5 Injury-Proof Coffee Tables Perfect For Your Family Room

How many times has someone in your family accidentally rammed a toe or a knee into the leg or corner of a coffee table? The ensuing pain is enough to make adults curse a blue streak and children cry their precious little eyes out, not to mention the bumps and bruises that come after. Playful pets don't like whacking into those sharp corners either. What families long for is a living room that feels like a safe haven where they can take refuge after busy days to enjoy a little fun and relaxation, not a room full of accidents waiting to happen. 

For home decorators wanting the convenience of incorporating a coffee table into a family room without having to post hazard warnings, there's hope. As My Domaine notes, you can pick an option that is family friendly while meeting all the needs of your household from portability to standing up to daily wear and tear. Take a look at several stylish, corner-free ideas here, and start planning your escape from family room angst.

The round coffee table

Choosing the right coffee table, as mentioned by TLC Interiors, starts with considering the size of your family room and how the space is utilized. Round tables are a great addition to rooms where people are moving in and out frequently or where small children are regularly playing. The round shape eliminates all sharp corners, making these coffee tables safer for babies and toddlers who might accidentally hit their foreheads. They're also a dream when it comes to protecting the shins of everyone else in the family. 

Round coffee table styles are abundant these days and that's good news for families wishing to choose from a variety of options. From those made of wood to very durable acrylics, there are choices to complement every type of décor. A round table is a good candidate for small spaces, too. It will be easy to navigate when getting up and down in tight seating areas and can be tucked in a corner if you need to clear space for a party.

The ottoman as a coffee table

If your family members really like to get comfy and put their feet up, an ottoman may make the most sense for your household. These upholstered beauties not only offer a place to rest weary feet, they can be used for additional seating during large family gatherings or parties. Simply add a tray and your ottoman can function as a tabletop to hold cups and other necessities, or to display room-defining décor. 

As suggested by Lauren Loves, with a little bit of effort you can find the perfect ottoman to fit your style. The lifestyle blogger suggests exploring models with legs and bases made of varied materials like wood and rattan. You can even consider a square ottoman as long as the corners are adequately cushioned, whether they are upholstered with fabric or leather. Thinking about how long you want the piece of furniture to last is another thing to keep in mind since fabrics won't be as durable as leather. 

Selecting a storage ottoman

Another variation that proves to be useful and safe as a coffee table for family rooms is the storage ottoman. These are hinged so that the top cushion can be raised for stowing throw blankets, games, pet toys, and the like. You can find storage ottomans that are upholstered with fabric, natural leathers including suede, or faux leather, the latter of which might be easiest to keep clean.

When picking the perfect storage ottoman, Simply Storing suggests considering whether round or rectangular models would be a better fit within the layout of your space. The overall size plays a part in choosing the best option to use as a coffee table as well. For example, a bigger rectangle might work better with sectional seating or twin sofas in a larger room while a round storage ottoman is good for smaller rooms. An ottoman in a bold hue or jaunty pattern adds color and texture to a family room in an effortless and affordable way. 

Oval coffee tables

If you like the traditional styling and versatility of longer coffee tables, the oval makes a great shape option. You still get the surface area needed for playing board games or laying out a spread of movie snacks, but without the pointy hazards found in their rectangular cousins. As shown here, varying heights are also available to suit the needs of your family and to fit your specific space.

Choosing the right material is also important for family-friendly living, advises Kaitlin Madden. For instance, avoiding glass will go a long way to keep dangerous accidents at bay in areas where lots of play is taking place. Marble is not good for areas where spills may occur and linger, so that's usually a consideration for families, too. Think about how tables with angled legs might become a tripping hazard, especially for toddlers or older adults, when choosing the perfect coffee table for your family room as well. 

Stylish family friendly coffee tables

Oh, I Design Studio suggests swapping out your old coffee table rather than trying to kid-proof an existing one. Finding materials that wear well on structures with rounded edges is the key aspect to consider; trying to add storage capacity makes sense, too. Even so, the importance of style remains high on the list when it comes to choosing a practical coffee table, so be sure not to overlook all the unique options that may fit the bill.

For instance, pedestal coffee tables like the one shown here offer a modern twist to a traditional piece of furniture. Pedestal coffee tables come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Oh, I Design Studio also likes coffee tables with removable tops as alternatives for storage and hiding family room clutter. These range from lightweight round rattan models with removable plastic lids to wooden tables with tray tops that lift right off. Both should prove useful and easy to clean.