5 Classy Ways To Incorporate Disney Into Your Home Decor

Have you ever desired to wake up in a home reminiscent of the happiest place on earth? Even adults can bring some Disney magic into their interior decorating, and it need not be by way of having movie posters, character blankets, or theme park toys scattered about.

There's no need to go all-out and make every corner of your house a tribute to the Disney brand like these Florida homeowners did, as described in People magazine. Incorporating a little (or even a lot) of the Disney essence into your home décor can be done by embracing the bold elements of one theme or the subtle undercurrents of another. It might be the style of home Snow White stumbled upon deep in the woods that sets your heart aflutter. Or you might seek the dramatic, eye-popping colors that made your favorite movie jump off the screen with unforgettable characters and images like Maleficent and Cruella de Vil.

Whether you Disney-fy your home through the use of color, decorative pieces, architectural elements, or furnishings, bringing some of Walt Disney's genius into your home is sure to help you find your happy place without ever needing to step out your front door.

Escape to your own little cottage

Inspire your home décor where Disney's classic animated feature films began: with "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." No, that doesn't mean you'll need to move into an English Cotswold-style cottage in the woods. You can, however, decorate your home like an English cottage. Looking for inspiration? Detailed by Atlas Obscura, these adorable domiciles probably inspired the genius minds at Disney who worked on "Snow White" only a few blocks away.

You may already live in a cute little place that's the envy of Old World dwarfs, but if not, look to add a few elements and furnishings into your space. For instance, pay special attention to small details such as doorknobs and hinges. Replacing them with antique or rustic pieces can help to add the authentic cottage look that you're seeking, as can incorporating vintage wall sconces, lots of books (the kind without contemporary book jackets add a nice touch), and textured blankets and throw pillows.

Find a swimmingly good nursery aesthetic

More and more parents-to-be are opting to paint their baby's room in a neutral color to avoid gendered color motifs. Another option is to keep the room decorated in ways that transcend gender altogether.

There's no need to go off the deep end when trying to find the right theme for your nursery. Whether your favorite Disney movie is "Finding Nemo," "The Little Mermaid," or "Moana," incorporating ocean vibes into the design of a baby's room is usually beneficial. According to Foyr, the use of aquatic blue shades is not only incredibly calming but has a healing effect, making them great for growing babies.

Try going above and beyond by sponge painting the walls using several calming colors so that they take on the multi-hued look of ocean waters. The result will not only work for future Nemo, Ariel, and Moana fans but also will serve to hide imperfections on the walls now and little scuffs and marks later. Also, if you happen to find yourself spending hours upon hours in the room rocking a fussy baby, gazing at walls that remind you of the ocean will make the time a bit more relaxing for both of you.

Let your walls be your canvas

Rapunzel from Disney's "Tangled" may have been trapped in a tower by Mother Gothel, but she didn't let that stop her from making her walls an extension of her artistic vision. Asking for paint from her "mother," she created stunning scenes to sweep her imagination far from the tower.

Let your imagination run wild and paint your walls, too. However, you'll want to begin by creating an ideal surface, according to Art is Fun. They advise washing the wall and checking it for grease, mold, cracks, or damage. Once you're certain the wall is in good condition, it's advisable to apply a coat of primer before moving on to the next step.

With a clean, primed wall you will be ready to paint. However, if you don't trust your artistic prowess, there are plenty of ways to customize your walls. For instance, you can apply a peel-and-stick mural for an unforgettable forest-inspired accent wall or opt for your favorite Disney film quote from brands such as Wall Written. You might as well begin with one in honor of Rapunzel herself and choose a few lines from the classic romantic ballad "I See the Light:" "All at once everything looks different, Now that I see you."

Embrace Cruella's vibrant colors

You'll have to watch the 2021 film "Cruella" to discover what truly made the titular villainess tick. However, there's no arguing with the spectacular imagery created by black and white punctuated by pops of red.

One look at the Cruella-inspired monochromatic bedroom displayed on Angi is enough to make the dalmatian-obsessed dame your new best friend. While the elegant chandelier and fun dalmatian-spotted carpet demand attention, the cardinal red chairs basking in the light streaming through large paned windows are enough to make Disney fans want to sit up and beg.

Why stop in the bedroom? Carry Cruella's drama-tinged décor through to the living room with blood-red furniture taking center stage as black and white rugs, pillows, and other accent pieces fill in around the room. Even though we associate the dog-napper with black and white, making ruby the dominant color in a given space won't keep the various black or white elements from giving off a little growl of their own.

Incredible designs for a bold room

Edna Mode from "The Incredibles" knew what she was talking about when she said, "I never look back, darling, it distracts from the now." Her ultra-modern, glass-encased home was a monument to always moving forward. While you may not be able to tear out your walls and replace them with floor-to-ceiling panes of glass, you can always employ the more practical touches that Edna embraced.

Reel Honey describes Edna's Mode's abode as "formally pure," adding that the linear strokes framing the house are common to De Stijl ("The Style" in Dutch). The Art Story describes the De Stijl movement as a design philosophy that is intentionally basic with uncomplicated geometric forms and primary colors. Those who are familiar with the geometry and color palette of Mickey Mouse may begin to see some similarities. 

Overstock offers a mid-century modern armchair by Christopher Knight Home that fits into that style with clean lines and bright color offerings. You can even adorn your walls with unique paintings in the De Stijl style. While you might not be a famous artistic talent, you may find the bold-but-simplistic geometric designs to be something you're capable of producing. As Edna would exclaim, "It will be bold! Dramatic! Heroic!"