40 Maximalist Bedrooms That Prove More Is Indeed More

We know you've heard of various interior styles, such as modern, farmhouse, chic shabby, and minimalism, so you must've heard of a maximalist interior. It's the rebellious middle child, the kid who thinks they're too cool for school, the rule breakers of the group. However, if you haven't heard of a maximalist interior, here's what you need to know. Essentially it's the opposite of a minimalist interior, so it incorporates lots of bright colors, fun patterns, printed wallpaper, and a mix of old and new items that work together cohesively. According to Vevano Home, the vivid colors, vibrant designs, prints, and textured décor make your home feel cozy and safe.

Sometimes we think maximalism can be too much clutter, but that's if unnecessary items are thrown together rather than pairing specific items together. Organized clutter is the idea you want to have in mind. Living Etc suggests displaying embellishments tailored to your personality and style, even if it means layering multiple textures and patterns. Choose décor that speaks to you and will blend flawlessly together. We know it can be complicated to find the right way to style your bedroom in a maximalist style, so we rounded up 40 different rooms to give you some inspiration on the type of wall art, lamps, bedding, or wallpaper to use.

1. Geometric patterns

Choose an exciting geometric patterned bedding to find décor that easily matches. This bedroom's chevron bedding and triangular print pillowcases contrast each other. The décor is a mix of bright and neutral, and the yellow light fixture and chair pop against wood tones.

2. Red and turquoise interior

Maximalism is all about bold and vibrant colors; this bedroom has red and turquoise tones that stand out. The multi-colored bedding adds a fun pattern to the room, but there could be more. The one art piece is an excellent start to an entire gallery wall that flourishes in different hues.

3. Triangular patterns

Patterns play a massive role in maximalism. There are hanging light fixtures, a shelving unit, a diamond-themed dresser, and a lively geometric wall design. So when we mentioned a flow of pattern, this bedroom knew what we were talking about. The triangular and diamond shapes blend with their sharp angles, adding a striking look to the space.

4. Wall decor

To maximize the room, take advantage of every corner and utilize the walls for décor. This bedroom has a simple color palette, but various furniture and wall items that add character. The blank canvases, diamond décor, and gold shelving unit are placed strategically on the wall to look well-balanced.

5. Orange interior

Take your room to the next level orange tones and a touch of pink like this bedroom. The pink curtains, sheets, and wallpaper contrast the room, while the wood furniture creates a warm environment. If you're starting from the beginning, think about the colors you want to be featured in your room first.

6. Paint the ceiling pink

There are no limitations to the maximalism world, so if you question whether you should do something, do it. For example, painting the ceiling isn't unordinary, but it's also something that isn't usually done in a modern bedroom. So take your wall color to the ceiling like this bedroom, and add attractive light fixtures to spruce up the place.

7. Patterned flooring

An attractive floor makes an exciting and maximalist room. This bedroom has a stunning pink and green spherical patterned floor that matches the rest of the interior. The circles are stacked on top of each other, giving the illusion that they're floating. The shelving units are abstract adding texture to the wall.

8. Include a velvet headboard

Spruce up your resting area with a velvet headboard that matches your room's theme. It's the perfect addition to a maximalist bedroom, especially when paired with big fluffy pillows and a thick throw blanket. This bedroom is tidier with minimal décor, but the velvet arched headboard is luxurious and a good start to maximalism.

9. More and more cushions

Decorative pillows are great for stacking on your bed or relaxing chair. There are various ways to style cushions in your room, such as combining different colors or buying a few made of different fabrics. This bedroom has four sleeping pillows, a long body pillow, and a few velvet cushions.

10. Use animal print

Using animal prints or stuffed animals for a kid's bedroom is excellent for a maximalist design. This bedroom has different stuffed animals, statues, and an animal-themed rug that makes the room look lively. Hanging clouds and moon décor on the wall adds texture to the room, while the built-in wall shelving units add depth.

