also makes it easy to mingle and meet with other guests, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture and way of life. With two double beds in each bedroom, this apartment can fit up to four guests at a time comfortably.

This Tuscan country house is a dream

Per the Airbnb listing, this three-bedroom country house can accommodate up to five guests at a time in the Italian countryside. Located on top of the Chianti Hills, the views at this Airbnb are absolutely breathtaking. You can even see the bustling city of Florence from the property! The private apartment within the country house stands alone and has a private entrance and garden, giving you ample privacy and seclusion.

The renovated rental has updated appliances to make your stay as convenient as possible while still maintaining the traditional and historical charm that Tuscany is known for. In addition to your private patio, you can also enjoy the shared pool that has comfy lounge chairs next to a vibrant green lawn for the ultimate level of luxury. There is even a hot tub on-site for soaking under the Tuscan stars with a glass of local Chianti in hand.

Look at the gorgeous pool at this classic home

From the picturesque swimming pool to the idyllic Tuscan garden, this classic Italian farmhouse looks straight out of a dream. According to Airbnb, this eight-room house offers private suites for guests to call home while exploring Tuscany. Each room has its own private bathroom, TV, and AC unit, ensuring that your needs are met in this hotel-style accommodation. Some stunning architectural highlights include the exposed wood beams on the ceiling and the rustic stone walls.

Take a dip in the shared swimming pool during the day or walk the grounds and explore the very best of a Tuscan property at your own leisure. There is even an on-site restaurant that serves up traditional Italian fare and offers cooking classes for those looking to take some new skills back home. The hillside views are truly something out of a movie, and this charming bed and breakfast has truly mastered the art of curating an intimate and special experience in Tuscany.

Take a look a this unique Italian apartment

Are you looking for something unconventional? Per the Airbnb listing, this holiday home has a one-of-a-kind set-up that is sure to make an impression. The apartment resides in the former wine cellars of the villa, allowing you to make yourself at home in one of the most unique accommodations. The tan brick and stone walls surround you, and there are only a couple of windows that connect you to the outside world.

While some might find this rental to be a bit too claustrophobic, it is actually quite spacious and cool. Plus, a decent amount of light can find its way through the glass door, ensuring that your space doesn't feel too dark or dim. Outside, guests can enjoy breakfast at the small bistro table as they look out onto the rolling hills across the valley. There is also a large hot tub that is perfect for relaxing under starry nights with a glass of local wine.

Unwind in the middle of the Tuscan hills at this rental

According to the listing on Airbnb, this rental allows guests to immerse themselves in nature while still having prime access to Florence and other nearby Tuscan cities. The house itself is split into two different apartments, with each apartment having two bedrooms and two bathrooms. When renting this Airbnb, simply decide if you would prefer to be on the upper level or lower level during your stay.

In addition to a long and sleek lap pool, there are also several walking paths around the property, encouraging guests to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. The home's white exterior is very different from the more traditional properties in the area, and it definitely has a more contemporary twist. Snag a lounge chair under the vine-covered gazebo or make a lavish Italian meal under a red-brick ceiling in the chef's kitchen. If you are traveling with children, there is even a playground for extra entertainment.

Stay near Florence at this spacious country house

From stunning sunsets to idyllic dips in the pool, this country house truly has it all. According to Airbnb, this rental is only about five miles to Florence, giving you the perfect blend of seclusion and easy access to all that the city has to offer. Other major Tuscan cities like Pisa, Arezzo, and Lucca are only about an hour away, ensuring that you'll be free to explore as much as possible during your stay.

Spend your days lounging by the pool or reading a book in one of the covered lawn chairs. There are also several outdoor seating areas that you are free to enjoy while attempting to soak up the Tuscan sun. If you are an aspiring sommelier, be sure to check out the underground wine cellar for the ultimate experience. From the barrels to the actual wine-making machinery, this rental has so much more to offer than simple sleeping arrangements.

Enjoy vineyard views at this two-bedroom villa

Located in the Chianti hills, L'Aia di Mezzuola is a two-bedroom farmhouse that can accommodate up to five guests at a time. Per the Airbnb listing, this Italian farmhouse has been restored to offer the most comfortable and quaint of accommodations. The bright and airy interior has a traditional vibe with an upgraded elegance, making this rental a bit fancier than most classic Italian villas. If you stay in the primary bedroom, be sure to open up the French doors and let the fresh air in before starting each morning.

The bathrooms have also been renovated to feature more modern amenities such as tiled showers with glass doors and smart toilets. When it comes to the kitchen, the huge space invites you to get creative and explore recipes with local ingredients before enjoying your meal outside in the shaded dining area. There is also a plush cushioned couch under an umbrella, perfect for a quiet afternoon reading or chatting over cheese, bread, and wine.

Check out the beautiful Casa al Gianni

Casa al Gianni sits on a picturesque farm in the heart of Tuscany. According to Airbnb, guests can enjoy everything from seclusion in nature to fun encounters with the local farm animals here. The old-school Italian decor in the interior of Casa al Gianni creates a very cozy and authentic experience. At the same time, the scenic property adds a sense of luxury and lavishness to your trip.

