What Is A California Room?

The casual living market has grown exponentially over the last few years. Fortune Business Insights reports that the global outdoor furniture market is projected to rise from $46.21 billion in 2021 to $66.55 billion by 2028. The Covid-19 pandemic increased consumer desire for outdoor spaces, and nearly three years later, we are still seeing that desire be more present than ever.

People ramp up their outdoor living through trends like the California room. Danver describes these spaces as a luxurious hybrid between a porch and a living room. This transitional area is covered by a roof and usually features one side open to the outdoors. However, even though this room is open to fresh air and sun, it is meant to resemble an indoor space more than an alfresco one. A California room can be built anywhere, but these are commonly attached to homes in coastal regions and warmer climates. Since these rooms don't close off to the outdoors, people don't often implement them into their homes unless they can be enjoyed year-round.

They are different from sunrooms and solariums

A California room is quite different than a sunroom or solarium. Better Builders breaks down what sunrooms and solariums are with simple characteristics in their structures. Sunrooms are any room attached to a residence with glass between the walls and the roof. Another standout feature of sunrooms is that they usually are only accessible from inside the home and do not feature exterior doors. On the other hand, a solarium is described as being made almost entirely of glass to provide a maximum amount of light.

What truly sets a California room apart from sunrooms and solariums is that a California room intends to bring the indoors outdoors, while the latter focuses on bringing the outdoors indoors. A considerable appeal of building a California room is that people feel like they have all the comforts of being inside while enjoying a cool breeze, the warm sun, and the little sounds of nature wafting through the air.

Making your own

As dreamy as a California room sounds, be prepared to spend a pretty penny if investing in one. NCERT Point averages that depending on the size you are looking to build, many California rooms start around the $15,000 mark. That said, there are tons of creative ways you can hone this space into a one-of-a-kind home addition. Given that these rooms are meant to reflect indoor living, it is widespread to have built-in kitchenettes. This ranges from bars and grills to adding in cupboards and cabinetry as well as sinks and fridges. Fireplaces, statement lighting pieces, and television/audio equipment are other indoor amenities popularly implemented. 

Even though your California room is supposed to resemble inner conditions, you can still add fun outdoorsy elements like infinity pools and hot tubs. All details, big and small, will lead to a space perfectly made for you, your family, and your friends.