30 Tasteful Ways To Decorate Your Modern Farmhouse This Holiday Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and your house is tailor-made like a Hallmark movie for the occasion. That's right, you bought a modern farmhouse, and part of your reasoning behind the purchase may or may not have had to do with your yuletide visions. Welcome to the article of your dreams. 

The modern farmhouse walks a wonderful line of exhibiting a contemporary home layout while preserving a lot of the cozy and rustic finishes that make a house feel like a home. While bright and open layouts are desirable, the modern farmhouse steers away from overly geometric lines and glass walls that often make a home feel sterile.

From wooden beams to industrial black pendants and beyond, modern farmhouse touches really create that holiday card aesthetic that so many covet. So get settled and cozy. Today, we're breaking down 30 Christmas decor ideas that will have you wanting to celebrate the holidays year-round.

A rustic Christmas tree

A centerpiece in any Christmas house is the tree, specifically one with a rustic touch. A pre-lit Vermont spruce faux tree is frosted, with crystal and silver shimmering ornaments, and countryside home ornaments.

Plaid stockings

Farmhouse and flannel go hand-in-hand, so velvet stockings almost feel a bit too ritzy for such a home. Pottery Barn's plaid stockings are charming and feature a cozy, nostalgic pattern.

Sherpa throws

Winter blankets create that homey and warm holiday feeling, whether it is sitting by the fireplace or just wearing them around the house. These festive throw blankets are soft and include an inviting sherpa texture.

Juniper branch

Juniper branches are a beautiful plant that can be a great contribution to a foyer dresser or dining room table. To make them more festive, pre-lit pieces are particularly stunning.

Tree skirt

A farmhouse Christmas tree looks great with a fur alpaca tree skirt due to the prominence of warm-toned, oakwood flooring found in these types of properties. It can also mimic the appearance of falling snow.

Lantern lighting

Black industrial finishes are a popular feature within modern farmhouses, along with clean lines. Since lighting is a critical part of creating that holiday sensibility, black handcrafted lanterns can tie such finishes and clean lines together with the holidays.

Up the pillow game

Replacing a couch might be a bit of an extreme measure for holiday decor, so pillows can be a great alternative to spruce up these spaces. Snowflake lumbar pillow covers have vintage and classic details that make any room feel more like the season.

Serve it up

Holiday parties warrant an elegant display. A charcuterie board is a beautiful way to present yuletide treats. The wood material integrates beautifully with the architecture of a modern farmhouse.

Sensory experience

Scent is a big part of creating that holiday spirit. Spruce candles are just one of many smells that help create a celebratory atmosphere.

The round table

A table with warm wood and black legs always fits nicely with a modern farmhouse. This kind of table contrasts an industrial silhouette with classic charm and leaves room for decorative finishes to be added.

Frosted wreath

A frosted Christmas wreath looks great on a white farmhouse door or exterior. This type of wreath, when pre-lit, can be a great accompanying piece to the indoor, frosted Christmas tree.

Stocking holder

Stocking holders can be a sophisticated finish that elevates a fireplace mantel to the next level. If the holder includes a brass or marble finish, these can be striking additions that blend seamlessly with a Christmas living room.

Statement lights

Curtain lights offer a playful detour to a lot of traditional Christmas decor, while also creating separation between rooms. They're great for entryways, photograph spectacularly, and LED lights are generally low maintenance.

Sittin' cozy

Rounded chairs can offer personality and softness in a room to offset a lot of traditional Christmas aesthetics. When colored white, they can even resemble a snowball at times.

Holy night candles

Anything miniature can lean in the direction of cheesy, but Christmas is the one time of year when you can get away with it. Village candleholders are a charming example of tchotchkes done well.

Fireplace decor

A brass bell garland looks great on a fireplace mantel. It brings in the industrial materials of the farmhouse with the brass while still keeping it festive with the garland.

Drink up

A brass cocktail-making kit is a mid-century detail that always sparkles a little extra in December. The colors are festive. The materials have that classic quality that goes so well with the holidays.

Porch trees

Run out of space for your Christmas trees? One option is also to make them part of your outdoor foyer. It complements the farmhouse aesthetic wonderfully, and sets the stage for a warm and welcoming home.

Classic statement plates

Holiday china can be a tricky endeavor, as we all want something that feels festive but also timeless. Simple pattern plate sets with seasonal colors feel celebratory but not overdone.

Boxed ornaments

No Christmas tree would be complete without a signature array of ornaments. While there are a variety of ornaments that make a great tree, an understated and classic set pairs wonderfully with the farmhouse aesthetic.

Outdoor garlands

If they don't belong over the fireplace, the exterior foyer is a great place for some additional garlands. It looks great with stone or farmhouse wood and offers a pop of color to your Christmas decor. 

Monogrammed door mat

A doormat can look tasteful if done properly. Combining your family name's initial with a timeless design, this is a stately choice many opt for when decorating for extended family gatherings.

Comet, and Cupid, and Donner...

It is easy to go overboard with outdoor decor. However, reindeer statues can often be quite lovely and further add to the rustic feel of a farmhouse.

Serving platter

Food servers are an alternative to a charcuterie board, and often come in festive shapes and sizes. Perfect for holiday parties, baking nights with the family, and more, a food server also offers a dynamic quality to table staging.

Velvet Christmas bags

Santa bags look absolutely stunning on Christmas morning and are a detail many homeowners opt out of purchasing. Classy, fun, and the perfect way to open presents on Christmas, this is another timeless touch that looks great in a modern farmhouse.

Holiday oil diffusers

If candles are not to your personal liking, an oil diffuser is a wonderful, lower-maintenance option without the fire hazard. They are also quite aesthetically pleasing.

Table centerpieces

A centerpiece can help a Christmas table or dresser come to life. If it has lights, flowers, pinecones, or all of the above, it will induce warmth and a refined flavor.

Classic treetop finish

sparkling snowflake looks timeless on a Christmas tree and glimmers beautifully when hit with ambient light. A rustic farmhouse rewards this kind of sensibility.

Outdoor flair

A winter wonderland vibe is a highly sought after design choice for the modern farmhouse owners. LED spritzers offer a fantastical display of floating snowflakes and iridescent light.

Snow globe

From "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" to "A Christmas Story," a snow globe is a classic decorative piece. Charming to look at and a moment of entertainment for the young ones, a snow globe reminds us of imagination and joy.