15 Trendy Must-Haves To Update Your Guest Room

Having a spare or guest room comes with many benefits. As per Forbes, this room sometimes acts as an office, while for others, it is for storage. Yet, for many, this room serves its exact purpose: A place for guests to stay.

When it's time to update this room, there are a few things you can do to make your guests more at home. According to Impression Homes, ensure the closet and dressers within the room are empty, so they have plenty of storage for their belongings. Of course, you should also keep this room clean by vacuuming and dusting regularly. Nothing will turn a guest away quicker than a dusty nightstand or chest of drawers. Jubilee Furniture also recommends placing the bed within this area against the wall — especially if you're short on space. Since it's a guest room, this bed won't be used all the time; therefore, it's okay if it's not centered in the room. Just be sure to leave enough space so your guests can easily move around.

However, no matter how much you change a room, you'll likely have to spend money when updating. Aside from basic items such as a new bed or dresser, you can make a few other purchases to spruce this area up. Here are 15 trendy must-haves to update your guest room, from house plants to LED lights.

1. A few house plants

One of the most beneficial ways to upgrade a guest room is by adding a few house pants. After all, they're known to help improve air qualityAmazon sells this six-pack of plants for just over $20. You can either display these shrubs in the container they come in or plant them in another. 

2. Netrual toned bedding

When updating a bedroom, it's always a good idea to go ahead and replace the bedding within the room. Additionally, it's always best to keep these sheets and covers neutral for a guest room. Amazon has this king-sized microfiber camel-colored bedspread for less than $60. Included are also two king-sized shams. 

3. Sheer curtains

A guest room should make your guests feel at home as much as possible. One way to do this is by letting in natural lighting. However, they'll need some privacy too. You can purchase these two-piece sheer curtains on Amazon for less than $10. They measure 52 inches wide and several lengths between 63 and 90 inches long.  

4. Floor lamp

Of course, at night, they'll need some light too. Installing several lamps throughout the room will easily do the trick. However, a floor lamp can light up the room all on its own. Amazon has this two-bulb floor lamp for less than $30. It reaches 72 inches in height, and each lamp can be manually operated. 

5. Comfort items

Another way to make your guests feel at home is by investing in comfort items — specifically throw blankets. These pieces are extremely popular and can be seen in many homes. If you want to add this luxury, Amazon sells this faux fur blanket for under $47. It measures 50 inches wide and 65 inches long. 

6. Simple wall art

It wouldn't be a room without some wall décor, now would it? Since it's a guest room, it's best to keep the art simple. Amazon sells these two-pack black and white art canvases for under $30. These canvases are photos of flowers and measure 16 inches long and 12 inches wide. 

7. Fairy lights

To add even more lighting to your guest room, consider hanging up some fairy lights. This modern trend can often be seen paired with polaroids and other photos. Amazon sells these 16-foot fairy lights for less than $7. They add warm light to the room and are powered by three AA-type batteries

8. A large area rug

Another way to bring comfort and style into your guest room is by placing a large area rug. This will keep your guests' feet warm while walking if you have hardwood floors and act as a focal point in the room. Amazon has this ivory and silver-colored area rug available for under $85. 

9. A mirror or two

It goes without saying that your guest will need a mirror or two for when they get ready for the day. In addition, mirrors are known to reflect light which can also make your guest room appear brighter. For a modern aesthetic, Amazon has this gold hanging wall mirror with a chain for around $22. 

10. Artificial leaf vines

If you want to add bright colors while not going overboard, consider adding faux vines. These trendy items are often paired with string lights and make for the perfect backdrop to beds or accent walls. Amazon sells vines that span up to 86 feet for less than $15. 

11. LED lights

Another trendy décor item is LED lights. Amazon has this 100-foot-long LED light strip for sale for under $20. Separated into two rolls of 50-foot strips, these lights come with a remote and can be paired with an app on your phone. There are 16 million colors equipped, along with several other customizable features.

12. Wicker basket decor

Despite wicker furniture being popular in the 90s, wicker baskets have made a comeback in the form of wall décor. You can find baskets in many places, including on Amazon, for under $65. Coming in a pack of seven, these wicker baskets are in a variety of sizes and feature multiple different designs. 

13. Throw pillows

We mentioned throw blankets before, but don't forget to add throw pillows as well. These can add extra comfort to guests whether they use them on the bed, sit on them on the floor, or add them to a large chair that may be in the room. Amazon sells this two-pack of throw pillows for around $14. 

14. A large chair

In addition, if you don't have a large charge in your guest room, consider adding one. Not only will this provide another sitting area for your guests, but it can also give them an extra place to store items. Amazon has this large gray chair with armrests for just under $176. 

15. An ottoman

If you plan on buying more than one of these throw pillows or blankets, or you want to give your guests more storage, you can do so with an ottoman at the foot of the bed. Amazon has this gray ottoman for sale for less than $70. It is available in multiple sizes to fit your needs.