11. Create an accent wall with wallpaper

Dress up your maximalist bedroom with wacky wallpaper that stands out, like this purple-printed wallpaper. It adds interest by the window and brightens up the area. The various décor, like the lamp, vase, and bedding, create a cohesive look, and the different shapes and patterns work as a recurring thread that maximalism needs.

12. Pay attention to details

The small things work together in a max style to bring the big picture to life. Colors and patterns need to be similar to allow the space to flow. For example, the pink wall with green scalloped trim in the bedroom matches the bedding, book cart, plants, and wall art.

13. Opt for spirited and moody colors

While maximalism is all about bright, vibrant colors, you can use darker and moodier colors like this bedroom. The dark green floral wallpaper and blue patterned throw create a relaxing spot. Plus, it follows the maximalist style, especially with cozy multi-colored furniture.

14. Balance neon with dark tones

Neon elements in a bedroom can sometimes overwhelm the space, but pairing them with dark tones balances out the colors. This bedroom has neon bedding and teal wall with various vibrant art décor that matches the bedding and cushions. It takes maximalism to a whole new level that works perfectly.

15. Somber maximalist bedroom

If you enjoy a vintage style but also want to incorporate maximalism, add classic décors, such as art walls, pillows, or gold accents. This bedroom is an excellent example of a vintage maximalist interior, with the pink and gold wall adorned with multiple framed art pieces, a black steel headboard, and floral print bedding.

16. Carefully mix patterns

Go with both patterned flooring and a wall if you're indecisive. The blue floral wallpaper in this bedroom surprisingly works well with the black and white flooring due to the lighter colors used throughout the room. Pink bedding against an amber velvet headboard surrounded by pink hues balances out the patterns.

17. Add an attractive rug

This soft and dreamy bedroom is filled with eye-catching elements, such as pink bedding with multiple stylish pillows, abstract art, a touch of teal on the wall, and a striking rug. Sometimes all you need is a compelling rug to tie everything together. There are different types of rugs you can choose for your maximalist interior.

18. Wallpaper the ceiling

We talked about how stretching the paint colors from your walls to your ceiling adds to the maximalist effect, but so does wallpaper on your ceiling. The floral wallpaper in this bedroom is rich and luxurious, putting a new twist on a chic country interior. The teal curtains and bedding add contrast to the brighter blue tones.

19. Eccentric maximalist bedroom

Take a gutsy step with animal prints like this bedroom does with a zebra print seating bench, and the lipstick gives it a nice touch. It's daring, along with the red lip art print hung on the wall. The various colors and patterns work together to create an eccentric maximalist bedroom everyone needs.

20. Bring on the knick-knacks

The things that make a maximalist interior are all the witty knick-knacks you can find that make you smile. They don't have to have a purpose except to be bright, flashy, and unusual. So this bedroom is filled with various random doodads, such as bird-themed décor and ceramic items.

21. Use wallpaper throughout the entire room

Accent wallpaper walls are great if you want to include other vibrant colors, but choosing wallpaper that's eye-catching and soft on the eyes is difficult. This stunning multi-hued wallpaper has pink, white, blue, and green tones that complement the bedding, pink trim, and curtains. All that's needed are lots of funky décor.

22. Paint abstract blobs

Get in touch with your creative side and paint a few blobs on the wall instead of using wallpaper or painting walls a single color. It'll add interest and personality to the room. For example, this bedroom has three big abstract circles painted in different colors that match the neutral tones in the room.

23. Add stained glass art

Stained glass art pieces make perfect maximalist décor since they're filled with various colors and patterns. In addition, they are made in multiple sizes and shapes, so you can play around with the placement. For example, this bedroom has a beautiful stained glass mirror by the bed, complementing the rest of the embellishments.

24. Hang vines and mushrooms

Since the texture is a part of the max style, find different ways to bring your favorite statement pieces to life. Hanging vines in every corner of your room will make the space feel cozy and inviting. Mushroom paper lanterns with vines hang from the ceiling, making it feel like a fairy-filled forest.