Start each day with a cup of coffee at the outdoor bistro table as you look out onto the rolling green lawn and vibrant trees that surround the house. From pigs to goats, there are several furry friends running around that are delighted to meet new guests as you explore the grounds. If you're looking to learn some new skills, try your hand at making a homemade pizza in the outdoor pizza oven. While you will have access to a private outdoor dining area, the rest of the farm is shared, so don't be surprised if you make some new friends or meet other visitors during your stay.

This rental lets you experience a stay in an actual Italian castle

According to the Airbnb listing, this small castle right outside of Florence offers panoramic views of the city below. If you are a history buff, you will love the idea of staying in a refined Italian castle that still maintains its original charm and attention to detail. In fact, the castle's tower was built in 1146, and though it has since been updated, you can still feel the sense of nostalgia and history that lingers. The tower features two bedrooms which can house up to six guests at a time. However, there is only one bathroom to share between your group, so keep that in mind while planning.

Are you looking forward to some fun and local activities? Take part in a cooking class or wine tasting experience on-site as you learn more about this amazing castle's past. Thanks to its 360-degree view, the terrace is the perfect place to indulge in a nightcap as you look out into the surrounding city.

Take a dip in the private pool while staying in this guest suite

Ever wanted to experience having your own private pool? Per Airbnb, the Duomo suite is located right at the bottom of the famous cathedral in Florence, giving you access to all of the best restaurants, museums, and nightlife in the city. However, the highlight of this Airbnb is, without a doubt, the private, indoor pool that comes with the suite. It is even heated for optimal comfort, making this a pretty unbeatable amenity.

In addition to the plush bed and sitting area, the apartment also has a small kitchen area should you choose to cook at home during your stay. However, you'll probably decide to enjoy most of your meals around town since everything is within walking distance. In addition to being heated, the indoor pool also features a flowing waterfall that enhances the ambiance. Since this guest suite is definitely on the smaller side, it is best suited for a pair of two or a solo traveler.

How stunning is this hillside house?

According to the Airbnb listing, this hillside house sits in a refurbished medieval village, boasting a rich history and experience. The massive home is split into several apartments, though this rental has a private terrace where you can spend your mornings or evenings soaking up the peaceful nature of this property. The rooms have a very traditional Italian appeal, and the valley views pair perfectly with a bottle of vino.

The lawn is absolutely huge, so you will find that there is no shortage of places to explore. Some of the best amenities include the two on-site pools available for guest use. Though you may be tempted to spend the majority of your time at the villa, everything from Florence to Siena is just a short drive away. This Airbnb also offers a complimentary breakfast so that you can start your day off on the right foot before heading out and seeing all that this vibrant region has to offer.

Take a look at this original Tuscan farmhouse

If you are looking to take advantage of the peaceful and quiet side of Tuscany while still being close enough to explore the vibrant city of Florence, this farmhouse might be perfect for you. Per Airbnb, this three-bedroom rental has everything from a huge pool to an on-site vineyard in the most serene setting. The vineyard produces Chianti wine, meaning that you'll get to taste some of the freshest and most organic vino available.

Seven guests can stay at this rental at a time, ensuring that you can travel with a large family or group for the ultimate Italian getaway. The exposed beams and the stone walls are some of the most stunning features found in the interior. However, though this property has a traditional and somewhat timeless style, some modern accents and touches make it more upscale. Best of all, there is so much to explore on the grounds, from the gardens to the farm animals.

Enjoy a stay at this authentic Italian villa

According to the listing on Airbnb, guests of Mulinmaria can enjoy endless views of Valdichiana valley that are breathtaking. The four-bedroom villa is a spacious accommodation that can house up to seven guests at a time, making this a great rental for larger groups traveling together. Dine near the fireplace in the kitchen each morning or head outside and take in the views with a cup of coffee in hand. When it comes to the bedrooms, each room has its own traditional style and charm, and the exposed brick walls and stone archways are truly transportive.

Other amazing amenities include the abundant olive groves and gardens surrounding the property. The outdoor patio is perfect for hosting a dinner at sunset, and you'll definitely want to do some stargazing in the evenings. There is even a hammock located between two trees that sets the scene for a relaxing afternoon with a good book under the Tuscan sun.

Rest and restore at this country cottage

This stone cottage boasts a truly authentic experience in Tuscany. According to Airbnb, though this rental only has one full bedroom, it can accommodate up to five guests thanks to the large pull-out sofa bed. The vaulted ceilings and tiled floors really set the scene with a simple yet elegant style. One of the craziest and coolest features of the house is the wood-burning fireplace in the living room. Post up with a glass of Italian wine as you watch a movie and unwind after a busy day of exploring. 

Outside, guests will find a small dining table on the patio where they can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There is also another outdoor dining area beneath a beautiful gazebo, creating a magical environment where you can truly immerse yourself in the Tuscan lifestyle. If you find yourself staying for an extended period of time, there is also an on-site washer and dryer.