This Hack Will Help Keep Your Entryway Closet Smelling Fresh

Does your entryway closet have a stale odor when you open it? Nobody wants their guests to put their jackets in a smelly closet when they visit. While there is a hack you can use to remove the odor and keep it smelling fresh, first, you need to find the root of the problem and fix it. There are many different reasons why your entryway closet smells bad. Since this is where you're likely storing coats and shoes, you should look at these items first. Innovative Home Storage explains that if they are dirty or damp when you put them in the closet, they will leave an odor. This is especially true for shoes, so wash your items routinely.

Entryway closets are often tiny, so there's little room for the air to circulate. Without proper ventilation, the old air can cause a smell. It can also make your closet the perfect environment for mildew if moisture is trapped there. To prevent this, you should never put wet raincoats in the closet and don't pack jackets tightly together. Once you find out why your entryway closet has an odor, and you've fixed the problem, you can use this hack to keep it smelling fresh.

Make use of broken bath bombs

Leftover bath bombs are the key to this hack. Their wonderful smell fills your bathroom when you're using them for a relaxing bath, and they can do the same for your entryway closet. Not only will they make your jackets smell nice, but they can improve your mood every time you open the door. There are two ways to use them to freshen the air in a closet. For the first method, start by crushing a bath bomb into small pieces. Then, Body & Earth recommends using an organza bag to hold the bath bomb because they are so thin. Once you tie the bag closet, you can stick it anywhere in the closet. If you have a shelf, place it up there. Other options are on the floor, in the corners, or in a jacket pocket. Another way you can do this without the organza bag is by putting the crushed pieces in a bowl.

The second way to use bath bombs in your entryway closet is by turning them into a spray air freshener. Again start by crushing a bath bomb before adding the pieces with some water to a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to dissolve the bath bomb. Once it's combined, spray the mixture in your closet.

Why does it work?

Bath bombs make great air fresheners because of two ingredients. They get their fragrance from perfumes or essential oils, which will cover any foul odors in your closet. Although, what really makes a difference is their base ingredients. Live Science explains that bath bombs are primarily made of baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch. The critical ingredient here is baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda.

Baking soda is excellent at eliminating bad odors because it neutralizes them. Cleanipedia explains that it can absorb smell within hours. When you combine that with the fragrance from the other bath bomb ingredients, you have a perfect air freshener. They are better than room sprays, scent sticks, or diffusers because they don't just cover up the odor. Plus, this is a convenient way to use any old bath bombs you have lying around the house or if you've been gifted some and don't have a tub.