Fire Pit Ideas To Turn Your Outdoor Living Space Into The Perfect Oasis

With the warm weather and longer days, it's no surprise that spending time outdoors with friends and family is a summertime favorite. If you love to host get-togethers, getting your yard prepped and ready for hosting is necessary. Whether you like to have a whole crowd of friends over or prefer a quiet evening with just close family, a fire pit is an outdoor upgrade that can make your backyard truly feel like a private oasis. 

Fire pits come in a wide variety of designs, from simple and homemade, to fancy and rather pricey. They can be all different shapes and sizes, made from a range of materials, and powered by various fuel sources, per Houzz. This range of options means that you will find the perfect fire pit for your outdoor living space that everyone can enjoy. There are so many great reasons to get a fire pit. Not only are fire pits inviting, but they also double as a cooking space. The warmth from a fire pit can make your patio usable year-round.

There are some safety measures to consider when installing a fire pit. Make sure you have a large enough space for the fire pit and that the area is free from any dry grass, fabrics, or anything else that can be a fire hazard. 

DIY paver pit

The most affordable fire pit is a DIY version using concrete pavers, which can cost as little as a dollar each, per Keeping It Simple. First, measure your area and decide how big to make your fire pit. Then, stack the pavers in a circle, add pavers to the floor of the pit, and fill with sand. 

Propane fire pit

Propane fire pits are convenient and easy, as you don't have to use wood to keep the fire going. Propane makes them a great option for fire pit activities like s'mores or barbecuing. Replacing a propane tank can be easier than fire logs, as they tend to last longer and are much less work, according to AmeriGas

Copper bowl fire pit

Copper bowl fire pits are a more expensive option, but they look gorgeous as a focal point of a yard, per wisegeek. If you can swing the cost, you won't regret this beautiful piece that produces a long-burning fire. The copper bowl also looks beautiful unlit, making it ideal year-round, day and night décor. 

Fire pit table

A fire pit table is great for socializing and making your backyard more functional. When not being used for a fire, the surrounding table can be used for meals or board games. Various chair sets are available to pair with pit tables, and there is a design that will fit every patio motif. 

Natural gas fire pit

Natural gas fire pits are an upgrade from propane, running on fuel from a natural gas line worked into the design. There are a few different types of natural fire pit designs to choose from, including tabletop, round, or square. This is a convenient and stylish option, but also quite expensive, per Popular Mechanics