15 Stylish Chimineas Perfect For Bringing Warmth To Your Outdoor Living Space

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If you're not well-versed in the many different types of outdoor firepits, you've probably never heard the word "chiminea" before. However, at the same time, you've most likely seen one, whether in person or online.

According to Firewood For Life, chimineas were traditionally used to produce heat or to cook, but now many just use them as decorative pieces. Further, while they used to all be made out of clay (like the one in the above image), nowadays, there are also many iron and aluminum versions available. While clay will provide you with an earthy and authentic look, iron is more durable and modern-looking, and aluminum shouldn't rust. To properly care for your chiminea, make sure to cover it before any harsh weather and fill the bottom of clay versions with sand.

If you're looking for a chiminea to add to your outdoor living space, below are 15 possible options, arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive.

1. Handmade red clay

At Home's classic handmade red clay chiminea, which retails for $99.99, is perhaps what many would think of when asked to describe a traditional chiminea.

2. Mini option

While some may argue that this is just a mini fire pitThe Home Depot says that actually an ultra-modern and minimalist chiminea. Manufactured by Danya B, this version currently costs $109.95 and is made out of metal and faux stone.

3. Square design

This version, which is sold on Amazon by Shinerich Group and manufactured by BALI Outdoors, costs $129.99. The flames are covered by a mesh screen for added safety.

4. Large model

This chiminea, sold from Amazon and made by UDPatio-US, retails for $159.99. It's got the best of both worlds, with fire storage and a 360-degree design.

5. Classic clay

This classic clay chiminea, sold on Amazon for $169.99 by Kankoki and made by Wiosi, has a rustic appearance and comes with both a rain lid and a metal stand.

6. Firewood storage

The Lowe's Sunnydaze Decor steel chiminea features firewood storage underneath the open pit. It regularly retails for $199 but has seen sales as low as 25% off.

7. Tall chimney

Lowe's also sells the Sunnydaze Decor black steel chiminea with metal grating for $239. A tall chiminea would be ideal for those who host large parties, as many could gather around it at the same time.

8. Antique bronze finish

Sold from The Home Depot for $299, this rugged-looking bronze piece is made by Hampton Bay and has mesh all the way around the center.

9. Hammered copper

The Better Homes & Gardens hammered copper chiminea, sold at Walmart for $299, measures 23.5 inches long and wide and 39 inches tall.

10. Round design with modern legs

Lowe's sells a sleek, round design with modern legs from Sunnydaze Decor for $329. Described as a space-saver, it measures 19 inches in diameter, 22 inches wide and 60 inches tall.

11. Rustic appearance

Lowe's also sells another Sunnydaze Decor chiminea with an orange steel exterior and standing at 70 inches tall. This one currently costs $415.

12. Rust-free aluminum

Those concerned about rust should invest in a chiminea that's made out of aluminum. The above black model by The Blue Rooster retails for $489 on Amazon and comes with a lifetime warranty.

13. Triangle opening

To make your chiminea stand out, choose one with a unique look. The above model, sold on Wayfair but made by AllModern, retails for $502.20. It also comes with a protective rain cap.

14. Delicate details

Also manufactured by The Blue Rooster with a lifetime warranty, this cast aluminum and stainless steel chiminea has intricate detail work and is sold for $729 on Amazon.

15. Large opening

This Freeport Park weathered steel chiminea with an authentic rusted patina retails for $754.80 on Wayfair. It stands at 75 inches tall, while the chiminea's fire bowl measures 20 inches tall, 29 inches wide, and 15 inches deep.