The Dryer Sheet Hack That Will Remove Stains From Your Iron

Irons are a necessity to keep clean clothes wrinkle-free. While you definitely remember adding water before using one, most people forget they need to clean them too. Not washing the soleplate of your iron can be detrimental to your closet; as gunk builds on the surface, it will start transferring onto your freshly cleaned clothes. You may think that irons can't get dirty since they're predominantly used on washed articles of clothing, but that is not the case. Anita's Housekeeping Referral Agency explains that they get buildup from different materials; for example, accidentally burning synthetic fabrics or spraying on starches can leave a stain.

Once you see a rust-like stain on your clothing, it's way past time to clean your iron. Another sign that this tool needs help is if it sticks to fabric instead of gliding over it. The water coming out of your steam iron can also leave stains on your clothes. If it looks dirty or spits out, rather than creating steam, it's a clear sign that you need to clean the device. Fortunately, there is a quick hack to make the soleplate good as new with items you already have in your home.

Dryer sheets and an old towel

A quick and easy way to remove the built-up dirt and stains from your iron is with dryer sheets. This laundry product is the perfect tool to use because you will likely already have it in your home. For this method, you will also need an old towel that you won't care about damaging. You can also wear heat-protective gloves if you have sensitive skin. Now, dryer sheets are effective at cleaning irons because of two reasons: Their texture makes them abrasive so that they can scrub the dirt off the soleplate effortlessly, according to Oh So Spotless, and they are also made of fabric softener, which will soften the gunk, making it easier to remove.

First, plug your iron in and set it to the lowest heat setting available. Once it heats up, take your dryer sheets and scrub the soleplate like you would with a sponge. Continue to do this until the dirt and stains are gone. Then, switch your iron to the hottest setting and place the old towel over your ironing board. Iron the towel to remove any excess fabric softener residue from the dryer sheets. Now your iron is clean and ready to use again.

Make it a routine

Regularly cleaning your iron is essential to prevent it from staining your clothes. This is because as you use it, gunk builds up on the surface of the soleplate. How often you should wash this tool depends on how often you use it. If you iron your clothes daily, you'll need to clean the device at least once a month. However, if you iron less frequently, you can wait about four to six months before cleaning it with dryer sheets.

Taking care of your appliance will cause it to last longer and prevent it from damaging your clothing. Home Depot recommends always storing your iron standing up to avoid anything that can damage the soleplate, like water leaking out of it. Using distilled water is another way to prolong the life of your iron since tap water may contain other minerals that cause clogs in the tool and leave stains. Lastly, you should always ensure that the water reservoir is empty once you're done ironing. No matter what type of water your use, leaving it in the machine will damage it.