10 Best Products To Help You Make The Most Of A Small Desk

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Having a small desk can prove to be a difficult space to work on. With such limited room, it can be hard completing all your tasks in an organized and efficient manner. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to take advantage of the space you're given.

Start with an empty desk. Remove all the items from the surface of your desk and give yourself a fresh canvas to work with; this also lets you dust off the desk, as well as its items. Throw away any trash you find and get rid of items that aren't worth keeping, such as old pens or pencils. If there are items that don't benefit your office space, such as cups or random cords, move them into another area in your home.

Once done, begin putting your office items back on your desk in an organized manner. For example, consider keeping all of your writing utensils together and stack your papers neatly. Make sure your frequently used items are in an easy-to-reach area and uncommon items are in a faraway area, such as the bottom drawer.

These are steps you can take regularly, however, sometimes this may not be enough. Fortunately, there are a few items you can invest in to provide your area with even more space. From drawer organizers and floating shelves to a pencil holder and monitor stand, here are 10 of the best products to help you make the most out of a small desk.

1. Monitor stand

First things first, let's get your monitor off of the desk with a stand. In doing so, you'll be able to use this space for other needed items. Amazon has this steel monitor stand for under $26. It attaches to the back of your desk and contains a knob, allowing you to  adjust it to fit your needs.

2. Floating shelf

Of course, one way to get more space out of your desk is by moving stuff off of it completely and onto another shelf. Amazon sells this three pack of floating shelves for almost $23. It mounts on the wall with a meta bracket design while the shelf itself contains a wooden aesthetic. 

3. File organizer

If you have to have a lot of files on your desk, consider investing in a file organizer. Costing less than $23, this one on Amazon contains five slots for files, such as folders or books. Below this is a pull-out tray with sections for many other items like sticky pads, calculators, staple guns, or scissors. 

4. Laptop stand

For those who have a laptop instead of a computer with a monitor, there's are stands for that, too. Amazon has this gray model for less than $20. While it still sits on your desk, it opens up the space underneath it, allowing you to use this area for other items, such as a mouse. 

5. Cork board combo

If you have sticky notes or notepads scattered around your desk, consider attaching them to a cork board instead. Amazon has this model that also doubles as a white board for less than $39. It also comes with markers, an eraser, and pins for the cork board, as well as the mounting hooks needed for installation. 

6. Drawer organizers

If you like storing your necessities in a drawer, Amazon has these organizers for just under $24. These models display a clear design and come in a 25-piece set. With four different sizes, these organizers sit at a maximum height of 16.2 inches. Each tray can be stacked on top of each other and contains nonslip pads underneath,. 

7. Planner holder

For those who keep their daily lives organized in a planner, you know just how much space these can take up. Fortunately, Amazon has this holder for your planner for less than $9. Coming in a black shade, this model can be adjusted and contains a page holder, as well as nonslip pegs on the bottom. 

8. Pencil holder

If you collect many pens and pencils and prefer to showcase them, instead of having them scattered on the desk, consider investing in a pencil holder. Amazon sells this silicone model for less than $11. This waterproof design features a beige shade and is scratch resistant, free from BPA, and is nontoxic. 

9. Large mouse pad

It can be hard using a mouse within a small space. To utilize the amount of space your desk has to offer, consider going with a large mouse pad. This way you can use your mouse in many areas. Amazon has this leather design available for just under $14. It contains a nonslip design and is waterproof. 

10. Floor lamp

It goes without saying that when you have a desk, you need a light source of some sort. However, standard lamps can take up too much space. Instead, consider investing in a floor lamp and place it beside your desk. Amazon has this model available for less than $60. It comes with a tan shade and a remote.