10 Latinx Artists Creating Art You'll Want In Your Home

Latinx individuals who happen to be creative are doing some pretty amazing things these days that you should definitely be aware of. Just take a peek at the Latinx-owned interior design brands and Latinx interior design studios that are making their (absolutely gorgeous and creative) mark in the industry. That's not to mention the various Latinx artists who are creating stunning paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other inspiring pieces that you would likely love to have as part of your personal collection and home décor.

When it comes to what exactly you might find when it comes to the kind of work that Latinx artists are producing, that certainly can't be narrowed down to a single, signature style, look, or subject matter, according to the SVA Library. Instead, Latinx artists are a group that produces a large variety of work that can, in part, be attributed to their varying cultural influences, traditions, and personal backgrounds. Beyond that, Swann Auction Galleries points out that Latinx artists are often responsible for creating art that's political in nature and takes aim at issues that are both close to home and that affect the international community. They also use mediums, techniques, and genres that can't be placed into just one category and seemingly won't be limited by expectations.

That's why you'll surely be able to find something from these Latinx artists that are creating the kind of eye-catching and enviable art that you'll surely want in your home.

1. Jen White-Johnson

Along with identifying as an Afro-Latina, Jen White-Johnson notes in her Instagram bio that she/they are disabled and neurodivergent. Working as an artist, designer, and educator, White-Johnson produces pieces that are engaging, colorful, and have an added layer of significance that will surely intrigue you as much as the initial visual impact of the artwork. Blending florals, shapes, and patterns with photographs of notable figures, each piece would create both a focal point of any room and a conversation piece that anyone who visits your home will likely ask about.

2. Sol Cotti

An award-winning illustrator who's originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sol Cotti has worked with a long list of major organizations and brands over the years. That includes the United Nations, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Louvre as well as the Cartoon Network, The New York Times, and Target, just to name a few. With a style that embraces vivid colors, strong lines, and captivating compositions, Cotti creates art that can either be the single bold item in whatever room in your home that you choose to place it in or can enhance an already vibrant interior space.

3. Derek Abella

Hailing from Miami, but now found in Brooklyn, Derek Abella is a Cuban-American artist whose work has been used by media brands like The New York Times and The New Yorker. Focusing on pleasing color combinations as well as shapes that boast elegant depth and eye-pleasing curves, his pieces also feature a look that appears to capture light and includes an unexpected texture. While you can see Abella's touch in every work, he also varies his creations just enough so that it would suit a range of styles that you might want in your home.

4. Javiera da Fonseca

If you appreciate modern art that promises to be timeless, then check out work by Javiera da Fonseca. Generally using soft pastel shades to create art that's both stunning and, at times, serene, da Fonseca is a painter from Chile who now lives and works in Mexico. An artist who uses acrylic, oil, and spray-on paints to capture the overall effect and style that she's known for, she's clearly inspired by both landscapes and nature, which you can find in her pieces. You'll also notice tropical vibes thanks to images of lush palms and flowers.

5. Ricardo Gonzales

Text art and creative script can stimulate your eyes and your mind at the same time, which is something that Ricardo Gonzales, who is from Durango, Mexico, obviously knows well. Allowing his background in graffiti and graphic design skills to enhance his artistic inspiration, Gonzales' pieces are often uplifting, romantic, or quirky in nature. His artwork also features colors and layers that sometimes look completely contemporary and other times have a fun retro vibe. All of these factors make his work an ideal addition to any space from a bedroom to a home office.

6. Victoria Villasana

Victoria Villasana's pieces tend to start out with black-and-white photographs of striking individuals as well as famous figures like Maya Angelou, Frida Kahlo, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Otherwise, they include floral images or famous pieces by artists like Pablo Picasso, Sandro Botticelli, and Gustav Klimt. She then puts her own twist on each image by adding colorful embroidered touches. The textile and fabric work by the artist who comes from Guadalajara, Mexico, can offer your home a fair share of color in a way that you might not have expected but will likely love.

7. Raelis Vasquez

With a bachelor's degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University, Raelis Vasquez has the education and talent to excel at his craft. Living in the Dominican Republic before moving to the United States when he was 7 years old, Vasquez uses his background and his community as inspirations for his work. Ending up with art that focuses on figures and everyday scenes that are depicted in bright colors, adding one to your home will be like welcoming a new friend into the family.

8. Jennifer Dahbura

An illustrator that can be found in El Salvador, Jennifer Dahbura is a self-taught artist who does freelance work for clients like Disney, Teen Vogue, and Converse. She also creates pieces that you'll surely love to have in your stylish home, thanks to the fact that they include captivating contemporary artistic interpretations of modern life, along with traditional themes. Beyond that, she's inspired by the women who surround her, her upbringing which was apparently rich with myths and legends, as well as her culture and interest in magical and mystical ways.

9. Gustavo Leutun

Some people may see life through rose-colored glasses, however, Gustavo Leutun is a painter who seems to see the world around him through a rainbow lens. That tendency can certainly be seen in his brightly layered work. Beyond his relatively simplistic cartoons, he creates images of busy street scenes that are mesmerizing if a little chaotic. This Chilean artist also allows his personality to color his pieces in various ways. Whether you live in the city yourself or can be found in the countryside, Leutun's work can give your home a hint of vibrant life.

10. Camila Rosa

An artist from Brazil who calls Santa Catarina her hometown but is now based in São Paulo, Camila Rosa is an illustrator whose work boasts clean lines, bold colors, and images of both individuals and animals. That means her straightforward compositions would suit a home that leans toward a modern minimalistic style. At the same time, the depth of the shades, details, and occasional accompanying messages that Rosa includes in her work come together to create eye-catching art that would work in any abode that features colorful contemporary artistic accents.