25. Add furniture pieces

If your room is expansive and you're unsure what to fill it with, add a couple of furniture pieces. This bedroom has a beautiful maroon velvet couch and a pink upholstered couch adorned with velvet pillows. The couches make the room look comfortable without it looking too cluttered.

26. Add numerous plants

Plants make the world better, which can make your room better. Not only do they let you sleep better and help reduce stress, but they also add life, color, and layers to a space. Place a few on a shelf or in the corner of your room to brighten up darker areas.

27. Incorporate vintage pieces

Maximalism is so versatile that you can combine it with other interior styles to elevate the look of your bedroom. For example, add hints of vintage pieces, like an antique dresser or armchair, for some flair. This bedroom has a beautiful turquoise nightstand that adds charm next to the bed.

28. Create a gallery wall

Design your museum with an art gallery wall comprising various painted portraits you've made or have drifted. Mix different-sized pieces and hang them from the floor to the ceiling. Maximalism is where you can get away with not leveling art, so go wild.

29. Categorize colors

Maximalism is an abundance of colors everywhere, but if you prefer your bedroom to look more organized, try categorizing your colors, like this bedroom. The blue tones reside on the wall, while the pink takes place only in the middle of the room. Gold décor is used in the corners adding contrast to the blue walls.

30. Soft maximalism

You don't need endless knick-knacks around the room or multiple colors for your bedroom to be considered maximalist. If you enjoy softer colors and limited décor, opt for a fun patterned duvet in pastel pink or embellishments, such as a snow globe or textured candles, for a soft look.

31. Add more florals

Maximize your bedroom with themes that are already included. For example, this bedroom has delicate floral wallpaper and pink checkered bedding; adding extra florals with faux flowers and a framed print stretches the theme from the wall to the nightstand. Pick one item that can be multiplied differently to enhance the motif.

32. Paint a mural

Instead of painting random shapes, try painting your mural or have an artistic friend paint one. This striking floral mural on the black wall pops out in the bedroom and complements the rest of the bright colors.

33. Include an accent wall

Accent walls are a great way to break up a room and highlight specific points. For example, the back wall with wallpaper and solid blue adds warmth to the place behind the pink velvet bed. Painting the rest of the walls a lighter shade, such as light blue, allows a nice flow.

34. Add an arch

Arches add architectural interest to any room, whether a living room, kitchen, or bedroom. There are different ways to style an arch, and this room included shelving units to store extra décor and stuffed animals.

35. Scallops everywhere

We mentioned wallpapering every single wall, but sometimes a loud and prominent pattern like scallops can stand out on one wall. The black and white scallop wallpaper is bold and trippy behind the dresser. Matching the wallpaper with a similar pattern rug would make the entire room look eccentric.

36. Layer textures

When you have too many patterns you want to use, try layering them over each other to spread them out and pair them with a few solid colors. We love this daring double leopard bedroom, and the velvet green bed frame and lime-colored blanket are perfect as pops of color.

37. Neon accents

Your entire bedroom doesn't have to be covered in bright tones or store various trinkets; it can be a simple style and carry a few neon accents. For example, this bedroom boasts neutral gloomy tones but has an orange comforter that stands out in the dark interior. Other neon accents could be curtains or cushions.

38. Display your books

We know you have a stash of books in the corner of your room you keep putting on hold. Instead of letting them take up space on the floor, store them in a bookcase behind your bed. Keeping your books close by makes it easier to grab them when needed while also making a great statement piece.

39. Hang a tapestry

If you enjoy redecorating certain corners in your room, there are alternative options to wallpaper, such as beautiful tapestries you can hang behind your bed. They're made in different patterns and colors that can add fantastic texture to your space. This floral tapestry makes a great focal point in the bedroom and matches the other tones used.

40. Add multiple lamps

If you're running out of ways to maximize your room, try incorporating more funky-styled lamps. Where a classic interior would have matching lamps, a maximalist bedroom is all about mismatching and being bold. This pink candlestick lamp adds texture to the pattern on the pattern theme.