The Rustic Accent Wall Trend You Should Try In Your Home

Accent walls are a fabulous and inventive way to liven up any room, and choosing the ideal design can be a fun project. Many accent walls boast a different paint color from the rest of the space, adding a new ambiance that can be used to pull in other hues you were hoping to introduce or help existing décor pop. According to Diversified Painting, these additions are helpful to incorporate style or make a section more noticeable. While paint is the easiest option when it comes to adorning a focal wall, it isn't the only choice.

Whether you've considered adding a textured accent wall to your home or not, elements like wood, brick, stone, or tile can bring depth and dimension into whichever room you're designing. If you already have rustic décor, the following material could be the perfect fit and breathe even more charm into your abode. So, don't be afraid to try this suggestion, as it might have been the one thing you were missing all along to turn your space into a masterpiece.

Stone accent walls are the ideal rustic addition

Building on a rustic theme doesn't just stop at furniture or decorative ornaments. Your floors and walls can all depict your theme, and if countryside chic is the style you're going for, adding a stone accent wall is a fantastic option. Not only does it add depth and texture, but it can make a room feel cozy and welcome. This material brings to mind warm cabins and rustic getaways, which will channel these thoughts whenever someone enters the space the accent wall inhabits.

Using natural stone for your wall instantly provides a space with detail and dimension, and there are so many areas where this material would work to create a focal piece. Bedrooms, living spaces, and dining rooms can all benefit from one wall featuring stone. In addition, Realstone Systems notes that stone is durable, which means you won't have to worry about constant repairs or upkeep, but it is also timeless, so it adds to the overall aesthetic of your home.

Go big or small

If you're reluctant to commit to an entire wall made of exposed stone, investing in a smaller portion of the room, like a fireplace or behind a TV, can still give off a rustic air without feeling overwhelming. Moreover, stone also gives a room a more opulent appearance, so you can't really go wrong with it. According to DigsDigs, many people actually use these accent areas to provide a more functional media area or frame a cozy mantel.

Stone can also be combined with lumber and wood to really delve into the rustic cabin vibes you might be trying to pursue. The two materials blend well enough that they can even be overlapped or sit flush in a floor-to-ceiling accent wall and hardwood flooring mixture. Once you decide if this trend is right for your dwelling, the next step is choosing the style of your stones. From there, you can self-install or hire a professional company to come and help.