Accessories You'd Need In A Bedroom Fit For Sleeping Beauty

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The "princess" bedroom aesthetic is perhaps one of the most popular requests, and there are so many classy ways to incorporate Disney into your home decor. While many princesses immediately come to mind, the underdog of the ballot, and yet one character whose home aesthetic is worth coveting, is Sleeping Beauty. She may not be known for much beyond her slumber, but Disney's Princess Aurora made that simple act iconic, even over five decades later.

With two separate bedrooms to pick from, the narcoleptic noblewoman offers more themes than she's given credit for. In the beginning, there was the rustic look — cottagecore, if you will. This is for those who love more of a lived-in space. There are many colors to decorate with for a cottagecore aesthetic and even more accessories to elevate your chosen theme.

On the other side of the fray is Sleeping Beauty's palatial bedroom at the tower's highest point, which boasts a great deal of space but not a lot of warmth. So why not combine this princess' two worlds to create the ultimate bedroom fit for Sleeping Beauty? Here's how.

Add some mood lighting

Light and color play essential roles in the world of Disney, specifically in the world of "Sleeping Beauty." When the room darkens and the green vapors emerge, we instantly know that the evil witch, Maleficent, is lurking. Similarly, blues and reds tell us the story of Rose-slash-Aurora's bedrooms. With mood lighting, you can switch between these and many other colors to closely reflect your mood and energy, as Sleeping Beauty did.

Chromatherapy — the use of color as therapy — uses the full spectrum of color to cure various physical and mental illnesses, as per the National Library of Medicine. Each color offers a different kind of support. For example, although dark green in Aurora's world is associated with the envy of the wicked witch, green in chromatherapy mimics nature and can bring a sense of serenity to your room (via Clarion Bathware). Create your own therapeutic space with these LED color-changing light bulbs from Amazon

Keep your wood distressed

One of the critical elements in achieving the best of Sleeping Beauty's two worlds is to ensure that you include rustic elements in the overall look. When the three good fairies take her in, Rose's bedroom is a rustic lover's dream. It's filled to the brim with reclaimed wood and warm tones. The space may be small, but the beauty of its layout and furnishings is that there is so much that can be done to the area without overcrowding. 

One way to include wooden elements in your space is through accessories such as these wooden shelf brackets from Etsy. They are inconspicuous and won't overpower a small bedroom, yet they are unique enough to stand out. Another way to incorporate this key design component is by going down the road less traveled — wooden vases. As seen in Aurora's cottagecore bedroom, vases are displayed on the window sill. Though the material isn't wood itself, wooden vases are an exciting interpretation of this home staple. This cluster from Wayfair can be used as standalone ornaments or as single-flower holders. 

Utilize warm tones and deep hues

In her cottage home and the tower where she slumbers against her will, Sleeping Beauty appears to have a great fondness for blues, reds, and their love child, purple. Infuse the colors into your bedroom furnishings. These colors match the wintry months, so do not shy away. 

Despite green being Maleficent's identifier in this beloved animation, research shows that one of the most popular colors in the world is a shade known as Marrs Green (via World's Favourite Colour). These deeper blue, red, and purple hues aid in creating a space of warmth, relaxation, and calm. In fact, in 2019, the University of Sussex and G.F Smith — a paper company — conducted a multi-country survey, revealing navy blue to be the people's choice for the most relaxing color (via Frieze). It would seem the set designers for Sleep Beauty were ahead of the curve. Try these dark blue silk sheets from Ettitude for a relaxing journey into slumberland. 

Have a 'magic mirror' on the wall

Sure, the quote, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" is from a different Disney animation in which an evil witch is envious of a young girl's beauty, but is there a classic Disney princess who doesn't have a mirror moment?

For a splash of pizzazz, why not accentuate your room with a standing mirror? The more dramatic, the better. This palace-inspired piece from Wayfair transcends Disney stories but feels right at home in any princess-inspired room. A large mirror in your bedroom can make your space look much bigger. According to interior designer Andrea West, the bigger the mirror, the more you can stretch your area (via The Washington Post). Plus, a mirror can be a great way to bring more light into your space if you've got a generally dark room. Positioning your mirror directly facing your crucial natural light source is a great way to brighten your space.

Add prints on the floor

Whether you decide on checkered floor tiles like the tower bedroom or woven rugs as in the cottage, don't neglect your floors when creating a Sleeping Beauty-inspired bedroom. An area rug is a great way to add art to your space without overpowering your room. However, make sure you're picking the right kind of rug to complement your bedroom's overall energy and aesthetic. Two rules of thumb, which Princess Aurora-slash-Rose expertly executes in her cottage bedroom, are ensuring that the rug doesn't overshadow the bed and giving the carpet about 18 to 24 inches of space around the bed, as per

If your room isn't too busy, a more elaborate option is to cover the space with vinyl tiles a la Sleeping Beauty's tower bedroom. This is a much less demanding approach than tiling your floor, as vinyl tiles are stickers you can safely place on your existing flooring (which helps you avoid an angry letter from your landlord). These starlight tiles from Wayfair are an excellent option, but as always, go with your gut and taste.

Use pillar candles to illuminate your space

A cluster of candles is a beautiful way to pay homage to the classic Disney cartoon, which often eschewed modern electricity for ye olde candelabras. Believe it or not, candles are more than just an expression of taste in scent and aesthetics. They boast numerous mental health benefits. For one thing, the light from a candle is believed to be a great alternative to the blue glow from your phone. Furthermore, scented candles offer aromas that can help to quiet the mind, providing respite from our daily hustle, which can often leave us overstimulated by the end of the day.

These handmade pillar candles from Etsy mimic the tranquility often associated with cathedrals. Bring some minimalist to the fold with a cluster of pillar candles. Arrange them in a way that draws focus to them and away from other focal points to expand the space a bit. 

Add some wicker to the mix

Rattan furniture is often associated with outdoor furniture, but there are some exciting ways to infuse it into your bedroom, and our titular sleeping princess shows us one such way. In the corner of her cottage bedroom is a wicker basket. In your interpretation, there are plenty of options for how best to accessorize with wicker.

One of the significant advantages of wicker accessories is that they last and are straightforward to clean. All you need to do is wipe them down with a cloth. You can go big with a wicker headboard, which offers your bedroom a bohemian aesthetic without overshadowing the space. Another option is to use wicker baskets for your laundry or to hold some of your literature. Another interesting approach, especially if you dream about a beachside retreat but don't often get to the seaside, is to opt for wicker lamp shades for your lamps. Try this bamboo woven lampshade from Etsy

Incorporate deliberate draping

Drapery is huge in the faraway world of "Sleeping Beauty." Velvet flanks the cottage bedroom's four poster beds, adding layers and textures. While these are essential in that world, you do not have to go thick to drape. Instead, go for lighter fabrics. 

In her cottage bedroom, away from the fanciness of the castle, Princess Aurora still brings a bit of luxury to her space thanks to the drapes that adorn her bed. The tower bedroom goes one step further by placing a curtain along the four-poster, which can be fully closed for added privacy. But that might be a tad too dramatic for your space. Luckily, valances aren't only for your bed; you can add a flare of royalty to your bedroom by hanging valances on your window. 

With this, less is more. You do not need to go whole velvet to add a flare of luxury to your bedroom. A great thing about adding a valance to your window is that it does not block out any of the light. Furthermore, it's a genius way to cover up unsightly curtain rods. If you're still trying to figure out the best approach, don't fret. There are so many ways to decorate with popular curtain styles.