These Spooky Addamscore Decor Ideas Will Let You Channel Your Inner Wednesday All Year Long

If you loved the new Addams family spinoff "Wednesday Addams," you're not alone. For years, people have loved the spooky family that lives a glamorous but gothic lifestyle filled with Victorian treasures, hidden rooms, morbid but quippy comments, and of course, black. Every shade of inky onyx, coal, noir — it all features heavily in the original Addams Family shows, movies, and now Wednesday on Netflix. While her wardrobe is certainly enviable (and chic), it's the Addamscore trends featured that's really got people talking. According to CBR, the lasting saga had managed to hold on decade after decade, largely due to how ahead it was when it first came on the air. Now, with more spinoffs coming into play, it is only fitting that people can pull inspiration from this modern, spooky, and fashionable family.

Introducing this rich and iconic design theme into your home is fairly simple, but it does require a certain level of commitment. While moody aesthetics are certainly trending, Addamscore requires a little bit more creativity. Think well-placed antique sculptures and ornaments, Victorian heirlooms, and all things Edgar Allen Poe would sell if he'd had an Etsy. But, as Wednesday might say: the darker the décor, the more content the soul. So, with that in mind, here's everything you need for a truly Addams-inspired abode.

1. Woeful wallpaper

In Netflix's Wednesday, she scorns bright, colorful décor and opts for deep, inky hues. Shades of black and purple have been featured throughout the entire Addams family saga, which is why this Burke Decor wallpaper ($10 for a sample square) is the ideal addition to your crypt... or home's walls.

2. Helping hands

Have you always wanted a 5-digit accomplice that doubles as a pet? Even if the answer is no, there's no denying this ring holder from Urban Outfitters is terribly handy for holding your precious heirlooms. Pick from several designs for $24.

3. Pinstripe pillows

Whether you're channeling Gomez's suit or Wednesday's Nevermore uniform, incorporating pinstripes into your Addamscore décor is imperative. The classic black and white combination brings a gothic air while still offering an easy matching platform. Try this Macy's Ajo Throw Pillow for $39.99.

4. Tasteful typewriter

It doesn't matter if you're an aspiring writer or simply enjoy stylish antiques — adding a typewriter to your décor will instantly implement a Wednesday Addams vibe in the room it occupies. You can find this vintage typewriter and others like it on Etsy (for $395), or buy a print of one for your wall to save some money.

5. Clever candelabra

Nothing fits quite as well with spooky surroundings and an eerie aesthetic than candles. More importantly, having Victorian-looking candelabra or single candle holders will ensure the mood is set to a seance scheme. Check out Wayfair's Metal Candelabra for $55.99, or buy a few to keep the shadows at bay.

6. Gilded mirror

The Addams are known for their rich Victorian gothic themes, and no luxury haunt is complete without a gilded mirror. You can use this Delacora mirror for $292.40 to admire yourself or commune with the other side — either way, it will surely be the "life" of any party.

7. Heart full of woe

Edgar Allen Poe was a popular topic in the recent Netflix show Wednesday, and it would only make sense to incorporate a heart bust into your Addamscore trend. This Shein version can be used for an assortment of purposes, and for only $14.40, it might make sense to buy one for every room (black roses optional).

8. Dark dimensions

No gothic dream house should lack depth or dimension. Investing in tiles or ceiling panels like these American Tin Ceilings options will create volume and facets in any space you'll add them to. For $16 a tile, you can either opt for a smaller area to incorporate them in or splash out on a living or dining space.

9. To die for dining

Hosting the living (or the dead) is just another role for the Addams family, and it goes without saying that this trend must have a gothic-inspired dining room set to entertain with. Sierra Living Concepts has the ideal setup for $7,149, which can sit an entire family, including the extended members.

10. Forbidden flowers

Not every room, wall, or furnishing has to be sheathed in black. If you still want to introduce color into your Victorian gothic abode, look for patterns that depict florals and birds, like this Spoonflower fabric wallpaper for $21.30 a yard. The bold reds and golds still create a mysterious aesthetic but also brighten up a darker space.

11. Spooky scents

Your Addamscore aesthetic should rely on more than just throw pillows and wallpaper — the scent you choose will ultimately transport people into the mindset of the trend. This $29 Morticia candle from Bijou includes notes of peony and rose petals, a classic nod to Wednesday's stylish and chic mother.

12. Perilous portraits

An Addamscore trend is nothing without strange and spooky paintings, and you should consider adding a few throughout living spaces and guest rooms. The creepier, the better, and Victorian or gothic-inspired art like this will pull all the other décor together. Snag this piece from Etsy for $38.40.