20 Tips For Creating A Tranquil Visitor-Ready Guest Room

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One of the best perks of having a large home is having extra room to host guests. All a functional guest room needs is a bed and maybe a dresser, but it's always a good idea to spruce it up a bit. As The Closet Works points out, you want your guest room to be not only an affordable alternative to a hotel when you host out-of-town guests but even more comfortable and homey.

Designing and decorating your guest room is as subjective as decorating the rest of your home, but it should be just as intentional, advises TLC Interiors. The room should be a reflection of your personality and design taste, but also neutral enough for your guests to enjoy. You want the bed to be as appealing as possible for your travel-weary guests, of course, but the entire room should be as inviting, relaxing, and tranquil as possible. Keep reading to learn the best ways to spruce up your guest room to make it the perfect home away from home.

1. Mattress pad

One of the easiest ways to make your guest bedroom more inviting is by making the bed itself as comfortable as possible. Mattress pads both make the bed all the cozier, as well as protect your mattress and keep it clean, which is optimal for a bed with multiple users (via Mattress Online).

2. Add some fresh cut flowers

A simple way to show your guest you care and put effort into setting up their room is by placing a vase full of fresh-cut flowers by their bedside. Plus, they'll make the room smell incredible.

3. Keep candles in the room

Another way to make the guest room smell great is through scented candles. Add soothing scents like lavender or vanilla for optimal relaxation, clean scents like linen for a bright, fresh approach, or seasonally scented candles like pumpkin or peppermint to set a holiday mood.

4. Include a snack basket

Make your guests feel at home with a basket full of snacks and sweets somewhere in the room. Either ask them what their favorites are, or choose some neutral, allergen-friendly options, and display them in a cute bin or basket.

5. Stock up on toiletries

While your guests are likely going to bring their own essentials — toothpaste, face wash, etc. — it doesn't hurt to stock up on some basic toiletries, either in the guest bedroom or bathroom. Set out some Q-tips, cotton balls, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and anything else you could think they may need during their stay with you.

6. Linen spray

Let your guests freshen up their bed between sleeps with a bottle of linen spray on their bedside. You can buy some at the store, or make your own with water, rubbing alcohol, and an essential oil of your choice (via Young Living). Lavender is a great option for encouraging relaxation and rest.

7. Clothing rack

If your guest bedroom is lacking in closet space, consider setting up a clothing rack, allowing your houseguests to conveniently hang their clothes and display their shoes.

8. Towels and washcloths

Don't make your guest go hunting for your towels and washcloths when it comes time for a shower. Set up a basket or bin with fresh, neatly folded towels and washcloths in their bedroom or bathroom so they can easily grab them as needed.

9. Extra blankets and pillows

The same goes for pillows and blankets. No matter how plush you make your guest's bed, they may want a few more pillows or blankets for warmth or comfort. Make them easy to grab by setting them somewhere obvious. Keep it simple with a basket or cute with a blanket ladder.

10. Water carafe

A super simple way to make your guest bedroom as welcoming as possible is to keep a full water carafe somewhere in the room. Instead of having to run out to get water, they can simply pour from their carafe as needed. This is also much more stylish than a stock of water bottles, which is wasteful as well.

11. Laundry basket

Depending on how long your guest is staying, they may need to do a load of laundry. Set up a small but stylish laundry basket in your guest bedroom so they have a discreet way of storing dirty laundry. The same goes for your guest bathroom — keep a bin for used hand and body towels.

12. Live plants

Another way to make your guest bedroom feel inviting and lived-in is with houseplants. Choose a plant that needs minimal care, like a succulent or pothos, so the burden doesn't land on your guest. Go a step further by choosing air-purifying plants, like pothos, spider plants, and dracaenas (via Healthline).

13. Weighted blanket

Help ensure your guests get the best night's sleep possible by keeping a weighted blanket in the guest room. As Sleep Foundation points out, weighted blankets can improve sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase serotonin levels while simultaneously decreasing cortisol levels.

14. Pet bed

If your guest has pets, odds are they'll be traveling with all their necessary toys, food, etc. However, you can make your furry houseguest feel just as welcome as their human counterpart by keeping a pet bed in your guest room.

15. Stock up on medicines

No one wants to run out to their local drug store when staying with friends to pick up pain relievers, acid reducers, cough medicine, or any other common, over-the-counter medicine. Keep your guest bedroom and/or bathroom stocked with all the common medicines they may need, in addition to a fully stocked first aid kit.

16. Coffee and tea cart

It can be awkward to make yourself at home in someone else's kitchen, especially when it comes to starting a pot of coffee or water for tea. Keep either a Keurig or electric kettle stocked with coffee grounds and delicious tea alongside mugs so your guests can easily make themselves a hot drink whenever they want.

17. Guest journal

Keep track of all the guests you've had by placing a guest book and some pens out in the open. You can even opt for a kitschier version with a novelty guest bathroom guest book, like this one from Amazon.

18. Desk space

Even if your guests are coming for a leisurely weekend away with you, they still may need to do some work or check on things using their computers. At the very least, you should set up a desk space for them. If you want, you can go the extra mile and set up a desktop, too.

19. Television

Even if you don't have a television in your bedroom, you should consider keeping one in your guest room. Guests should be able to have some time to themselves during their stay, and providing them with a television is a great way to give them some reprieve. Make sure you have common streaming services installed or available to them.

20. Stock up on entertainment

On the other hand, maybe your guest won't want to watch television during their alone time. Keep them entertained when you're busy with a stocked bookshelf, speaker, or record player with an assortment of albums, a magazine rack, newspapers, etc.