The 6 Best Neighborhoods For Singles In Los Angeles

With so many people to meet, numerous things to do, and multiple places to see, Los Angeles can be overwhelming for anyone moving here and unsure of where they should live. There are many downtown centers, hillside mansions, beachside cliffs, every type of cuisine under the sun, and an endless sprawl of neighborhoods full of personality. But where is a single, young professional to go when just looking to get acclimated?

Well, some neighborhoods are more beginner-friendly than others. With entertainment professionals, college graduates, entrepreneurs, and aspiring artists moving to Los Angeles in droves every year, this is a city of transplants where everyone is from somewhere else. Over 140 countries and 224 languages are represented in Los Angeles, as noted by World Population Review. So have no fear. There is a neighborhood here that is suited for everyone, regardless of your interests, personal and professional ambitions, and lifestyle preferences.

West Hollywood

Just graduated college? Looking to meet casting directors as an aspiring actor? Or get your start in the service industry at a high-end restaurant? If you have dreams, there is no better place to start than in West Hollywood. On any night out in this neighborhood, you can always meet a new friend or aspiring somebody likely as ambitious as you are. A cultural epicenter of Los Angeles, full of energized young professionals and a vibrant LGBTQ+ community, anyone and everyone are welcome here to pursue whatever passions they may have. 

For many, this is a neighborhood to meet people, have fun, and build a resumé. Early to mid-twenty-somethings are constantly moving here to enjoy the hip eateries, colorful nightlife, and opportunities galore. World Population Review notes that most people here are in their twenties and thirties. It is also one of the few truly walkable neighborhoods in the city, with a real main strip of Santa Monica Boulevard and little need for a car.

Silver Lake

If cool and chill are what you seek, Silver Lake is worth a peek. TimeOut just voted Silver Lake the coolest neighborhood in L.A. for the second year in a row. Featuring moody cocktail lounges, quirky fusion restaurants, vintage music shops, and distinctive street fashion, Silver Lake is a neighborhood for the young single creative. Noticeably more low-key than neighborhoods on the west side, Silver Lake feels like a true local neighborhood and a more down-to-earth place to go out and meet people.

While Silver Lake has been one of the city's most competitive single-family home markets, recent trends suggest there may be opportunities in the future for aspiring buyers in this neighborhood after the sky-high prices of this spring. The price hikes in the last couple of years are not surprising. It is hard to run out of things to do here, and there is always an opportunity for creative collaboration, like a photo shoot or an invite to hike the Silver Lake stairs or see an obscure comedy show. People tend to be more welcoming here, and you can always rely on the eccentricities of Silver Lake to present unexpected and exciting opportunities. 


It turns out that 1970s beach vibes and delicious Italian food pair wonderfully. Venice is an iconic L.A.. neighborhood and one with a lot to offer. Professional opportunities in hospitality, architecture, and design, along with a dose of tech companies, invite a vast array of creatively inclined, outgoing, and ambitious people. According to Niche, it is also a neighborhood that accommodates many different interests, with skateparks, beaches, fine dining, and the fashionable Abbott Kinney, creating a unique environment that focuses on local business and entrepreneurial spirit.

Venice is surprisingly a town of go-getters, many opting out of traditional corporate aspirations in exchange for their niche or specific passion projects. Art gallery openings, beach parties, and wine tastings, Venice offers networking in cool and atypical fashions with a more relaxed vibe than some of its more serious counterparts. If you are looking to be by the beach, surrounded by doers, this is the place to be.

Downtown L.A.

If you're coming from New York, you'll feel right at home in Downtown L.A. — you might even experience a little deja vu. Downtown L.A. has doubled as New York for various movies and shows, including "Mad Men" and "Spider-Man," per The Hollywood Reporter, and also has the hustle and bustle of a proper downtown center. Finance, law, and fashion; this is a district of business, and it shows. The residents are a bit more dressed up like an east coast city and move with more grit. 

If you are single and looking for business, cool speakeasies, lavish art deco hotels, and museums, all the essentials are at your fingertips. Downtown L.A. is a great destination for young single professionals. Its neighborhood offshoots, such as Little Tokyo, The Arts District, and Chinatown, are little worlds of their own, emblematic of the city's rich cultural heritage while offering a diversity of dining, nightlife, and all kinds of interesting people. 

Culver City

Are you in your late twenties or early thirties, with a thriving career, and ready to hit the dating circuit? Welcome to Culver City. Much like West Hollywood, the incorporated Culver City has a proper main street with an array of gastropubs, dining markets, and boutique hotels perfect for a chic but low-key date or night out (don't sleep on The Blind Barber). This is a place where singles go to bars and meet. With an emphasis on public transit and bike lanes, this neighborhood is excellent for those looking to reduce that carbon footprint and live more of a proper city existence.

With excellent proximity to several soundstages, including the studio lot for Sony, this is also a popular networking destination for entertainment executives and creatives. It doesn't have quite the showiness of West Hollywood or Beverly Hills and feels a bit more grounded in that respect. Although single-family homes rest on the outskirts of the downtown center, they won't cramp your style. Not to mention, there is an abundance of new construction and classic L.A. rentals that cater to any taste, per Think Real State.


Centrally located with out-of-this-world dining, fantastic karaoke clubs, and electric music venues, Koreatown is the party you'll never want to leave. Featuring the largest immigrant population of Koreans in the United States, Koreatown has a unique authenticity rarely found in American cities that is truly impressive, mentions The Migration Policy Institute. With bright neon lights and irresistibly uptempo energy, this neighborhood has carved itself as an awesome place to meet an eclectic mix of people from all backgrounds and always in the spirit of a good time.

Expect soju shots instead of glasses of pinot and thumping disco beats over top 40 radio hits. Koreatown is a neighborhood with a reverence for the past and the future. The more time you spend there, the more you will discover. With industries in banking, hospitality, music, and more, there are plenty of opportunities in this neck of the woods. Just make sure you rest up before a night out.