10 Minimalist Artists Creating Work You'll Want In Your Home

If you enjoy having a home that boasts a style that's both chic and sleek, then you might find yourself drawn to minimalist décor. Obviously leaning toward a look that's relatively uncluttered and straightforward, it also tends to feature clean lines, openness, and an uncomplicated color palette. If that piques your interest, then you might also be interested in minimalist artwork, which generally embraces the same aesthetic.

First establishing itself as a creative force to be reckoned with in New York City around the 1960s, minimalist art reflected a desire to abandon other creative forms, according to Artland. Instead, it focused on pieces that relied on stripped-back images and objects that aimed to provoke a reaction based on how the look of the art made you feel — as opposed to complicated and layered compositions and significance. As for modern minimalist art, Eden Gallery explains that it stays true to that same aim and uses arguably basic creations to capture the essence of the subject while both prompting a reaction and pleasing the eye. That artistic goal has clearly resonated with plenty of art lovers, which is why Eden Gallery notes that it's a style that has endured throughout the years and is still just as popular today.

For anyone who already adores a simplistic style or wants to establish a creatively uncomplicated atmosphere, these minimalist artists happen to be creating work that you'll surely want in your home.

1. Trisha Abe

Trisha Abe is a Canadian artist who creates figures using line art. Abe, who has a science degree, wants to display the complicated human form in a way that narrows it down to essential details. At the same time, she's often able to capture personalities, emotions, and movement with the use of smooth twists, curves, and angles as well as limited color combinations. Abe works as a muralist, painter, and illustrator, which means that you might be able to hire her to create a piece directly in your home or buy something from her online shop.

2. Luis Medina Manso

A Spanish artist whose work is often filled with large shapes, bold colors, and layered compositions, Luis Medina Manso's minimalistic pieces also boast a strong abstract vibe. Primarily working with acrylic and oil paints on paper or canvas, he also occasionally makes cubed sculptural pieces that take advantage of the same kind of dynamic shades and lines. Indeed, while most of Manso's work embraces simplicity, you may find yourself particularly interested in his series "Minimal I" and "Minimal II," which would definitely look incredible in a home that exhibits a simplistic style.

3. Ana Buitrago

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, and now based in Brooklyn, New York, Ana Buitrago is an artist who creates pieces that are shapely and sculptural as well as almost playful at first glance. However, there's actually much more to this designer's pieces when it comes to both the intention behind and execution of her work. Inspired by pre-Columbian creations, Buitrago brings the past into modern homes by adding a contemporary twist to each piece. While they tend to look like delicate artworks that should be admired but not touched, many are actually functional as well.

4. Bo Mi Jo

A minimalist artist who can be found in New York, Bo Mi Jo was born in Korea. Perhaps it's the fact that she now lives and works in one of the most bustling cities in the world that inspires her to create pieces that are meant to invoke calm. Realizing that daily life can be both busy and overwhelming, Jo's art is undeniably serene. Hang one or two of her pieces on your walls and you'll surely find yourself exhaling deeply in a relaxing kind of way while soaking in the soothing shapes and tranquil shades.

5. Augusto B.M.

Augusto B.M. is another artist who uses just a few simple lines and turns them into captivating works of art. Mainly sticking with faces and figures, they're usually accompanied by natural hints like leaves, flowers, shells, or even wings. While other minimalist artists will occasionally use color in their pieces, B.M. seems to exclusively create black-and-white artworks that are drawn with a pen or marker. Thanks to the minimalist technique and versatile outcome, his pieces could suit a variety of design styles and interior spaces.

6. Christopher David Ryan

Christopher David Ryan's Instagram bio simply notes that he makes pictures. That kind of straightforwardness is definitely reflected in his work. Of course, it's also varied. For instance, he works with bright colors while also creating pieces that are simply black and white. Beyond that, he creates paintings of basic shapes as well as uncomplicated comics. That's when he's not turning out floral images and then producing illustrations of birds and bees. At the same time, all of Ryan's work has a minimalistic tone that's so popular it can be found at West Elm.

7. Joanna Layla

London-based artist Joanna Layla aims to create work that's layered with meaning while also leaving enough room for the viewer to fill in the blanks with their own interpretations or inspiration. Explaining on her website that the term simplexity aptly applies to her art, that's surely one of the reasons why each one is so engaging. Layla's watercolor work also tends to focus on elements of beauty, fashion, and the human form, making it ideal for areas in your home like a chic living room, elegant bedroom, or enviably glamourous vanity space.

8. Michael Afsa

Michael Afsa works out of Arizona and lets both the landscape and architecture of the area inspire his work. Resulting in art that usually features warm tones, he uses straightforward lines and shapes to create sculptural pieces (although he also does graphic design). Using minimal designs and layers, you can still see the Southwestern vibe in pieces like "Sun and Horizon" and "Sunset VI," which were both partially made with sand. Thanks to this natural touch as well as the outdoorsy subject matter and earthy tones, the art will add the same aesthetic to your home.

9. Salventius (Niels Kiené)

Niels Kiené — aka Salventius — is a Dutch artist who takes minimalist line art to the extreme in a way that's become part of his signature style. Each image is not only taken down to the basic outline and crucial details, but each illustration happens to be created with a single, continuous line that isn't broken until the piece is complete. Salventius' techinique occasionally includes adding extra flair by using gold ink or incorporating splashes of paint, which gives it a contemporary quality that may suit your abode.

10. Jess Engle

If you're looking for art for your living space that's minimalist but also modern, then you may adore the work from Jess Engle. Someone who lived in Ethiopia, Southern Africa, and the Mediterranean when she was younger, she now calls Austin, Texas, home. Allowing natural elements both on earth and beyond — as well as her philosophical view on what's truly necessary — to inspire her work, Engle ends up producing pieces that combine shapes, lines, and colors in a way that's so on-point you could use it as a jumping off point for your overall décor.